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  1. I pre-ordered, and since their email stated polish lovers upgrade would contain plie for those who paid upfront, that's what I'm getting + the plie art kit for 5$. So I'm essentially paying a total of $50 for all of the products that come in the ultimate upgrade at $75. I guess that was one benefit of this. I will say I'm a bit underwhelmed by the colors though.
  2. I pre-ordered the plie wand so I'm excited to try it out. Curious what the products will be!
  3. I just remember ordering a $40 mystery box and getting at least 8 polishes, 3 products, and then whatever extra they included. Those were great.... I guess price wise compared to quantity of products it's about the same but the large quantity allowed for only some product to be overstock offload rather than the whole box.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by itsoliviaaah The only mystery anything I ever ordered was Secret Surprise #1 from the Secret Store this month. While I admit I'm satisfied with what I received, that is the only taste of any Julep mystery crap that I will allow myself to have for the forseeable future. Watching the quality of mystery boxes slip from month to month is pretty sickening, considering the cult following Julep seemed to work so hard for back in 2011-2012. & I know I just said this in an earlier post but...samples? REALLY? In a mystery box claiming to have $100+ retail value? Seriously. The mystery boxes when I first started out as a maven were uh-mazing. I don't know if I am on Julep overload (over 100 bottles) or what but all of the mystery boxes for the last few months have been seriously disappointing, and they didn't even necessarily contain dupes. I am very glad I have not bought any and have waited for spoilers.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by katyrn I was on a boat to Alcatraz wearing the March scarf and I saw a girl with the horseshoe necklace on... I kind of wanted to say something but didn't. My family already thinks I'm over the top on the whole subscription box thing. My family knows nothing of my subscription boxes for that reason. I am certain they would not understand lol. Quote: Originally Posted by MissJexie Ugh NatureBox seriously just needs to stop. I subscribed to their service for 2 months and it was a nightmare of rancid pumpkin seeds (they literally smelled like fish food even though the expiration date hadn't passed) Stale EVERYTHING, expired snacks...you name it. I e-mailed them about all the disgusting things that were wrong with my box and rather than being CONCERNED about the expired food and rancid seeds, they were just like, "ok do you want new snacks or a refund?" Absolutely no concern at all, or even just to say, "we're so sorry you had that experience that is not a normal occurrance for our snacks!" So I asked for a refund. I see that they removed $20 from my account (on top of what I already paid), and then put it back in. Like...no. That's not a refund. That's you taking my money and giving it right back to me. So I contacted them and lost my mind and they finally refunded me. Months and months later, the CEO contacted me and all but begged me to remove my review of their products and sent me some of their "new snacks" which were not new, but ones I had tried in my previous boxes, and they were just as bland and boring and tasteless as I remembered. At least they weren't expired this time. Long story short? That bag of NatureBox snacks is going in the garbage. I'll try it for the sake of reviewing it, but there's no way I'm eating their crap ever again, lol Their customer service definitely leaves something desired, the two times I had to call them, but I actually found a lot of their snacks to be delicious. (Cashew anything, and a few others I'm just totally blanking on). Some stuff was nasty but it came across to me as they were supposed to taste that way haha. I ended up canceling because I realized I just do not snack at all. It's so unsatisfying to me.
  6. The mystery boxes back in August-October were much better. Something changed at that time right? I know they stopped doing the random ones and now they're all the same, but even in the 'small' random boxes, there was still better variety than these. And far less repeats. The last three months have all had at least one or two of the same colors, which leads to far more dupes. Well, if the last secret store is any indicator, I'm just going to wait till they release the exclusive mystery box polishes on their own as they did February's.
  7. Seems like the mystery boxes at this point are "is that new exclusive polish worth 25$ to me?" lol
  8. Three of my four boxes have shipped *cough*. Probably means three dupes... Crossing my fingers for things I'll use.
  9. Are they not doing preview videos anymore?
  10. Saw the weight, I'm a total sucker too. Resubscribed with the refer5 code. I'll be mad if they release a better code later. lol
  11. I'm content still that I unsubbed. I would have been severely regretful of that decision if there had been holos or more interesting finishes than creams... still, these are a step up from the last 4 months (well, really just 3, tokyo was fun)
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