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  1. Ha I secretly hope they give her a Michael Jackson nose but then makes me no better than her, I mean I would like at least my high end foundation blush and eyeshadow palettes the rest she can keep granted they are mine in the first place but if it was that serious she had to steal in the first place obviously she needs it more than I do.... Ya know mainly my limited edition stuff like my Cinderella palette tht thing was 50 when i got it but now it's 256 new on amazon!!! Same as my vice palette the funny thing is she does not wear eyeshadow unless its black and only does her foundation if she even does that. It's like my eyeliners or even my carbon black eyeshadows okay I can see that but everything else I'm like why?? Ur not even using it....!
  2. I just find it ironic when I met my fiancé he told me she's not a good person she's just using you I said no she's not you don't know her she would never wrong me to find out she would and she did!! [IMG][/img] Stuff I have proof of purchase of that she has no clue about
  3. Oh I plan to just to show my personalized items were indeed the one in her home.... & I plan on cutting all ties after that I will even be nice and bring her home frm the hospital but after that shes lost someone who was a good friend the messed up thing is all she had to do was ask if id get her something like it or if she could have something and I would have prob let her have it! God knows any time she had an event or going out I did her make up for her for free but I do free lance as a career and I have been out of work because I didn't have my items. I mean it kills me she'd be a NW15 maybe NW20 in MAC but has 3 bottles of NC45 sitting on her dresser im like really..? & the fact she lied to my face as I sat and cried for days I was like how come everything made it in the move which was 2 houses down from my dads and the only people who helped moved my 32 boxes were her and my fathers. So like I said everything but 2 big boxes in which were there when I was asleep but gone when I woke up and she was gone with it....
  4. Well, I have been asked to stay with her next weekend and take her to her rhino plastic surgery so, I plan on taking photos then I played it off like it was nothing as if I didn't even notice it just a few days ago. I plan on taking that too my lawyer, but my lawyer who is also the prosecuting attorney in our county and city told me if its mine and I saw it take it back everything i havent already replaced while i am there since I do have photos receipts and everything was personalized by me including professional engraving , he said what can she do call the cop and say "my friend just stole an eyeshadow palette that, she has already filed a police report on accusing me of originally stealing it from her...." cause she would then have to Describing the same items that I described a month prior that she claimed to not have. which would put her in more hot water for lying to the cops on top of grand larceny
  5. Have anyone been a victim of makeup theft?? If you have then you may understand the pain and heartache I'm going through, what makes it worse is someone I thought was a friend for 13years stole it... I asked her to help me move and I moved the boxes in my car but while I was asleep she put them back in her car and left first thing that morning before I awoke..... My life, my passion everything was gone.. I knew she stole it I confronted her and called the cops she said she didn't have it... they didn't find it...... I said well maybe Im losing my mind I guess I left it in an open garage for someone to take... Too find that now a month later after she thought all has blown over.. it is all sitting on her dresser displayed for me to see like the idiot she is... & How I know its mine is my brush holder/ tool turn about has my signature in silver sharpie on the bottom... as well as my vice palette, my Cinderella palette & naked palettes have my engraved signature on them.. as well all my brushes have a home made nail polish color on the bottom....so on and so forth its like but now how do I get it back, without being a thief myself granted I guess you could call it retrieving what was mine but when the cops were involved last time she hid it at her ex boyfriends I now found out from him so no proof it was at the house I have receipts and even photos where she has never shopped at a Sephora a day in her life. What would you do if you were in my shoes..?? We added up when the cops were involved receipt wise she has $8,000 in product that isn't the inflation price on some items.
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