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  1. Our neighbors have a knack for getting a pet and throwing it outside. So far we've had a cat, guinea pig, cockatoo, and more recently a squirrel roaming through the backyard. They tend to disappear a lot though, which is sad. Apart from that we have a lot of birds, mostly doves and seagulls, I've seen a few ground hogs too.
  2. I've been thinking about getting one of these too, but not sure if I want to spend the money just yet. I've been having some issues with breakouts lately, so I might try to get that cleared up before I decide.
  3. I used to like Madonna in the 80s. I don't know so much about now because it seems like most of everything is for show. I would have more respect for if she would have just retired and concentrated on the kids, but I guess she sort of did cut back on the career.
  4. I thought you needed dairy to help lose weight? At least that seems to be what they are advertising these days?? I also heard that if you rub ground coffee beans on the area it will help..I think cumin was also on the list...I haven't tried any of these though.
  5. Sometimes you just have to buy things online because there isn't a proper market locally. I like to look online because there's a wider variety to choose from so you can look unique and show off your own style without limitation.
  6. You should already let people know that you're tight on money this year because you are undergoing a surgery. They should already know. But, if you're feeling bad about not getting them anything then you could work out little home made gifts for them.
  7. Wow. Why would she bring that up in front of everyone? It might have been seen as crucial? I don't see why though. Don't feel bad, I was 13 and I started at a daycare ( I used to go to my grandma's to hang out) ON my birthday. I ended up having to lie to my friends about why I couldn't go to the pool the next day. It so sucked.
  8. Gotta agree. You want that little curse to stay away as long as possible. I remember the good old days when I could swim and do whatever I wanted without having to worry about it. Now, it plans itself into vacations and getaways. Very awesome! Not....
  9. This is a rough situation. I'm going to have to agree that you're going to need to trim off as much as you can. You will have to keep an eye out for your ends too to make sure they don't begin to split and make your hair even worse.
  10. Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and I remember watching films he was in over and over again as a kid. I've never got the whole hot aspect though. He's always made weird movies so I guess I always associated him as a guy I'd like to be friends with rather than someone I'd want to be in love with.
  11. I think your brows suit your face better now than they would with the sketch. Anyway, I agree with everyone else though. You should pluck from the bottom and then comb them in the way you want them to go. Add powder to fill them in so it won't look like you over did it.
  12. I am surprised less and less by some of the bills that WOMEN are coming out with. It really sort of spits on all of the women who protested to give women today equal grounds. I know a woman who had a baby that came from a rape. She had a hard time bonding with the child because she looked just like the man. This law is ill thought out....if they want to get DNA to prove a case then it doesn't have to go to full term at all, nor should a woman be told that is has to.
  13. Kolly


    I tend to support third parties anyway. A lot of the time they end up being better candidates, but people don't look at them because they don't fit into a certain group. It's frustrating, especially knowing we could be better off but people don't want to consider more than 2 options.
  14. Is this one of the programs where you pay monthly for them to send you a box of goodies? I've heard of something similar, but not sure if it is the same thing. Can you explain more about it?

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