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    I'm a 30 year old who's finally discovering the world of hair and beauty! I'm a bit late to the game, but my adventures in learning about techniques and products should be relatively amusing.
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    Makeup of course, video games, TV, Movies, all my animals, MUSIC.
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    Sales & Order Desk
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    Lovely Blue 2013 Focus
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    I have a pretty big range of things I'll watch and love, it really is much longer than this, just a taste:

    Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Harry Potter Series, Lord of the Rings, Aeon Flux, every Marvel movie, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Despicable Me, everything Disney/Pixar, all of the Star Treks, V for Vendetta, and SO many others.
  • Favorite Music
    Again, it can range greatly, depending on my mood.
    Some genres: Pop, rock, techo, trance, screamo (really only Alexisonfire), softer folky stuff (mostly just City & Colour), instrumental (mostly movie or game soundtracks).
    Artists: City & Colour, Alexisonfire, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Breaking Benjamin, Billy Talent, ATB, Fall Out Boy, Imogen Heap, Rise Against, Within Tempation.
  • Favorite Books
    Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, anything John Saul, most things Stephen King, way too many romance books to name but mostly by Johanna Lindsey.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    So far I'm loving Urban Decay, Tarte, Nyx, Kat Von D, Maybelline, Cover Girl
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Boots comes from my fascination with a certain Boot shaped glass that I had to steal from a restaurant...
  1. "You've got red on you." Awesome! Eventually this will be one I'm going to sign up for, so I'm totally stalking the thread~
  2. There seems to be either two pages, or two URLs? I'm not sure. There's https://www.facebook.com/bondinewyork which is working for me, and https://www.facebook.com/BondiNYC which is not.
  3. I hadn't actually gone to the facebook page before... The pictures just floor me sometimes. There and on her site, the pucker of her lips.. My god. No one should publish that. It's not cute.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Parasoul How do you deal with the cravings? I have a friend who I work with that smokes constantly and it kills me every time I see him having one. I swear I've punched so many packages at work while trying to quit. Nothing seems to help aside from being heavily distracted. A lot of people find something to transfer the craving to, so that might be something. My mother always had 2-3 smokes in the car on the way to work, now she has a little dish in her cup holder with a tart type of candy, and pops one in when she gets that feeling. Might be an idea, find something else to give your fingers to do, take your mind off it?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Parasoul Thank you Boots. I just crushed an unopened box to start myself off. I can say I'm already shaking a bit but I can do this. Even if I have to stab myself with a pen every time I feel a craving I can do it. I hope you begin to post more once you're all healed up! I love staring at other peoples manis. I've gone through about half of the pages in this thread just looking at pictures people have posted. I plan to! They're currently bare and super short right now. Tried covering them in polish, but they're so thin it just flakes off in a day no matter what I do. If you ever need help along the way, feel free to message me or anything! Helped many folks through it before
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Parasoul I will ma'am. I feel ashamed for smoking sometimes when I'm around family and I hate the smell it leaves on me. Even worse when it's raining. It will be my New Years resolution! Edit : You're all so supportive. I really appreciate this. I will have my last cigarette tonight. Forget waiting until New Years. I want to stop smelling like grandpas couch now. Normally don't post in here as my nails are recovering from some massive splitting... BUT just had to say, way to go! After watching too many in my family get sick from smoking I'm so glad you're not waiting and doing it now!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by LaffingCow Honestly, I wonder why I even deal with this company sometimes. It's like it's really run by teenagers or something. I just wanted to know why I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet and to ask if it was possible to change a color of an object (turns out my friend wanted something else). Being the productive person I am I wanted to get it done first thing in the morning, so I hit the live chat button and see that no one is online. Yet it says their chat hours are from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm est, 5 days a week. I was ready to talk at 10... so why was no one there? I checked their 'Contact Us' area and I see that the live chat hours are completely different, 12 - 7 pm est, 7 days a week. Of course there's no one to chat with me at this time, everyone's still in lala land while I busted my butt to get to work on time. So annoying. "either something is trending right now and all of our beauty gurus are busy or..." That's the most asinine thing I have seen in a while.
  8. I agree, and I would also suggest stop scrubbing for a bit, that's probably not helping the already sensitive skin. When mine get like that I make sure I'm drinking LOTS of water, and only stick to a really moisturizing balm, making sure it's on all the time. Maybe avoid the plumping balm as well, it's probably all minty and tingly and probably aggravating it more.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Luv2LuvEm That's good to know! Thank you. I haven't seen that type before. I think that would be the best for me as well. Can you get it pierced with that kind of back or do you have to have it pierced with a special kind and then change it to the disk back later? Thanks for all your help. One response from you was more helpful than 2 hours of google! Lol I've had this style of stud now since I got mine done over two years ago, and it's simply amazing! I was pierced with it, it's a "starter" stud and a permanent one.I really can't imagine having any other kind of stud. So easy to clean as it's just a little disk inside and there's different lengths available (if you can find someone using Neo Metal) so it fits nicely in your nostril. Mine was too long at first, so I went back and got it switched so it fits almost snug against my nostril. Haven't had any need to pull it out either, been in there since the beginning!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye Don't cry! I so would have if I kept thinking about it. Wandered over to Buzzfeed to chase it away.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye Thanks, @Boots I will never forget them. -hugs quickly then runs away from the thread before crying at work-
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KellyKaye Thank you. It was so terribly sad. I have never owned another dog since and I am pretty sure that I am scarred for life. The hardest part about it was that my husband was on deployment when it happened... So I was all alone. Just popping in here for this, I would die and be horribly broken if that ever happened. Death is one thing... but that... Just
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