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  1. Im 5'2 and size 16. I wear the Victorias secret pink hoodies in large and their Large yoga pants are really comfy for me . The Pink line of sweat pants I wear their Med cause their large is very large but it would work and look very cute. I also wear their tees cause the material is thin and shaped like a womans form , it doesnt make me feel all bulky and ugly. Of course I cant rock skin tight clothes anymore like a teen girl, but Im not going bulky like I gave up either, We all deserve to still try and feel pretty
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Brittann I got the exact same nail polish shades for both of mine too... I think both shades are super ugly and I won't wear either one of them. I don't like this month's box so I'm pretty sure I will be cancelling for next month until I see the spoilers... Olive green and tan !!!, just what I needed to finish the camo paint on one of my sons toy jeeps. I picked up one of my brown polishes and painted it brown cause hes into Call of duty. Yes theres hobby paint I could buy but it was excellent way to use nail polish I didnt like.and all I needed was olive green and tan to paint in the camo spots. lol.. so really, seriously, this is perfect, so weird I was just praying for olive and tan the other day.. I am looking forward to keeping the cream and the lip liner though, so all in all, I find all kinds of fun uses for my Blush Mystery. The colored hair clips in prior months, my girl rocked Crazy Hair Day at her schools spirit week.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by lanabuch I work at a resort spa La Bella Donna only sells in high-end spas, doctor offices, and cancer clinics. All of their products are post-op and cancer approved, which is amazing! The lip crayon doesn't have preservatives, lake dyes, or lanolin derivatives. wow !!!, resort spa lip liner and sampling 300 dollar face cream this month in Blush Mystery. Im totally agreeing to this experience ! (smiles)
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by veritazy I'm excited too! My body lotion ran out and I was thinking of restocking vic secret. Maybe I should hold on to that thought for awhile. Also looking forward to korean foot peels. Not sure if anyone tried those but they are amazeballs! also, you guys should check out what they sell on their korean site. spoiler, spoiler everywhere~ (you don't know a 100% but just a rough idea of what could be) Quote: Originally Posted by Sheeeeeelby omg! I want it all! Got a sample of Missha BB Cream in #21. I like it - it covers well but my face looks SO SHINY & wet!! So weird so I put on some anti-shine powder and it looked much better. I'm looking for something I can wear in the summer that matches my fair skin. #21 shade was okay but I think I could go lighter so probably try #13. I've never ordered anything internationally besides the Memebox. I don't want to order stuff from this site and be hit with customs or any when it comes. Does anyone have any info on this? I'm in the USA. PS : Maybe we should make a general Asian skincare/beauty thread and leave this one just for Memebox? I havent had to pay any customs, just the shipping at checkout.
  5. Excited ! and Blush ships faster than most other subscription boxes. Pretty soon Ill be enjoying my goodies !! =)
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Lorna ljblog Sorry figure of speech over here . And I wasn't putting people down I work and have a child so know thank you very much how hard it is when your on your own. But seriously others blaming the couriers and not memebox for shipping issues both are at fault. Anyway after today I'm sure the thread will be full of gossip on boxes they release . Maybe international people and some American people who have seen and read. People comments about shipping or unanswered emails and jump all over them should relise they are vented for real reasons and won't to know if it's just them or widespread. ((((Peace and Hugs)))) Im sorry Lorna, I understand. it must be frustrating with shipping, I had shipping problems when UPS had some partnership with the Post Office which was about UPS not wanting to do the last leg of journey for one of my items and they turn it over to the PO delaying it tremendously and messing up with the tracking Whatever happened to tried and true, instead of trying out new carriers or cheaper carriers or making the journey double and triple. I cant even imagine frustration for those in other countries having to pay customs. (((Peace and Hugs))))
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BeautyJunction Lol yes, time to celebrate. Haven't got a reply to my reply, though I suppose that is asking for too much! I think we overloaded them, (frown) more than capacity . I hope they catch up. Ive been pleased with the communications regarding my Lucky Box 1.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Lorna ljblog About time . Just got to await tracking mines come through as shipping to Canada . For box8. But we will see my superbox 2 original shipped that went to Australia to America to France has finally turned up I'm sending it on to a friend as I made them resend one out . And yes it's nothing to do with shipping couriers like others may of suggested above. The name was right the address printed was wrong but town right country wrong and postcode correct was sent back relabelled with the wrong country 3 different tracking codes on parcel finally someone in France had repacked and labelled via putting to and to together and sending my way. Any trouble after tomorrow with boxes I will email and then do paypal and open small claims court appeals as I can't see people having much luck in getting issues sorted if we international people are out .im not here to spend days and weeks sorting out finding a parcel that's the companies you buy from job.im not a stay at home mother of leisure I work fulltime upto 80 hrs a week most of the time Im a stay at home Mom and my life is anything but leisure . Call me soccer Mom but Im a active member in my community and my kids are all into sports , choir, art clubs, and karate. it takes tons of time and dedication . Lets please stick to makeup instead of putting other people down.
  9. I have a a shipping date for my Lucky box One I ordered on March 4th, Its shipping out on April 1st. I double checked by checking my emails when I thought it was taking long and found they were keeping in touch. Luckybox #1 (Restock) Your updates on Luckybox #1 Hello ______ Thank you for purchasing our Luckybox #1 We would like to inform you the necessary information before we ship out your box. Here are the order details: 1. BOX NUMBER: Luckybox #1 2. Order number: ________ 3. Shipping date: April 1st 4. Shipping method: Method that you have selected 5. Shipping duration: Standard Shipping: 14~22 days, Express Shipping: 3~5 days
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by eucala08 I haven't tried a whole lot of drugstore mineral makeup. I use Physicians Formula though. They have some great mineral wear. One thing that I think that they don't do well is bronzers. So, I'd stay away from those. Agreed, I always go back to my Physicians Formula Covertox10. its creamy soft texture in a powder ! Its not dusty and messy like other mineral powders out there. Only buy their Covertox10 though, stay away from their other powders.
  11. Raise your hands ladies if you have a citrus skin product in your house. Many of us do, its in so many wrinkle formulations and anti aging skincare.
  12. I think its lucky to score boots and jackets and sandals ! But dresses and heels is too risky, Im still not sure if Modcloth is for me. I havent made up my mind yet .But Im subscribed to this post out of curiosity since Im already a Mystery bag customer for makeup . For gals that love shoes and purses, youll like LBB, LIttle Black Bag. they have pages and pages of designer and you get to choose your first item and they give you one or two mystery items After checkout and after paying you go to a trade session where offers pop up if you dont like your mystery selections, You get a chance to trade your items before they ship. So at the final checkout you walk away happy. They have a VIP system (optional) where you can accumulate 10 dollars a month credit. they charge ten dollars a month from your account and put it back in to your LBB account, so your ten dollars is there instead and if youre tight on money its a way to save 10 dollars each moth for a later shopping spree cause you can let them accumulate. Just a idea for fellow MUTers http://www.littleblackbag.com/gallery
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Antidentite Brace Yourselves. These are the Unicornicopia heels that I received. They would look really cute just displayed on a shelf in a little girls room thats decorated with crescent moons and stars, And next to a cute stuffed unicorn, so a girl can dream about being a Princess . I think it would be great as a display piece rather than for wearing, lol
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by boxnewbie I will try your trick. I really love the tony moly stain (red) look on my lips but it gets really dry. Also, it doesn't stick to my upper lip lol! Try ths Quote: Originally Posted by LadyManah I agree that they shouldn't ship express (DHL, EMS), if the box says it will ship standard. Or if you pay for standard shipping. I was expecting my regular mailman to deliver my boxes, but instead DHL showed up and I was like - wtf?! - XD Thank goodness I mostly work from home, otherwise I would have been really angry because I'd have to drive 50 minutes or so to pick up a package... I thought that free shipping code only covered standard? Maybe I'm wrong, though. XD It sucks for people in other counties that have to pay all these customs fees. It also sucks for people who don't want to sign for a darn package, thus picked standard shipping (It is why I emailed them and asked them to specifically send box 7 standard for me...) edit: nevermind, my bad. The coupon said "FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING" - so it was obviously me not paying attention! But still, the point is still valid cuz lots of people picked standard and got DHL. DHL came like super early in the morning for me compared to my Post office who delivers in afternoon and UPS and Fed Ex delivers afternoons / evenings I was still in my jammies and someone was banging on my door like the SWAT team, I thought who in the world could it be this early and urgent? I thought it was a police officer and I was about to pee in my pants cause he banged so hard on my door when everyone was just waking up and it was DHL, lol,

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