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  1. I love the Moroccan Lava and Rose Hips face mask. It's a powder formula that you add water to, and you can use it as an all over mask or a spot treatment. It has a lot of a thyme scent to it. It can be a bit dificult to remove once it hardens but it works well.
  2. I'm in my early 30s and live in the Midwest. I'm going to try to recall most of my perfumes: 1. Ginstet Botrytis 2. LaVanilla Vanilla Passionfruit (my current main fragrance) 3. LaVanilla Vanilla Blackberry 4. LaVanilla Vanilla Grapefruit 5. Fresh Sugar Lychee 6. Tocca Brigitte 7. Tocca Cleopatra (wore this when I got married last year) 8. Philosophy Falling In Love 9. Coach Poppy (got this for my mom for Christmas and then fell in love) 10.Pacifica Tuscan Orange (or something like that)
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by llmua I love their mascaras and glimmer sticks have worked well for me as a top lash liner but smudge too easily on my bottom lash line (have oily skin though) Any favorite mascara by them?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jesshh3 ohh awesome!! I see you are from ohio I have been there 3 or 4 times to go to cedar point Cedar Point is a little over an hour from us (maybe less? I'm guesstimating). I haven't been there in a few years but love going there!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Tiffany27la Quote: Originally Posted by ItsHollyAgain Going to start giving this 3x wash a try - worth a shot! I have been doing kind of twice: remove makeup then wash, sometimes follow up with another wash. Definitely give it a try, Holly! As others have posted, and as I've seen personally over the years that I've practiced skincare professionally, even something that seems so simple will make a HUGE difference. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions or concerns! Thanks for responding! I've been washing 2-3 times (does removing makeup with makeup remover count as 1 time? If so, I"m solid on 3 times!). Should I still wash 3 times a day in the morning? I do wash when I get up, but usually once. What face wash do you recommend? My skin is combo, a bit drier now that it is winter (plus one of my super awesome *rolls eyes* lupus meds is making me a touch drier right now). I use an oil based cleanser at night after removing my makeup.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jesshh3 No I don't have an ulta it's in the states only but I live pretty close to the boarder to cross into niagara falls NY and buffalo No prob. Just let me know and when I'm out running errands I can stick my head in Target (like I really need an excuse, but anyway!). I grew up about an hour from Niagara Falls and Buffalo, but on the US side
  7. Not a huge order, and since I just redeemed a bunch of BB points a month or two ago, they didn't cover teh full order. I got C.O. Bigelow body wash (a friend recommended it - my skin has been so dry, not helped at all by lupus meds!), some tea, and another lip balm for Mr Holly I got him a 247 Men (or something like that) lip balm in his stocking and he says it is the best he's ever used. He's even ignoring his EOS balms.
  8. I was going through a divorce. I had a close friend of teh family pass away and realized life was too short to stay in an abusive marriage. I honestly believed that I would never be in love again - oh I figured that I would date people, and I was okay with this. You have to know that i have some chronic health issues, and my ex told me all sorts of awful things during our relationship that I started believing. Anyway. I decided after a while that I was ready to date (I spent more time getting divorced than I spent married - my divorce took a very long time). I had some dates that went no where and a short lived relationship (he was going through a divorce and wanted me to be monogamous but he wasn't ready for that for himself - he was quickly kicked to the curb!). I met my now husband, and we spent our first few dates with only hugs no kiss. Several of my friends told me that this guy was not interested in me romantically - and he seemed to have a good amount of friends so I couldn't figure out why he kept wanting to hang out. I had some liquid courage one night after he met a bunch of my friends and myself out, and went for a kiss. I fully expected rejection, but much to my delight he was okay with kissing! We dated, moved in (and his brother moved in right after me for almost a year - that was a poor choice!). We got engaged, and started to plan a wedding. Due to many factors, our relationship fell apart. We called off our wedding, but stayed together. Then a month after we called off our wedding, we broke up (correction: he broke up with me and kicked me out). He still apologizes for his behavior. We both had a lot of things that we needed to work on and required some growth. I moved out and decided I wasn't going to just sit around waiting to be his option, as I'd been doing. It feels like as soon as I did that, then he was back in love. We quickly (immensely quick!) became close again, and before I left on a work trip he asked me to move back in and told me that he loved me. Last January/February I told him if things went well, I would like to get engaged again, but take things slowly and not let it end up like before. He went to counseling with me. Then one day after I got home from work, he mentioned "so about that getting engaged thing..." and since I expected the worst, he literally chased me around the house trying to converse. And so we quietly got engaged Then we decided since he is a huge introvert and planning a wedding was so stressful that we would elope. And so we did My mom was teh only person who knew, and understood why we kept it quiet. This past May we eloped at our lovely courthouse and had a photographer with us. Our relationship has never been stronger. My partner is so understanding about my health, and many times has to physically take care of me. When I spend a few days in the hospital, he is there as much as he can be - spending most of the day there often.
  9. *hugs* I"m so sorry for your family's loss Loosing a pet is never easy. When I had to put down my old dog (he was my child hood dog, and lived to be 15) I had so many people tell me that he was "just a dog". Are you kidding me? JUST? That dog was there for me when most of my family wasn't. Pets are family.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Yukiko Call it old fashioned or whatever, but from time to time, I just love looking at these dresses, and every time I do, one thing catches me. I hardly ever see dresses with sleeves anymore. You see strapless gowns, and gowns with straps, but I rarely see short sleeve, puffy sleeve, or even more rarely, long sleeve wedding dresses anymore. It's actually got to the point that when I DO window shop online and such, I look and see if I ever see any with sleeves of any kind, and while I may once in a while, it's pretty rare. Personally, I do kind of liked the sleeved ones. Adds more to the "princessy" feel in my opinion. What do you all say? Is it really old fashioned to think that there should still be more sleeved ones? Would you rather have your dress strapless, with straps, or with sleeves? When looking at wedding dresses, do you notice many sleeved dresses? Lastly, what is your thoughts overall in general about the sleeved dresses? I eloped, but had mini sleeves/thick straps on my dress. I still wore a strapless bra, as the straps/sleeves (the seeamstress said they were mini sleeves, so whatever) were lace and it had a key hole back. I liked the look of it and also felt a litle more secure. I was concerned if I went strapless I would spend the day trying to hoist my dress up or make sure it was not showing my bra. My dress was so comfortable; I wore it for something like 18 hours. All that said, I adore the look of sleeves on dresses. I get that strapless is popular, but I love sleeved dresses or even ones with straps! I do not like my arms, and have some scarring on one arm (due to PICC lines, FWIW) that I am very self conscious of. I pondered having sheer sleeves made, had I gone strapless.
  11. Going to start giving this 3x wash a try - worth a shot! I have been doing kind of twice: remove makeup then wash, sometimes follow up with another wash.
  12. Sorry, Target in US. The two Targets near me (in Ohio) had them as of two weeks ago. I also saw them at a grocery store last week. I can grab one if I see them when I'm out if you want me to get one for you? If it helps, I did NOT see them at Ulta
  13. I found a few sets at Target and got them as something little to add on to gifts. My partner is obsessed with lip balm (seriously - I keep at least one in my car or I know we'll have to stop at the drug store), so I got this as a stocking stuffer. he LOVED it. I ahve to be honest, I may or may not have moved the vanilla to my night stand - he thinks it smells like sugar cookies but I think it's just so sweet and tasty smelling
  14. It all depends on what you like. I used to get my hair done at Ulta, so whatever I spent in the salon counted towards my level of reward. This reward certificate was sad compared to past ones. I was able to get perfume before (it said up to $40 i think, and then I just paid the difference). If nothing else, the first level is good for a package of cotton rounds and I always have a use for those. I do feel like the samples/point perks are better at Sephora. *shrug*. Lately, the service at Ulta has been amazing but the stores near me are often kind of a wreck adn out of certain products for months on end.
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