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  1. It's a great box in my opinion .. it really feels like they gave some thought to its curation and I'm glad there's no towel or sunglasses. Just got mine .. and I'm a huge fan of the sailor - nautical theme. The bag is great!!! Love it. The tray fits well with the theme and it's really cute. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but I like it. Love the oil .. I can't wait to try it. I think the cuff is super pretty, but I'm not sure if I can wear it. It just feels awkward on my arm. I hope I can make it work. I won't eat the honey, but my kids will ... and they will love the beach toy. And it fits so well with the bag which will replace my cheap ikea beach bag .. we live by the Pacific, so it'll get used a lot. And I'll feel so much fancier I'm very glad I bought this box!
  2. It seems like they often had the same kind of item in the monthly and the LE boxes .. so I wouldn't be surprised if it contained a beach towel. I'd love another one myself .. especially if it's higher quality. Just don't need more clutches or scarves ... I also ended up gifting myself the June box after all (and I got a tote which I was planning to skip ... no discipline here), but I love the sunglasses in the spoiler.
  3. Got mine too. I've never regretted getting a LE box .. I wouldn't gamble with more than $100 (and none of the more expensive ones would have been worth it for me). I wouldn't pay full price for the monthly ones either. May was the last month of my Black Friday deal .. I won't subscribe to the monthly ones again unless I can get them for max $25. So, I'm really excited about the summer box!!!
  4. The passport cover is tan on the inside and cobalt on the outside. I don't have an American passport and mine won't fit, but I'll use it for the little one's .. or something else entirely. I agree about the necklace feeling cheaper than I expected. I'm not sure about the material of the silver chain .. so lightweight. But it makes it better to wear imo as it's not too heavy around the neck. It's more of a fashion piece anyways. I just hope the chain won't tarnish. still very happy with it ... living in a warm climate just makes the winter one (and last year's fall one) less attractive.
  5. Here you go .. if this works. Can't cut out the sleeping toddler ... It's around my belly button .. little higher. And the stone is set loose which irritates me a tiny bit as it makes this clicking sound. .. I'm weird with that though. I love it nonetheless.
  6. I just got mine and I'm thrilled with it. First time that I love every single thing in a box.
  7. The colors look awesome, but to me it also seems like we've had dupes of most of them within the past few months ... Maybe, the final pics will convince me .. I do like the brow powder/brush!
  8. I don't know about other subs, but popsugar certainly is. I'm ok with the warm as well .. just would have preferred the cool.
  9. I hope so too. I'd love the cool tone kit. The other would still be nice, but cool works better for my skin. I'm happy with the spoiler. Last year's resort wasn't my favorite (I loved the summer one), but apart from the clutch fiasco, I don't regret buying it. Hoping for no more clutches though ...
  10. The lip liner is also my reason to get a box and I like the sunset rose lipstick ... I'm undecided if I should get Ali, Nedra or both. I wonder if Misti will be too similar to Nedra ...
  11. I got mine. Not my favorite. The cutting board and knife seem low quality to me. The arrow is way too kitsch, but could make a nice gift for a teenager. I think I just have too much blush and bath products to appreciate them. And I don't like marshmallows .... So not right for me, but others will love it perhaps.
  12. I got mine today. Haven't tried anything yet, but I like the colors in the bottles. Elise seems a lot like Elle .. I hope the blue is more obvious on the nails. Gifts for taking 3 add-ons were Queen Anne and Tatiana ..
  13. It's just hard if some people get the box 2-3 weeks later than others. I really don't care (apart from holidays) if a box arrives on the 5th or 25th, but it's always frustrating being active here or on social media if you're in the late group. I think they just have to get rid of the shipping in waves or use them logically (the further away from distribution centres, the earlier the shipment) and people wouldn't complain. And be upfront .. if they had clearly said that boxes were being shipped expedited, there would have been less worry among those without shipping). Anyways, both my JOY December box and the for him were picked up last night and are shipping Fedex overnight.

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