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  1. Oh neat! I always review my bags, but didn't get an email like that. Hopefully next time.
  2. Hmm, I'm looking at my orders on Sephora and it doesn't specify which box I am getting. Is there somewhere special I need to look?
  3. There were lots of things I was interested in. I got none of them. Everything I did get, I'm very unexcited about. I try to see the bright side in my bags, but I just can't this month. I'm getting: Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment - I feel like I've gotten a neutral, shimmery shadow every other month for the last year or so and given them all low to mediocre ratings. Luxie Beauty Flat Definer Brush - This is fine, I guess, I usually like getting brushes, but I'm not excited about this shape/type. (I'm probably just whining) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil - I have oily skin, so I have concerns about this. I've used facial oil as a moisturizer successfully before, but this is advertising that it gives a dewy finish. I do not need help achieving a dewy finish. Promise Organic Argan Creme Facial Lotion - not the kind of moisturizer I normally go for Chella Lipstick Pencil - I do like Chella and lipstick. We'll see. I was really hoping to get the bye bye undereye since I'd love to try it and it's anti-aging. I have concealer and fine lines/aging marked on my quiz. I would have loved the eye enhancer, body scrub, mineral blush, josie maran highlight, blow dry accelerator, dr. brandt, BFF exfoliating wash, curl keeper, ogx curl butter, or model co lip lacquer. With so many things that I was excited about, it's disappointing to get 0 of them while also getting items I actively did not want.
  4. I will forgive ipsy all it's trespasses if it sends me a Josie Maran highlight stick.
  5. Maybe I'll finally get to try bye bye undereye!
  6. Did we ever determine if Hikari and Be a Bombshell are the same company? I remember some sleuths found they have the same mailing address. I'm excited-ish about my bag. I'll be getting: theBalm Mr. Write (now) eyeliner - I checked the size listed on ipsy vs the size on theBalm's site and it looks like we're getting full size pencils! From a good brand! In a color! I'm hoping for the bordeaux color. Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream - I like this brand, and it seems like the scent won't be too heavy. I'll be able to keep it in my desk at work. Hikari Cosmetics Cream Metallic Pigment Shadow - How many bronze eyeshadows are you going to send me, ipsy? And I'm not sure I trust Hikari given their possible connection to BaB. I would have preferred trying the brow powder or the shimmer shadow from JCat. Beau Gashis Paris Smudge Brush - Yay! I love getting brushes! Pur~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum - That's quite a name. I like this brand and can always use a hydrating serum for my eye area.
  7. Oops, didn't see your post on the next page before writing this, Alix. I'm guessing it's the cream pigment eyeshadow. If you mouse over the color it's listed as mink. The file name for the picture is bronze. http://www.hikaricosmetics.com/shop/cream-pigment-eyeshadow/
  8. Yup, hoping for the peek thing or a brush.
  9. For people who don't want to spam their friends, you can change your settings so that posts from ipsy (reviews, sneak peeks etc) are private or only visible by certain people. I have mine set to private so that the only person who can see my ipsy posts is me and then I just hide them from my timeline or delete them if the clutter bothers me.
  10. Fingers crossed for a pressed powder and not a loose pigment shadow. They are so pretty, but I have a drawer full of them that I never use.
  11. I'm in love with the bag and super excited for not-black eye liners from an actual good brand!
  12. I think it's really cool that they gave a gift to people who've been subbed since the very beginning. I saw one on SM before I got my box and had my fingers crossed that I'd get something since this bag was my 3 year anniversary with ipsy (been subbed since December '12).
  13. I'm getting: Pacifica Lipstick Tarte finishing powder (love this product) Julie G polish Lather Honey Moisture Mask Jersey Shore anti aging lip and hand polish (interesting, maybe exciting?) I'm actually pretty stoked for this bag. None of it is super exciting on the surface, but I'll use all except the polish and I'll probably throw that into the prize pile for a bingo game the school I work at always does before winter break. Looking at the options, the only thing I would really change is the nail polish for the blush. Otherwise, it's a pretty 'me' bag.
  14. Thanks everyone for helping me out. It turns out the internet was just going down at work.

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