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  1. Went to my sijcp today, they only had the ptr birthday gift displayed? I hope they don't run out of that one for a few more months, 'cause I want one! Also they had a ton of formula x on sale- grabbed alchemy, since I had heard so many good things about it!
  2. Oh, that is reassuring! I don't want to immediately lose my beloved (and much coveted) flash/access to Sephora, since the nearest one is an hour away and in a huge, crazy mall. I'd much rather shop in my apartment, in the dark, like a crazy person. I'm going to try to keep it to one a week, just in case, and it will be good to try to impose some kind of limit on myself! ... Let's see how long that lasts. Probably until tomorrow
  3. ARGH! I am going to need to restrain myself from ordering tiny amounts of things all the time. I keep looking at the sales page and thinking, "Why yes, I do need a 15th bottle of gray nail polish or a backup liquid eyeliner." I totally don't want to be flagged for abusing free shipping, when really what would be happening is a total loss of self control and giving in to impulse buying!
  4. I feel so bad for the sales people when they have to promote JCP benefits that don't actually work in their store's area. It sucks that JCP coupons don't work at SiJCP, even when the coupon is a result of taking a survey from a [edit: JCP] Sephora purchase. Seriously, JCP/Sephora, when you do that, you're just throwing the cashiers under the bus when the time comes. When I went to get my skincare pick-5 thingy, I asked about a 10% off coupon I had that didn't specifically exclude Sephora purchases, and the poor cashier instinctively cringed a little bit. I hate to think about the crap she must get. I didn't know SiJCP employees don't get perks for having their names mentioned in surveys, etc. AWFUL! If I do one of those again, I'll complain on their behalf.
  5. I'm glad I did. I added up value, (which meant calculating fractions of the smallest available sizes) and it was around $100. Now, I know some of these can be like samples/point perks/promos, but it would have been extremely pricy to do it that way. $29 is quite nice instead, and this is gonna last me a while!
  6. Yeaaaaaaah! Bought my sijcp set. They were just putting it out when I got there, and I was all over it. They didn't let me double up on anything, in case anyone wondered. - Algenist genius cream - peter Thomas Roth retinol pm - Josie Maran moisturizer - Ole Heinrikson truth serum - Glamglow thirstymud ... Was going to get the 2 oz purity instead if the glamglow (blasphemy, I know) but my store had a 1 oz purity as a 100 pt perk, so I got that instead Edit: wasn't going to go today because mall + Saturday is busy, but I remembered to call and they had it! Went in my blue Rx occ lip tar that I had been testing ... got a few odd looks in the parking lot, but once I was in the sephora area, suddenly black lipstick! Dark burgundy! Red eye shadow! And I was among my people again.
  7. Coupon, ha! I was actually asking the nice sales-lady about the buy 5 event, and she absentmindedly handed me a free sample bag. I asked if I needed the mailer, and she laughed and said no, because no one ever seems to have those. (This might be different at other stores, or at busier times. It was, like, 10AM on a Friday, so the place was basically empty.) So, in summary, I barely even had to ask for the freebie. It was pretty awesome.
  8. My sijcp didn't have the pick 5 event yet But I did get this! The free sijcp skin sample bag: - philosophy purity .2 oz - Peter Thomas Roth rose cleansing gel .068 oz - bare minerals naturally luminous duo cleanser and moisturizer foils - first aid beauty ultra repair cream .06 oz - boscia luminizing black mask .35 oz - sephora inst moisturizer .13 oz - murad acne clearing solution 3 foils I didn't open the bare minerals and murad cardboard holders, so I don't know the sizes. They feel like pretty standard foils, though.

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