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  1. Last reveal for 2014 Nails SS My amazing Santa was @@Jwls750 She shipped my original package with UPS and they either lost it or it was stolen from my leasing office and I just felt so awful about it. I would have been super heartbroken if my gift for my Santee had been lost/stolen/whatever so I really felt for her. And honestly I was already very appreciative and grateful because I'm 2000% sure the gift was amazing, but she actually sent me a second gift! Did I mention that she's beyond awesome? All the kudos to you, girl! And without further ado, the reveal: First up, Orly matte top coat. I've never tried any Orly products despite seeing them all the time at Ulta, so I'm glad to have one of their products to try. I love doing matte nails for work so I can't get enough matte top coats. Sally Hansen reverse french nail polish strips! I've never used these before (or even heard of them for that matter) but I talked about how I love super glittery nails for weekends and going out, and this fits the bill perfectly. Plus points for being strips that are easier to remove than actual glitter polish Nail wraps! My other SS introduced me to nail wraps and I'm really excited to have some more to play with. These are also textured so they look extra fancy. There's enough for a mani and a matching pedi (yay!) OPI polish thinner, which is perfect because I just ran out of my Seche one. I go through thinner pretty quickly since Julep's formula is always so inconsistent and weird. Hopefully this gigantic OPI bottle will last me a long time. Bonus points since I have a huge OPI collection, most of which could use at least a drop of this stuff. Essie in "A Cut Above". Basically the perfect color for me: pink glitter. I somehow don't have any Essie glitters, and nothing even close to a dupe for this color. I love it so much! Hoping to wear it next weekend for a wedding Nail stickers (or nail tattoos? Reading the back it seems to work like temporary tattoos by using water) and tape! Thank you so much for everything, @@Jwls750! I love everything and I am so excited that I received all these wonderful goodies from you that feel totally tailored to my tastes. I am incredibly grateful for all the time and effort you put into my gifts!!! <3 <3 <3
  2. I think she'll still do one, hopefully soon. I think I read somewhere on her blog a long time ago that she was planning on it. I really hope she does, I loved reading the MSA01 posts!
  3. Not sure if it's already been posted, but I got an email for a new box from POPSUGAR Collaboration with Target, $65 one time box.
  4. In my experience the store associates will let you sample more than 3 if you're nice and reasonable about it. I think the policy is in place just so when they have difficult customers, they can mention the policy. People can be sooo entitled and difficult. Last time I was in Sephora right before the holidays there was a girl trying to get a rollerball fragrance for free as a "sample" of the perfume
  5. Okay, finally got everything unwrapped and photographed! The pictures really don't do it justice though. Getting this package was seriously so overwhelming. I think I legit cried for like an hour. My grandmother has been in the ICU for the past 2 weeks now and it's not looking good. We're pretty much just flying friends and family in to say goodbyes at this point, and this package feels like the only good surprise I've gotten in so long. And @ put so much care into it that I was just so touched. Ugh, sappy feelings! I'm sorry. I've been reading MUT during my long nights at the hospital and it has really helped keep me sane. So thanks to all of you for providing such wonderful optimism in this thread! Anyways, let's get to the actual reveal! First of all, she got me a full sized Benetint! This was #1 on my wishlist this year since for some reason I've never owned a full sized one despite my love of lip stains. So I would have been really really really happy with just this. And then I got these 2 amazing bottles of nail polish that are just perfect for me. I love love love glitter and have been dying to try the new Nails Inc. stuff! And nail wraps! I haven't really played with wraps much so I'll probably fail spectacularly, but I'm so grateful to have some to try. Fresh minis! I wasn't able to pick up any Fresh sets during the VIBR event so this was amazing to get. I feel like I might have started crying at this point, or maybe sooner. It's really hard to tell. Don't judge me. Tarte minis! I've been lusting over their holiday stuff but couldn't really justify it was a purchase for myself, so I am beyond thrilled to have this little lip set. And blush! And a full sized mascara (one of my favorites!)! Assortment of amazing goodies! My absolute favorite and latest obsession, the Glamglow YouthMud! And one of my favorite perfumes ever! And Marc Jacobs mascara! And a Clinique lippie! Use all the exclamation marks!!!! She got me a Voluspa candle. How did you even know that's been on my "must-buy" for so long? And how did you pick such a perfect scent? Eden & Pear is to die for. Not to mention she got me L'Occitane soap. *swoons* Super adorable hand cream and wipes <3 She even got something for my dog!! My dog somehow totally knew there was something for her in the box as soon as I carried it in since she was watching the entire unwrapping. Said bone treat is now devoured. In fact, it was devoured like 12 seconds after I took this photo. And saved the best for last: she knitted me a hat. Like for reals. I love it so much, I want to wear it all day every day. Maybe I will wear it all day every day. I mean, where do I even start? First of all you are amazing at knitting. 2) I'm just thinking of all the time you put into my gift and it's making me feel too many feelings. 3) You're the best. 4) Socks!! Christmas socks!!! CHRISTMAS SOCKS!!!!!! So there you have it. The best Christmas gift I could have ever wanted. Sorry that was really long (not actually sorry). Sorry it got really weird and emotional (actually sorry). To @ you are amazing and wonderful and I want to send you a box of kittens and rainbows and hugs because you've made my entire holiday season.
  6. You guys!! My present is here and it's amazing and I'm going to go full basic right now and say I can't even. Pic of all the amazing little gifts!! I'll update with all the real pics tonight I'm also reverse stalking my amazing Santa @ and she's totally a liar. She was posting things like "Sadly, my wrapping skills are of the "drunk monkey" variety as well, but I'll do my best. " What are you talking about? If I could wrap this well while drunk I would be drunk 24/7.
  7. I'm so glad you like everything! You really pushed me to try indies for myself as well, since I really haven't experimented with many. I've been missing out! So many pretties...I'm going nuts on etsy. I had a few more minis for you on the way from Black Friday sales but had to leave town rather suddenly when I found out my grandmother was hospitalized. I hope there will be a pile of nail polish sitting on my doorstep when I get back and I will be able to mail them out to you! Post-Christmas present?
  8. I'd probably be the gravy. Not a real side on its own but goes great with the star of the meal! Or I'd be a cute place card. Always overlooked, but I keep things a tiny bit more organized. Lipstick: a neutral pink color. Not loud, not bold, but you'd notice something a little off without me.
  9. I wasn't following this thread, and I was thinking "what the heck, why are there never any new posts on the SS for Nails?!". Oops! Now I have to catch myself up on the conversation. My Santee has gotten me to try indies for basically the first time ever! It's so exciting to start getting all my etsy orders in
  10. I loved the local goodies my Santa tucked into my gift last year! She included several jars of local-made spices and rubs, and I've actually been ordering them online ever since I ran out. I may have liked them (almost) more than the makeup gifts she got for me, just because it felt so personal and it was such a sweet touch!
  11. Hey printmaking buddies! It was my concentration in college as well
  12. I was going to get an ornament since the cheapest ones are $30 and they're still pretty cute. But it's really the shipping that gets you. I think the minimum is $9.95 and you can't get around that because you can't stack the free shipping code with the $25 Popsugar one But I can vouch for Tiny Prints' quality. If you're thinking of doing holiday cards with them, I highly recommend it. Really good print quality and good customer service.
  13. Maybe I could get myself and my Santee matching socks so whenever I wear them I can be reminded of what a creepy stalker great Santa I am....

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