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  1. They said they had limited quantities this month due to the spoiler product being a new items I believe.
  2. I love Royal Apothic brand so I am excited. Plus it is a new product I believe so I like that it feels a bit exclusive which I think PS has been lacking recently.
  3. I am getting: Benefit Pores No More (have several of these, but I use it so ok) Real Chemistry Peel (My PYS) Marcelle Hydra Gel (meh) Mally Eyeliner (I don't NEED more eyeliner, but I love it so YAY!) Living Proof Restore Shampoo Living Proof Restore Conditioner Living Proof Restore Repair Lotion (I have heard good things about this brand so I am excited to try) Overall I feel like I got a pretty great box, every time I think of canceling Birchbox they real me back in.
  4. Just click the link it takes you to you tube not twitter. But here it is if you want it
  5. Are they delayed? This is still pretty early for PS.
  6. Does anyone know if you sign up with a new account can you choose the curated box or do you not get that option because you missed the PYS window?
  7. so far none with my sample choice It's a 10... It is kinda fun seeing the boxes and eliminating them based of sample choices and previous samples!
  8. I think they are making less of all their boxes so they can hype that you have to get it fast before it sells out! Also that way too they don't end up having a bunch of extras.
  9. I think I want the curated box, but I hate no getting at list a little surprise. Not to mention I really want one of the regular boxes.....like just the box. Sigh I may use the code and reactivate my 2nd account. Decisions, decisions.
  10. Don't look! It will be a great surprise! It is a nice curation for VDay but not too specific on the holiday itself.
  11. Does anyone else's hat smell really weird? Like I couldn't stand to have it on it smelled so bad and then my hair smelt funny.
  12. Darn that was quick! Well, I am glad it isn't tempting me anymore. Fitness really isn't my thing so I'm hoping it fitness centered so I won't be super sad about the contents!
  13. I think I might wait for spoilers. I love Target and got super excited, but I really don't need more beauty items and I'm not big on fitness. So meh. Also wondering if the items inside will be available in Target stores separately. If so I could always buy the items I like myself. Plus I am supposed to be saving money.
  14. Blah really regretting my PYS sample choice getting the dreaded Tocca Box (at least for me) with Staniac and Neil and George Shampoo and Conditioner. This is my punishment box since I have already tried Staniac, Neil & George Set previously in my other boxes and don't like them. Also if I was gonna get a perfume sample I would have preferred the HP Sincerely sample. I was hoping to try something new.
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