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  1. Thank you ladies! You know where you can find me, but I'll also be here to help anyone who is staying. I want to add- you can use the "simple" toner for the rest of your life, if I didn't make it clear, if you're not super into DIY. It's just that Ferulic has such amazing properties for your skin, as well. And I didn't really think about it, but if you're good at DIY I suppose you could half the amount of LAA in the advanced formula to get your skin used to Vitamin C, and always add a little more later (just make sure you dissolve the LAA in a couple tsp of water, THEN add to your main bottle). I promise you, this saved my skin. I saw more brightness within a week, clarity and smoothness within a few weeks, and after a few months even my father (whom it took months to notice I had gotten my nose and lip pierced when I was a teenager, if that tells you anything!) commented on how great my skin looked.
  2. Okay. I made the "Make your own Vitamin C" thread. It needs revision probably, but I posted it now because I wrote it all out once and then lost it ;( . i'm about to go to bed, but I'll be available in the thread or the other place (I think I can go ahead and say the place on FB we went to) to answer any questions! http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/135737-making-your-own-vitamin-c-serumstoners-so-great-for-your-skin/
  3. Okay. I made the "Make your own Vitamin C" thread. It needs revision probably, but I posted it now because I wrote it all out once and then lost it ;( . i'm about to go to bed, but I'll be available in the thread or the other place to answer any questions! http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/topic/135737-making-your-own-vitamin-c-serumstoners-so-great-for-your-skin/
  4. Okay so, I have been asked to make this several times, so here it finally is. If you don't know, this is a tutorial on how to introduce FRESH Vitamin C toners/serums into your skincare routine (Why? Because they make your pores look smaller, clear ruddiness, even your complexion, smooth the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and lessen acne scars, among other things!) for pennies on the dollar of name-brand serums, most of which won't do anything for your skin anyway (REAL Vitamin C serum needs to be kept refrigerated! In fact, the ONE brand that makes legitimate Vitamin C serums, SkinCeuticals, ships their products overnight, chilled, and tells you to immediately refrigerate. Their serums cost $150 for a small bottle. We can do so much better than that, for so much cheaper!) Because there's *SO* much info to share, I'm breaking it up into four parts- How to Begin Introducing Your Skin to Vitamin C, How to Make Your Own High-end Products, Where to Buy Everything Needed, and How I Recommend Using Them in Your Weekly Routine Part One- Introducing Your Skin To Vitamin C Using a Simple Toner Part 2- Making Your Own High-End Vitamin C Serum/Toner
  5. Thank you!!! I just checked my etsy mail- my message got to her I think haha! PMing Mari to see what to do, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME!!
  6. I can tell you they are all SUPER pigmented
  8. I find that CocoaPink's body butters make scents smell soooo different than they usually do. Let me know what you think of their other scents (here or FB) and I'll give you some recs/send some others to you
  9. You make really valid points I hadn't thought about, but I don't know- it's not that I don't get not wanting to go from being a small business to some major corporation, but I can't wrap my head around not wanting to expand beyond ONE PERSON and being able to provide better for myself given the opportunity. And to HoG's benefit, DC flat-out said it. We're just guessing HoG's motivations. For all we know (and have heard!) their Valentine's line has never been nearly as big of a deal as their Autumn/Yule lines, so this might have come as a shock to them, and they're trying to make the best of a bad situation. They *are* releasing more, after all, just not everything. I know you're not boycotting! My larger point is that i think this could be said of most indies we know of- how many would kill to get on most monthly subs? I guess it really comes down to cost vs benefit for them, and annoyance vs benefit for us
  10. You'll regret not seeing them. I still regret not seeing Refused on their reunion tour, it haunts me. Go see the band
  11. Yup, it's VERY important to look up a scent- (there's one called Fragrantica but I'm afraid to link it, but search your perfume and it will tell you all the notes in a perfume and you can compare an EDT to EDP, It will also give you a list of similar perfumes, and you can look up fragrances by notes), because as you said, EDTs are traditionally SUPPOSED to just contain lower concentrations of the actual perfume, but MANY brands nowadays make EDTs that are a "lighter" (scent-wise) version of the original EDP, like a summer/daytime version vs the EDP's nighttime/winter version, and they can smell TOTALLY different. I prefer heavy scents. My favorite (non-indie) scents are I Love New York For All, Viktor & Rofl Bon Bon and Flowerbomb, Oscar de la Renta Oriental Lace, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle layered under Vanille Abricot, and several Gaultier scents. But I own about 200 bottles of perfume, including almost all of Marc Jacobs's perfumes, because I am a nut for Marc Jacobs everything (his clothes and especially his shoes & handbags make up a majority of my wardrobe!- My shopping addictions went like this: Clothing, then shoes, then handbags, then perfume, makeup, and now it's candles and home accessories for my new home, lol.)
  12. Thank you <3 Seriously Oh man, I am SO sorry!! I can't even imagine what that must be like. I don't even want to put it into words, because I'm sure you already know... but you're both basically going through my biggest fear, the helplessness of it all. Let me just say you WILL be in my thoughts and that I hope with all my might that you find the cure you need. I am SO sorry, ugh. Major hugs to you (I can only imagine what you're going through as well) and to your husband.
  13. Thank you so much I'm so glad your little one is happy and healthy I don't get people who don't get it! I have always had both dogs and cats growing up, and my dad always treated them like members of the family and mourned them like they were, so that is how it has always been for me. I adopted my puppy when he was just 8 weeks old, but I heard through a friend of a friend that the puppy mill that he was bred in was going to put him down because he had pneumonia. I quickly grabbed him up from them (and reported them), and he was given a 50/50 chance at that time to survive, but a few thousand dollars and months of TLC later, he was super happy healthy, and strong. It wasn't until he was around 5 that he started to get new issues- he would get pancreatitis every 5 months- and finally got diabetes, which was when he almost died (I can't talk about that- it hurts too bad and it's the one thing I get superstitious about). I have probably spent about $20,000 on vet bills on him, but he is so worth it. He is the most loving dog i have ever met, and even though he is so stubborn, he makes me laugh every single day. Plus waking up to him and my kitty cuddling both me and one another is the best thing ever. He is totally good! He was obviously getting better about 3 days ago but still wouldn't eat, yesterday he was totally good except he only wanted to eat if I hand fed him, and today he is totally back to normal

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