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  1. Natme

    Julep Promo Codes

    Code BARBECUE gives you 50% code LIBERTY 40% and UNCLESAM free polish after a 20$ purchase all expire on 6/27
  2. I stopped posting here thinking no one else was interested hehe. Anyways I got my April box,(I cant figure out how to get a pic in here with this new forum guys sorry) which I had filled up the info to get custom colors but sometime later her website had a mayor issue where all the database was deleted when they tried to move to another server and all the accounts got mixed info and im guessing thats the reason I got 3 new colors that were nothing like I asked for, more like they were chosen for me. I still liked them tho. But I was worried the mixed account issue would affect me to a point of getting double charged or my stuff send to someone else that I cancelled. By email and she was very understanding and apologetic and cancelled my acct. right away. Is sad though because some days before that she had sent a survey and if you filled it up you got a 50% off code. I ended up getting 3 new essies full size for about 12$. I havent heard anything else from them so Im not sure how solved are the issues but my acct on her website still has the wrong address and info. But so far I haven't been charged again since I cancelled.
  3. Natme

    Julep Promo Codes

    The Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops are 50% off with code: QUICKDRY not sure for how long tho, I've never tried them but for 5.60$ i'm ok with the risk.
  4. Just got this email from Julep And a blog post too : http://www.julep.com/blog/plie-wand/
  5. I got my new box yesterday, and I remember I ordered an Essie and some other glitter from their new collection Flowerbomb. But somehow they sent me 3 different colors, but I like them so much I dont even care ! Here are Brisingamen (trust me this pic doesn't do it justice!), Sky water & Flowerbomb.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by TellulaBlue You know I only ever got one box from them, the one where they refunded everyone and sent samples...but nothing since then. I just checked and they canceled my sub through PayPal. Not sure what's up with that, but definitely disappointed that I missed out on some goodies. Those colors look wonderful! I thought they were a new company, found them through a blog that did a review and I had to check them out. The fact that they let you "pause" your sub and that they sell OPI and Essies as well as the chance to create your own polish had me sold. Free shipping and the 3 different prices for subscriptions are a good tin too. I just hope they don't change all that once they get popular like Julep.The only downside I see so far is the 48hrs window to choose your colors every month, but if you don't get a chance to log in or forget they choose for you.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6iRW7TZE48 Seems they listened! it was that or lose a bunch of mavens!
  8. I signed up for this recently and just today got my first box. I guess is my introduction box. I chose the $19.99 subscription,and chose 2 costume made polishes and one from their indie line. I got to choose the base type and color as well as the glitter colors and name of the polishes. I don't remember well but I think I chose something like, Jelly blue base with blue , white , silver glitter, and named it Shake rattle & blue (my husband thought of this and I found it was funny) And a Jelly pink base with pink, white and silver glitters and named it Girly bits. Then I chose one from their line named Berry dark knight this one is a gray base with purple and silver glitter, not sure if it was designed by another costumer or just one of their creations. The packaging was nice enough, each polish came wrapped on bubble wraps like Julep's used to. With a card showing the name of the polishes and the company's social media info. And shipping was free and first class too! I havent swatched them yet but I cant wait to try them. And I'm dying to see what options will i get for next month.
  9. About this time last week I was so done with Julep, then they come up with this grr... I'm intrigued, I have issues painting with my non dominant hand, but I'm trying to wait for reviews before buying it or deciding to cancel or not. Now I didn't ordered right away because I have close to 100 juleps so it will be costly to change those bottle caps, but then I see they added this to their croudfounding page.. : "What does this mean for my existing polish collection? If you have a Julep polish collection, we have a plan. (A GREAT plan that includes FREE Plié caps to make it easy for you to convert your collection). Details to follow closer to our launch, but rest assured we'll take good care of you. After all, collectors like you are our most loyal Mavens!." If they make it a good deal I'll most likely join the trend. Most of my nail polish are julep, I rarely buy other brands so it would work out Ok for me. But only if they do have a good deal for us addicts... I meant collectors hehe to replace the caps.
  10. After skipping for the past 2 months i'm going with IT GIRL cause I finally feel that box is worth the price, 4 Polishes finally and since I don't use make up is a better fit for me. So For once I don't feel ripped off when having to choose It Girl. I was hoping tho for the February birthstone collection polish, since I couldn't get the one for last month. Oh well I guess that "love gift" from Jane will have to do. Also , that "love gift" feels like Julep is trying to keep mavens from cancelling right away this month after the changes, they even removed the comment section from Facebook ...how convenient. So many new Mavens still don't know of the changes. Shame on you Julep!!. I cant see many mavens staying after they all figure out whats coming. As for the addons I refuse to give them more money so no addons for me. Once I get the rest of the Jules for a free box and expend them Im cancelling. Im done with their horrible shipping and crazy prices, that glitter remover thing for 20$ is horrible ! those pads hardly work ( got some as an add on a few months back and im not impressed) and I can only imagine how small the glitter removal bottle is, I rather use Target's up & up which is way cheaper and works wonders and lasts me a long long while ( And I do glitter polish at least twice at week!). Last month I was regretting not been able to afford the box since I wanted to try the Cuticle remover thingy but thankfully I found cheaper version of the product at CVS for 3.99! granted doesn't have a nice cuticle pusher like juleps but the little wooden stick it comes with does the job. When I signed up back in July I felt Julep was a nice treat to myself, even tho the prices were nuts back then too but now with so many things going wrong with them It feels more like a burden to me . The only thing I can see them getting my attention is with Mystery Boxes just for the thrill of the mystery... but I've been burned by them once or twice already, but at least that I can buy without being a maven. Anyways besides all that I do love the colors this month! and I have 3 more colors from Zoya's last offer so Ive reached my polish quota for this month pretty much... sorry for the rant lol and hope everyone enjoy their box this month!!!
  11. Natme

    Julep Promo Codes

    Quote: Originally Posted by cari12 Oh wait! There's more! That one was just one of 5 :-D 30OFF = 30% off NAILCOLOR = free nail color with $20 purchase 10OFF20 = $10 off $20 or more BAREFACE = free Bareface cleansing oil with $20 purchase I used the 10OFF20 to get the Little Lights set of minis for $10. Nothing else really stands out as a super good deal to me with the codes. I'll just wait and use the 40% off from my box at the end of the year sale to pick up any other holiday sets that they may discount then Any idea when this codes expire? I can't decide if I should shop now or wait for the end of year sale, but since I have the year on review set plus a few others on their way I was considering getting some products instead of nail polish for once. Cant never have too much cuticle oil..
  12. I decided to pass on this one, I'm hoping Gio and Antonia go on sale eventually like it happen with Estelle. But I do wonder why Julep add colors to the mystery boxes that we got in recent boxes like Candance, Karmen, and Reece. Thats a certain dupe for most people... Same thing happened in the Zig Zag box when they included some of the champagne trio polishes, lots of mavens got the trio already on the previous secret store sale, I would much rather they used discontinued or colors released at least 5 months ago, dont know....Good thing is around a time where we can use them as gifts.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tulosai Yes PLEASE let us know what's in the box! I am TERRIBLY on the fence about it. Someone on Julep's fb received her box and she said she got the following: eyelash curler, doublestep, pink body frosting, scrub mitt, and 7 polishes: Kristy, Helen, Coco, Marion, Reece and the 2 new glitters She did not mention which version she got nor if she got and add on. Now I was dying to get this box but since my disappointment with the Zig Zag box I wanted to wait and make sure I really wanted it. But now the only thing that interests me are the nail polish which would be all new to me except Reece, I dont have use for the rest of the products and I already have 2 doublesteps. Now I dont know what to do!!! I wish there was at least a code... My zigzag box is going to be used as gifts already, so now im stock.... Decisions Decisions lol
  14. Natme

    Julep Promo Codes

    Quote: Originally Posted by redjill I think this code is only valid for their October best sellers (Polymer Top Coat, Think Pink Trio, Hope Trio, and ZigZag Ultimate Mystery Box). The 50% off code GOCRAZY is better for most items (not sale ones though ). You are right.

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