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  1. YES! THANK YOU!! As a nail polish fanatic who also has a history degree, squarehue is driving me up the wall with their questionable choices. I wasn't even born until 1982, and even I remember what those remnants of the 70's looked and felt like (LOTS of golden autumnal tones, lots of natural accents.) BUT NO. These colors scream 00's futuristic minimalism. IPolish??? Seriously??? Apple wasn't a big deal until the mid 80's, and even then it was BEIGE, and later on it was Mac this and Mac that; no IAnything until twelve or so years ago. I'm waiting to see how they mess up the 90's, my favorite decade, and then I'm gone. Sigh.
  2. You're both lucky. My boyfriend gets so annoyed about my polish addiction. It makes a mess sometimes, and it costs too much money, he says. And I have way too many colors. But he's probably right. 😓
  3. Yeah, I've never upgraded before, and I've been a Maven for almost a year. Partly it's because I got a decent tax rebate this year though.
  4. Hi, welcome! Well, seems like I'm the only one doing the Ultimate upgrade. Yeah, it's $12 cheaper to do the polish upgrade and then add on the pile set, but I figure with the 2000 Jules I'll earn, my next box will be free. And since I haven't skipped since July (had to for monetary reasons- the California Coast collection was actually my favorite of all time), I'm pretty sure that will be the June box.
  5. I thought about what you said, and I decided to stick with the Ultimate. Part of that is stubborness : P, and part is because it comes with 2000 Jules for next time. So I can get next month's box for free.
  6. Iona was already sold out by the time I woke up this morning around 8:30. I decided that since I like many of the colors and I'm an idiot when it comes to nail art, I'd do the Ultimate upgrade. My first upgrade ever! And I did the mystery add on; I'm using Jules to get it for free, so I can always give it to my sister if it's a dupe. I'm more or less happy with this month's box.
  7. But you also get the nail art tools with the Ultimate.
  8. Seriously. Change anything and people flip s$&@. People are like cats; put a new scratching post in the room and it's like a hideous monster invaded. A few weeks later, they're completely fine with it. Same thing.
  9. I hope so. I'm such a Julep freak that I often feel like I'm missing out when I'm not able to collect all the colors. I just didn't have much money near the beginning of the year.
  10. I'm still going to get the older polishes with the caddy. I've been wanting a caddy I can actually carry around, and I picked out five of the polishes you can choose (which four? Hmm). Nothing outstanding, but I'm not picky and like nearly all colors.
  11. For those of you who bought Brigette, how do you like it? I passed on it because I thought it was just another white polish like Nicolette (which I already have). But then I realized how thick and goopy Nicolette is, and I remembered it was described as a "French white". Maybe Nicolette is better for classic French manicures and Brigette is better for an all over white nail? Wonder if I should buy Brigette at some point...
  12. My last favorite mystery box was in November. The polishes were fall appropriate and went with the theme. December was okay, then they skipped January and from then on its been a disappointment. I used to look forward more to the mystery boxes than the Maven window. Those days are gone I guess.
  13. Also I'm glad the t shirt was big. I only had leggings to wear today and it fit like a tunic. It has a pretty deep v neck though. And I could have sworn an elderly woman sitting near me at the local Meineke said something to me about being pregnant (I'm not). But otherwise it was very comfortable. : P
  14. Yeah, I got two t shirts and three serums (because the GWP also came with a serum). I chuckled when Julep sent out a buy one get one free for the mighty serum this morning. I have enough for the rest of the decade at this point.
  15. Definitely would want a mermaid collection, since I'm such a Pisces. But that sounds a little like the March collection, so it's a long shot. ._. And a ballet collection sounds like the colors from January. Hmm... It's really up in the air.
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