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  1. A part of me is disappointed that we will be getting the same product twice, but the other part really likes the StriVectin.
  2. The discount is pretty nice, however I can't seem to find out how to apply it. Their FAQs state that the discount is in the form of store credit towards a product that you sampled that month. I want to buy the Kevin Aucoin highlighting powder which I did sample, but I don't see any sort of discount/credit during check out. I'll have to email them about it.
  3. The lipsticks are cut into slices and then put into a jar. So you will need to use a lip brush or one of the applicators that they have included. As far as the pressed product goes, if they just used pressure to re-press, then it should be fine. But if they've added additional pressing medium, then that would alter the formula. I'm thinking that they just apply pressure since pressed makeup should already have some sort of binding medium, but I could be wrong.
  4. When you are on their shop, it gives you the option of buying a full size or a sample. You can choose a sample of anything and in any color. You can even get samples of pressed products. It looks like they break up pressed products, put them in the pot, then re-press them. It's not hard to do that, but it takes time. I got samples of Chanel lip gloss, Dolce & Gabanna lipstick, YSL powder, Cle de Peau foundation, and Kevin Aucoin highlighter. Also to add to my tip list, bad packaging standards are a dead giveaway. Kerning is the term for the spacing between letters. Some counterfeits have odd spacing between letters and words. Also, generally boxes for luxury makeup will have text in both English and French. Sometimes there will be other languages too.
  5. All of the samples I received seem to be authentic. I'm familiar enough with luxury makeup to see when things feel "off." From what I can see/feel, all of the samples I received feel authentic. The powders are very finely milled, the lipstick highly pigmented and creamy, and the foundation silky and flawless. I've tried a handful of counterfeit makeup for the sole purpose of being able to spot fakes. Powders will be chalky or gritty. Pressed powders break easily and don't seem bound. Lipsticks will smell off (some luxury brands have a certain "smell" for their lip products). The texture can be waxy or too dry. Most luxury lipsticks have a very creamy texture and glide well over the lips. Fakes can tug too much. Pigmentation can be lacking. Liquid foundations and bb creams can have separation. It can also feel greasy. Fake foundation tends to sit on top of the skin or form some sort of layer instead of melting into the skin. Fakes do not blend well. Lip gloss is one of the harder products to tell apart since gloss isn't as specific as other products. Be on the look out for strange smells and textures. Some of the counterfeiters don't know what the actual product smells like. Packaging is always perfect on authentic products. This means that nothing will be misspelled, text will not appear blurry, logos will not be misaligned. Everything twists/snaps/closes/opens easily. Plastic and metal sections will not have uneven texture or bumpy/sharp corners/edges. Engravings will not be misaligned or uneven. The box itself might come damaged, but everything on the box should be on point.
  6. Yes, it would seem like they are taking samples out of full sized products. These brands are indeed ones that have a very tight hold on where their products are sold, specifically Chanel and Guerlain. The prices are the same price as they would be from the brand websites and they are all current products. I'm not sure if they are authorized for the samples. I'm assuming that they might be using "testers" to dispense the samples out. If they are approved to sell those brands, then that's what I assume is happening. Brands like those generally send out items specifically to be used as testers. However, if they are not approved to sell those products, it would concern me on how they obtain their full sized products. Since they are the same price, they would only make profit if they were able to purchase the products at a discount.
  7. I just got my first box today. Here's my thoughts about it. This sub isn't suited for everyone. The $20 monthly fee includes 5 samples of your choice from what they sell in their shop. These samples are larger than foils, but smaller than deluxe samples. It's enough for you to try a few times. For $20, it does seem like you get only a little of actual product. However, these products generally are expensive and considered luxury brands. So I believe you get the appropriate amount considering how much the full sizes cost. The samples come in jars or tubes. Lip glosses come in a mini lip gloss tube and loose powders come in a tiny shaker jar. Pressed products are depotted into jars and repressed. Lipsticks are sliced into a small piece that also comes in a jar. I believe mascara samples will come in a small mascara tube. The presentation is what you would expect out of a store that only sells luxury cosmetics. They include a gift box with the order. Inside of the gift box is a smaller box that contains your samples. They also include disposable applicators, which I thought was a nice touch. Since this was my first box, they included a set of travel brushes. The brushes aren't very good quality, but they are to be used with the samples, so quality isn't important especially since they were a free gift. You do get a $10 credit to their shop with each order. I don't believe these carry over to the next month. Overall, I think this is a really nice subscription if you tend to buy a lot of luxury brands. I like that they carry some brands that I can't find in person such as Cle de Peau, Dolce & Gabanna Beauty, Ellis Faas, and Kevin Aucoin.
  8. If you scroll all the way up to the top of this page, you might get a hint hint at what the Valentine's Day color will look like.
  9. I got my box today and I love it! I got the Prince Vladamir tea, which is great since I love Kusmi teas! I'm going to get the Energy face cream whenever it gets here. I love the candle too, it smells really nice.
  10. Has anyone gotten any type of shipping notice for January yet? They are a bit late on the delivery. It's about this time that they charge for the next month. I rather not be charged for the next month when I haven't received this month yet.
  11. Hypothetically, if this were to be made it might show up on February 14 as a Valentine's Day LE. Hypothetically of course.
  12. Tonight I am testing out potential new shades. These aren't necessarily for the Zodiac Collection, but some may be added in the future.
  13. So, the spoiler below may be a photo of Scorpio from the upcoming Zodiac Collection. You have been warned.

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