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  1. Polish Jinx has a breakdown of the boxes for March: http://www.polishjinx.com/2015/02/julep-march-box-breakdowns.html
  2. Does anyone know what the free gift was for buying three add-ons?
  3. Here's the CWAT box: Includes: Ilga Orbital Eyeshadow - Airglow Sienna Um, Sienna has been out for AGES. They're using old colors in new Maven boxes??
  4. Anyone notice the price increases on Julep's website? Lipgloss is $20 (used to be $16) and single polish addons at checkout are $6.99, not $4.99.
  5. Evolution of a Foodie (I'm not her, just follow her blog) has swatches from a recent Maven meetup. www.evolutionofafoodie.com/2014/11/julep-maven-december-2014-sneak-peeks.html#more Thoughts? There are a few that could be good (like Sue) but I'm curious to see which ones are paired in which profiles.
  6. Wow, my box was crazy messed up this month. I ordered: Eliana (Bombshell) Kirby (Bombshell) Queen Anne Mahima (It Girl) Ana Aurora Pink Plush Pout Instead I got: Eliana Aurora Pink The two bonus polishes for taking three add-ons AND Quinn (CWaT) Lupita (CWaT) Erin (Boho) Fifi (It Girl) So, four other polishes! I called and they still have the four missing polishes in stock and are sending them -- and told me to keep the four other ones. I was only on hold about a minute, so if you have problems with your box, call instead of emailing! Also, they told me all of the polishes are still in stock and that they were able to plan better after last month. So fingers crossed everyone gets what they picked!
  7. Trying to reserve the Davines and keep getting the "error saving your submission" message. No problems in previous months. Sigh.
  8. I just changed mine to skip. I should save the money and I have 55 Julep polishes. Bright side -- I am wearing Kimberley (the purple speckled) I bought in the big sale, and it is SUPER FUN. Easy to apply too.
  9. Thanks guys. I think it's the greenish tint of Adele that's thrown me off in trying to pair it.
  10. I have Adele and have absolutely no idea how to wear it. Do you use it as a top coat? If so, what colors do you use underneath?
  11. My box is awful (and really popular, seems like a lot of you are getting this): https://www.birchbox.com/shop/birchbox-1/june-2014/june-2014-bb47 More perfume. More Coola. I just want to tell Birchbox I'm not going to buy anything from them when these are the samples they keep sending. This isn't what I'm looking for. My boxes have been a big miss the past few months after being spot on the first six months of my Birchbox subscription.
  12. Did anyone notice the price of new polish add-ons went up? They're $6.99 now. A few colors from recent collections are also available for $4.99.
  13. I bought Glam Roc out of the Secret Store yesterday for $6.99. Logged in today and it's now $4.99. What on earth, Julep???? They have the worst pricing and customer service I've ever seen. They are so horribly inconsistent.
  14. Just tried to add on Jules and of course got an error because I have the sold-out Paulette in my add ons. I don't know how Julep has known about this problem for months and still hasn't fixed it.
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