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  1. Hat is cute and seems breathable in the heat. I actually love the bracelet! The frame is gorgeous as well. Scrub smells delicious! Going to try out the Make today. Fun box in my opinion. Stuff seems high quality! Here is a Pom Pom pic on my Pom Pom throw!
  2. I don't hate it! I think it's kind of fun and fresh!
  3. I'm waiting to see some pics of that bracelet up close. I get mine later today so I'll let you know if it's any better in person. Sigh.
  4. I feel like I need to see this stuff in person before I judge. I wasn't a fan of the hat in last years box but I love the one from the Fall RZ. That bracelet is hard to see so who knows, maybe I'll love it? I'll use the frame, scrub, and try the makeup. I'll definetly scarf those marshmallows. Kara's are from my town I believe! Hmmmm...we shall see on Friday.
  5. Sorry you got your feelings hurt! Sounds like you have your hands full. Apple turnovers sound awesome as well as lunch at the park! Enjoy your day!
  6. I must be getting old because a visor and fanny pack sounds pretty great! Not so sure about the fur bikini but I'd try to rock it. It would be hilarious if someone with a lot of spare time posted a fake box opening with these items.
  7. Got my box this morning and I really like it! The purse is great for me as yes, I go to festivals and outside events often. I normally carry a massive bag but this will be nice for such occasions. It feels well made and it closes tightly when the drawstring is synched. I'm gifting the bracelet to a soon to be 15 year old as I think she will appreciate it more than me. I've been wondering what to give her and was thinking the purse would be nice but this actually perfect instead! Ear buds are cute! I have nice bose ones but these will be my back ups. I tried out the shadow stick today and love it! I got marble (charcoal) and it went on super smoothly. I have use tarte shoulder eyes shadow sticks every day and this feels similar if not more silky. I'll happily try out all the rest of the items and am actually out of dry shampoo so that works out! Fun box and useful box! Now I'll be waiting for the pop sugar box resort box!
  8. Mine says that too. That seems wrong. That purse can't weigh less than 1lb??
  9. Got my shipping notice too! I'm on the west coast and I bet I'll have this by Thursday!
  10. Do we know when this ships? I've been sick with my third cold since December, studying for an exam, have a massive transition happening with work, and no vacation in site. I'm excited about this one!
  11. I caved. I love resort themed anything. I hope it's good!! I stopped subbing to Popsugar a year ago for RZ and I feel that was a wise choice.
  12. I just tried out the facial exfoliater and wow, does it work. I think I was due but a lot of dead skin slogged off. I did 2 rounds. My skin is super soft now. I put on some self tanner afterwards and hoping for the best! Cool product!
  13. Follow up: I am obsessed with this sarong. It ties so pretty around my neck as a halter. The colors are very vibrant, fresh, and fun without being too young. It's my favorite item. The purse will be used all summer. I've been in need of a small, chic, cross body. The strap is a little bent up but I should be able to "train" it back. The strap is quite long so really does need to be worn across the body, at least for me. The bronzer will get put to good use! The packaging is so pretty! I love faking a tan? I'm testing it out today with the lipstick. The lipstick feels so good on my lips. It's a very neutral shade that is great for every day. "Spice, spice baby" is not necessarily a shade I would have chosen for myself but I'm giving it a chance as I love the formula and packaging. The face peel will be tested out soon enough. I have dryer skin and am very lazy when it comes to exfoliating. This looks pretty easy! Nippies! I am a small C cup and often want to go braless with certain tight tops. I wonder if these will make my dreams come true? Lol!! I hope everyone loves their boxes as much as I do and receives them soon! I'm jealous of those getting a bonus item but am really glad I get to take my stuff with me on vacation.

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