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  1. Not sure on the stacking, but ebates has a 20% code and 6% back. (If anyone needs a 2nd code)
  2. I have $15 in ebay bucks that I have to use by tomorrow...for the life of me I can't think of anything to use it on!
  3. @ Most people are wearing the wrong size bra. I thought I was a ddd for years until I tried a g, yes g, yikes!! My rib cage is small so I need a 36 G, but if I hadn't had a fitting I would never thought to try that size. @@FormosaHoney I think that may be best idea I've ever heard. I typically will wear a tank under a button up because it's really the only way I can wear a shirt that fits through the torso. The alternative is a shirt that buttons and looks like a tent. ** NOT cute
  4. @ Can you use Ibotta with ebates?
  5. @@saku Yay!!! Isn't it great to see light at the end of the tunnel!! And thanks everyone for the kindness, that's why I love MUT! We all get the hand we are dealt and we only have one guaranteed go round so live it the best we can, right... @@tweakabell He's just the cutest thing ever! I love how talented and quirky you are.
  6. Why on earth isn't a Dr's recommendation (or 2) enough!?!?!!?!?!?! The MS meds are close to 6K a month, which is crazy until you think about the alternative...the insurance companies aren't hurting for money, why if we can help it, should people be asked to hurt and suffer for their profit???? also end rant...but I hear ya @@ohsailor! *almost end rant...my husband has a condition that is causing him to go blind, he's had surgery and is on every med they have...well almost, there is one that is better then the other ones combined but it's just not covered. So we keep our fingers crossed that the blindness is slow enough that we make it to older age. Somewhere a cost vs "cure" formula has f'd us....
  7. SaraP


    @@bb26 Hi there! This is a really great group of makeup obsessed people =) I love the enablers thread for great deals and product recommendations.
  8. I'm okay on my keyboards, but my touch pads always have a groove from constantly scrolling for makeup deals information, yes, information...
  9. Some of the toners have had problems during shipping and leaked, it's a pretty widespread problem and I'm sure GlossyBox is aware of it I've seen it on quite a few websites.
  10. Love that polish! But not enough to sub...
  11. I swear Glossybox must be an awesome company to work for... They are all day drinking over there!
  12. I'm excited about the kids growing up and getting to talk to them about all the things they got into trouble for and how hilarious we thought it was at the time. In real life we had to act appalled and punish them. It will also be fun to let them know how horrible we were as kids. That's all hush hush for now. In fact I have I have a long time friend that I always say we can't stay friends because she knows too much and at some point the kids are going to ask her questions.
  13. Right! And what's the worst thing that could have happened ... The office had unexpected pizza, lol.

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