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    I'm a little on the dark side of glamour, but nothing is off limits.I love trying new products, looks...anything really. And yes, I often get called a "living doll" and "anime girl", haha, and I'm ok with that. Mom of 2 gorgeous gals. Going through my quarter-life crisis. Natural red head. Green eyes. Ghostly-pale and proud. I love Korean cosmetics and circle lenses. Also, I love me some drag queens.
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    -a bunch of other things you don't care about.
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    Corset seller. Manager. Other.
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    *OCC liptar/nail sets with DWV card. ESPECIALLY Willam! (Anime)
    *I don't own and never have owned any MAC. I'd love to try some, especially their lipsticks.That Cyber and Heroin shade! Anything devilishly-shaded, really.
    *~Dream~ Liz Lisa cosme Blush- it's SO beautiful
    *Those adorable etude house creams. :) (owl shaped!)
    *All of the cute makeups. ALL OF THEM.
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    My superfly minivan.

    Trust- it brings ALL the boys to the yard.
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    ...I love horror.

    The silence of the lambs
    Fight club. Ugh I love fight club.
    V for vendetta
    A clockwork orange
    Rocky horror picture show
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    Nine inch nails
    Marilyn Manson
    Alice in chains
    Porcelain and the tramps

    Willam belli is good for a laugh ;)

    My guilty pleasure is kpop. Shut up.
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    A Long hard road out of hell
    Jitterbug perfume
    World war z
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    Kat von d
    Urban decay
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    I have a collection of extreme heels and platforms, and yes I wear them in public.
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  1. @@jesemiaud sure! Honestly I just made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough for the bottom layer, birthday care oreos layered on top of dollops of crunchy cookie butter for the center layer, and my fudge Brownie mixture for the top with Heath bits. It's a play off of: http://whatsgabycooking.com/slutty-brownies/ and she gives a full recipe and stuff! I'm in class so I can't look up my recipes ATM.
  2. Ill merge it! Thanks @@Kookymama! (Merged a thread y'all, don't freak!)
  3. @meangola I made slutty Brownies and pumpkin cinnamon rolls yesterday...Let's pretend I'm totally shipping some to you!
  4. I have hair down to my butt. Curly, frizzy, thick. I liked a leave in conditioner from lush...the name escapes me but I believe it's a best seller. I also enjoyed the hair mask tressemme makes, and it's cheap! After I dreaded and removed said dreads from my hair, I did a leave in henna and jasmine pretreatment with pure coco it oil and my hair was table free and soft again. Also, I only wash my hair like every three days, as my hair is dry and not oily...also I don't use much or any production other than maybe some coconut oil and leave-in conditioner (little of each after each hair wash).
  5. Ugh you guys I ate like 2 pumpkin bagels with cookie butter yesterday.didn't go over calories but I feel so bloated. Someone shame me lol. How's everyone's exercising going??
  6. Um, is everything an appropriate answer? Lol. I love that pink (I this m it's just called pink?) Bath bond, sikkim girls lotion, ...I haven't not loved any of the bath bombs honestly. The bubblegum lip scrub is the bomb, and the sweetie pie stuff is lovely. OMG I love it all Haha.
  7. I have way too much perfume...but my long-standing have is viva la juicy. Noir tease by Victoria's secret is similar but lasting strength is crap. My newest have is Nirvana white and black mixed, soooo good.
  8. Ah birthday girl!happy birthday beautiful!!!
  9. I have Monday off this week woo! Ugh, that reminds me, my brushes are in DIRE need of cleaning. We just got a new houseguest (older daughter came here for reasons) out of the blue so once that settles I swear I'm gonna clean my brushes AND my car.
  10. I don't wanna hear any of y'all complaining about your hair being too long lol. Mines down to my butt and everytime I mention wanting to chop it all off I get the "but it's so long and prettyyyyyy you can't! Noooo! " My urge to cut is actually being offset by how it keeps me a little warmer in the frigid weather. that and I wanna bleach it snow white and I think it'll be cool to have a mountain of fluffy white atop me head But it's such a pain.: (
  11. I'm obsessed with "shall we date" games. I think my have is niflheim right now, but I also okay marriage contract, princess something or other, sweet proposal, and sweet scandal lol.
  12. Oh my goodness, if I weren't so poor I'd have ordered everything! It all looks so beautiful. I'm saving up...maybe I can work my way into getting some as a bday present from someone =p Saving up! I have to leave this thread. I keep staring at Cassiopeia and my mind is fixating on the "I need that. I NEED THAT. BUY IT." thoughts.
  13. Oh my goodness I have never seen or heard of such a sweater! It's hilariously awesome. My junior high/high-school fashion was slut-tastically Goth. Not much has changed, except my makeup is wayyyyyy better and I have a touch of *cute* or pastel stuff mixed in with the scary stuff. I'm gonna be one weird old lady,methinks.
  14. @@lynni98 I follow the monthly calendar she puts out.: ) all you have to do is sign up for it on her site and you get the password for it. You won't get a bunch of spam or anything, so no worries there.
  15. I managed more loss over the break, bitbut I was so busy with guests and stuff I didn't get a lot of gainz but it's OK, I have plans to fill in my schedule during this semester with adding weights and stuff we'll see how that pans out.☺ I fell ill for a few days and started feeling a bit better today...let's hope I keep getting better. Welcome back to those who took a break from this thread and welcome to any newbies

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