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  1. Received e-mail from Memebox regarding box value sets-immediately clicked on link thinking yes, finally! Memebox is listening to their customers. Realized there's a cost of $18.99 which is not a free upgrade to express shipping and the boxes are $29, not $23. While contemplating purchasing boxes at a higher price, I decided to check out MUT which confirmed yet again that Memebox does not know how to properly word their advertisements. Aggravated. I tried to buy the Wine and Cheese and Chocolate Mania value sets this morning and the site kept charging shipping twice. I didn't place the order because I didn't want to try to get my money back for the $30 in shipping fees. By the time I got to work they were sold out. I have decided this is a sign that I have too many beauty products and I should simply enjoy/use them. My annoyance immediately faded as soon as I read @@Lorna ljblog's post about the Snow "Shite" box value set and I laughed out loud. You ladies are a hoot and your posts are highly entertaining!
  2. My box is on the way! It's really strange...for the last few months since they updated the site there was no history in my account. I couldn't see my past purchases or current ones. So I would use the tracking method I read about on MUT. Now the FedEx reference number no longer works, but I finally have information in my account so I was able to see that I was charged for January and the tracking number was available. I am a huge fan of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. It works really well for my dry skin. For 39 years everyone's obsession with coffee escaped me, but after a trip to Italy 2 years ago I finally got it. I'm a coffee lover/addict now so I can't wait to try out the cup! edited for typo
  3. Thanks for your input @@MissJexie and @@lorna! I purchased the milk bag (excited), which is on backorder and these bags look tempting. I wanted to purchase the latest Memeboxes, however I'm put off by the $29 plus shipping cost. I certainly don't mind paying for great boxes, however I feel like Memebox has changed course and we've lost the benefit of buying multiple boxes with a discount (no inventory/selection), there are less products in the boxes, no more $5 off coupons unless it's over $30 (and they price the boxes at $29) etc. So, I'm interested in giving Beauteque a chance! I also like being able to see what's in the box/bag before purchasing.
  4. Have any of you ladies purchased the Look Back BB Bag or the Look Back Head to Toe? $23 plus $3.95 Shipping.
  5. I was so excited to see there's a new box. I started to purchase it then realized it's $29 plus shipping and I can't use a $5 off code because it only works for $30+and there isn't a value bundle Just missing the days when this thread would fly and there were so many boxes to choose from...
  6. I've been using the Na. 8 Outbath Treament for a couple of weeks and it has worked wonders for my hair. The first time I tried it, I left it in overnight and planned on washing it out the next morning because I was sure it would be too heavy. It makes my hair so soft and shiny. As a point of reference, my hair is long, fine and thick and I have low lights put in to cover/camouflage the "sparkles" that keep multiplying. Have any of you ladies tried it? Do you prefer any other products we've received from Memebox? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the products I have and it's my mission to use the items or gift them to friends and family. edited for typo
  7. @@biancardi & @@MissJexie I tried the tint and it works really well with my coloring. I have black hair, olive skin and light green eyes. However, it does not come off! My friends laughed at me when I told them about my attempts to remove it My Mom laughed and told me to use Pond's cold cream...
  8. @@MissJexie I saw your post on Instagram and I had to buy the milk bag! I am so excited. Thanks for enabling me
  9. You ladies totally enabled me. I purchased the Secretkey. I can't wait for my package to arrive! My boxes have slowed to a trickle. Of course I have more products than I'll ever be able to use. But, it sure is fun
  10. Happy Turkey Day ladies! Gobble gobble. I am thankful I discovered MUT. You ladies are awesome and I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I mostly lurk, read and laugh out loud. I've learned so much from everyone's great advice and I am grateful to find there are others that enjoy discussing makeup just as much as I do. On a Meme related note...I'm hoping for restocks as I haven't had the best of luck lately (stolen Chocomania, canceled Herbal and Wine & Cheese plus 2 boxes of Memeglobal 17, sigh). If not, I'll console myself with tasty goodies.
  11. I had a bit of a memedrama with my Chocomania box. I had requested for it to be delivered to my work address. Evidently my "home" mailman and my "work" mailman are friends so my "home" mailman took my box and left it on my doorstep. Unfortunately someone decided to help themselves to my package I of course couldn't figure out where my package was because I checked the USPS website and it showed as delivered. I couldn't believe my mailmen decided to reroute my package without asking me. I didn't want to report what happened to the Post Office because I really like both of these guys and I didn't want to get them in trouble. I contacted Memebox and explained what happened. They refunded my money for the box. I am grateful they gave me my money back because it is rather unbelievable what happened! I talked to both guys and both of them had rather hangdog expressions. No more rerouting packages! Argh.
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