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  1. sweetharlot

    December 2015 Birchbox *Spoilers*

    None of mine have loaded, I'm so impatient!
  2. sweetharlot

    December 2015 Birchbox *Spoilers*

    Wow, that was quick! Guess it was an error then. I ordered 2 separately on one acct and it was $5 each time. I also ordered it once on my mom's acct... I LOVE the eDerma scrub and for that alone, $5 is a great price. I'm assuming we get the 1 ounce size but the 2 ounce size is $30+! I was so disappointed I couldn't pick this as my box because it was sold out so this was a great discovery! Glad some people got the $5 price before it was too late - hopefully they honor these orders but I assume they will. I was ready to buy it for $10 and their system said $5, so it's not our faults.. EDIT: Mine shipped!
  3. sweetharlot

    December 2015 Birchbox *Spoilers*

    Don't know how or why but the Winter Essentials box is actually taking $10 off when you're a current subscriber, not the $5 off it says. Bonus! I just got it for $5!
  4. sweetharlot

    Birchbox pick two mystery packs

    I've gotten 2 of the Stila in bright pink and Hello body butters in recent weeks. Ergh. I placed 2 orders yesterday and chose a men's pick 2 for one of them because the last thing I want is 2 more of the Stila/Hello combos! But it looks like it's over? Anyone gotten a men's lately?
  5. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    I used the referral $10 codes and they still worked, at least as of now.
  6. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    Yes...what makes no sense is that you can get the referral code through the 9th...so if someone subs under your acct in the 9th you get the code the same day it expires? Seems really shady. I'm done with this kind of stuff from BB. Their service is really slipping.
  7. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    I got my $10 off $35 referral codes just now...they expire on 11/9...nice of them to give us 4 whole days to use the codes, ugh.
  8. sweetharlot

    Birchbox November 2015 Spoilers

    My boxes and thoughts exactly except this blush is the only one I use, so I'm glad to have a teeny travel size in case I ever 'need' it. I also love theBalm samples because they're so cute. I hope the other box is totally different though.
  9. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    Jeez! Glad you got them though. For the first time, I think ever, I didn't get the rating email. I will definitely rate it negatively if I do. I hope this is just some sort of bad period for BB CS..
  10. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    SHIPSFREE is good for free shipping on anything through 11/6. I got an email on the non Ace acct saying it was for akk the trouble with picking sample choices and the issues on their site. Guess Aces are just SOL since we get free shipping anyway but at least others can benefit!
  11. sweetharlot

    Birchbox pick two mystery packs

    I placed an order on 10/30 but it hasn't even shipped yet. Hopefully I missed the Stila lip and Hello body cream run. I'm hoping for the masks!
  12. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    Also, here is the link to the terms for the refer a friend $10 bonus code: http://www.birchbox.com/rules/october-2015-refer-a-friend-10-promo-terms No mention of needing to use Shop10 to get that bonus. So Shop10 really is supposed to be for 100 extra points, just like all the other 100 point codes. it just isn't actually applying and they can't be bothered to fix it. So use SHOP10 but expect to email CS...probably multiple times to actually get the points. I think pearldrop is correct and these must be new/seasonal employees. They seem to be growing rapidly.
  13. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    Yep, got the same emails and just got it on the brand new account so yeah, they're not fooling anyone by saying it's based in personal interests!!
  14. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    Ugh, thanks. So on that acct I emailed a reply asking about it again and another CS responded and gave me the points. That acct is for my sister who lives in another country but comes home 3x a year so Im going to collect her samples for her. Yes, I referred that acct from my account. So on my Ace acct I re-subbed using that code and emailed and the CS this time said that I got 50 points for referring the other account and that she gave me 50 more for a total of 100 points for the referral...um, what?! What is up with CS lately?! I think I'm just letting that go and canceling my acct after this month since my points will be evened out in 100s and I don't need december's box now to get to the next 100 and I'm really annoyed at how all of this is going. They should all be taught the same thing!!! I'm sick of the discrepancies.
  15. sweetharlot

    Birchbox Promo Codes

    So I got a response about SHOP10... They are saying it is the $10 credit for referring a friend. I don't see how that can be when nothing on their site says that code is needed to get the friend $10 credit. Pearldrop, they gave you the 100 points for using SHOP10? Does anyone have any links or emails about SHOP10?
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