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  1. Here is my submission: Face: Revlon Colorstay 24 hour foundation in Ivory Clinique Blushing Blush powder Blush in Precious Posey NYC smooth skin pressed powder in Natural beige Eyes: Maybelline One by One mascara Clinique High Impact mascara Lips: Maybelline Baby lips Victoria's Secret Color Drama Lipstick in Showstopper. That's it!
  2. I'm going as minnie mouse now. I got ears when I went to disneyland so I'm set haha
  3. Omg what an awesome idea! I love that movie!!!
  4. Here is where I keep my makeup! This is a wardrobe/ armoire thing but it's great cuz it has a mirror! I keep my makeup in this section of it, because it keeps my makeup cool, seperate, and organized. Here's what's on the top shelf: Hairbrushes, a victoria's secret bag full of random junk, and some shell. Here's what's on the second shelf: All my lotion, perfumes, and some statues! On the next shelf is where I keep most of my makeup and hair stuff: On this half I have hair products, moisturizers, sanitizers, makeup brushes, and pumpkin bubbles, lol! Here is where I keep all the makeup products I use regularly. (The sterilite drawers were $6 at target!) On top of the drawers is a makeup kit from Victoria's Secret. In the first drawer is all my foundation, bb cream, moisturizer, and concealers. (what I start with first is in the first drawer, get it?) In the second drawer is primer, powder, and setting spray. In the last drawer is a small clinique palette, and my lip and eye products! Down there is where I keep some shoes, toilet paper, container lids (I use these as foundation palettes), lotion, and in the train case is the makeup I don't use regularly. Then the hooks on the door hold my big clinique palette, and some face creams in the drawstring bag! And that's it! Pretty small for some, but a good size for me. What's yours?
  5. Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun if we took photos of our makeup storage and how we organize it and posted those photos here! I'll post mine and I would love to see yours!
  6. love the storage idea! I'll have to try the bath salts idea Hopefully I can post a pic of my makeup stash soon!
  7. What was your last beauty purchase and where was it from?
  8. I've told myself I can't buy a new foundation until I use up my No7 foundation. Gah, there are so many foundations I want to try! also No new mascras until I use up my Maybelline one by one. No new face washes till I use up my Clinique one.
  9. Hey ladies, I just requested a free sample of the Maybelline FitMe Stick Foundation! I feel like everyone has been talking about this and I wanted to try it out myself! If you're interested, here's the link! http://samples.target.com/list.php?category=cat130&ref=sc_iw_l_0_1
  10. I was planning on being a cheerleader, but maybe something simple like a cat, since I tend to procrastinate a bit, lol!
  11. I'm looking into getting the Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set and I wanted to know if it's good quality? I wanted to get it because it has all the brushes I need, and I had a brush from Coastal Scents which works really well and is good quality. Does anyone have this brush set? Would you recommend it? Also what's your opinion of their foundations? Thanks everyone!
  12. I'd love to try some high end foundation brands like Chanel or Dior!
  13. I hear great things about taking a daily vitamin called Biotin, which encourages healthy skin, hair, and nail growth. Not only will it help your hair grow faster, but it will make it grow stronger too! You can purchase this at almost any grocery store. I got mine from safeway. Good luck!
  14. Nice collection! Perfect size too! I've been trying to build a nice collection too but I still have a long way to go!

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