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  1. I hope I never get the Bee Venom. I've never been allergic, but I've started to have mild reactions, when I used to never have them. The last time was 4-5 years ago and I got stung multiple times on the hand by some thing or things. My hand started to swell, I felt slightly strange, and now have discoloration where I was stung. I wouldn't want to risk it, especially on my face.
  2. Thank you! I didn't see the answer to that in the FAQ here and for the life of me, can't find the FAQ on their site.
  3. Points don't go away if you cancel and later resub, right? I'm getting a head start on my spring cleaning and I'm just completely overloaded with everything, so I'm thinking of taking a BB break.
  4. My box came today and I think it's basically a bust for me. -I don't think I'll have an issue getting the Essential Elements lotion out of the bottle, but it's going to be hard for me to get past the smell. The smell is dead on for Mentholatum, so I'm not sure if I want to walk around smelling like I have a chest cold. -I was looking forward to trying the Miracle Skin Transformer concealer, but it's easily 3 shades too dark for me. It feels nice on the skin, but I have no idea how I'd be able to use it. -Curl Keeper stuff I already whined about. -Sumsoap in Goats in the Lavender. I don't normally like lavender, but the lavender scent isn't overpowering and it feels nice. I haven't used bar soap in decades, but I'm looking forward to trying it out. -Manna Kadar lip gloss. Not sure if the color will work on me, but the texture is nice, so I'll play around with it. In a nutshell, I'm looking forward to trying 2 of the products, iffy about 1, and will probably toss the other 2. I don't know if I'm getting burnt out with BB or what, but it's been quite awhile since I've been wowed or excited by more that one product in a box.
  5. My box is still on its grand tour of the east coast and midwest and is supposed to arrive sometime in the next week, according to tracking. I also didn't notice initially that one of my products is the Curl Secret gel and I am beyond annoyed that I'm getting that product. My hair has absolutely no curl (but a very slight wave), my profile says I have straight hair, yet this is the second product I've received that is for curly hair. The strands of my hair are thin, but I have a ton of hair. I've spent years looking for a product that will control my flyaway baby fine hair, yet not weight it down and I'm guessing that something for people with curly hair isn't going to do the job. Surely there was a hair product this month that would have been more appropriate for someone with straight hair. Heck, I would have been ok with shampoo, as long as it wasn't that horrific Neil George crap.
  6. My box is different than the cheat showed, so I'm happy about that. I'm less happy that I'm getting the lotion in the impossible bottle, but if I can't get the lotion out, I'll just bust out the dremel and vise. I do wish the tracking would update. Through the BB site, it shows the last update being on the 8th from TN, but when I plugged the number into the Newsucks site, it says this, so I guess it's taking a winter trip? 1/12/2015 12:33 PM Initial Package Scan Elizabeth, NJ 07206 1/8/2015 07:24 PM Electronic Shipping Info Received Mount Juliet, TN 37122
  7. This is what the cheat is showing for my box: LAFresh nail polish remover wipes 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting™ Polisher Under Armour Braided Mini Headbands - 3 Pack Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner I'm really meh about all of the potential products. Polish wipes is boring, I have tons of mascara, don't have high hopes for the skin polisher, I guess I can toss the headband on my treadmill, and I got the dry conditioner last February. I don't know what I was hoping to get in BB, but I'm wondering if I'm getting burnt out with them because my boxes seems to be really skin and hair care heavy.
  8. I once ordered a paperback book from amazon and it arrived in a comically large box, like 2 feet wide, 3 feet long, and 2 feet deep. I'm betting the box itself weighed more than the book.
  9. If they did a 2 for $10 polish sub, I'd be the first to sign up. I love their polishes and think they are miles better than Julep.
  10. We have one of these that we use to access the 3 extra hard drives we have. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817392020 We tend to buy cheap but reliable laptops, then upgrade them, but we keep the useful parts. Western Digital HDs seem to work pretty well for us. I have 3 250-500 GB HDs that are loose and a 1TB in my laptop. (I'd love a 2TB HD, but I don't think my current setup can handle that, which is annoying.)
  11. I gave up trying to get the site to load after the first week, but I was able to get it to load, entered my email, and got a response thanking me for signing up for Gap emails. That's not the response I was expecting, so I have no idea if I'm actually getting the code.
  12. Nice! I don't do their bras or underwear, but their sleepwear is nice. I think I'd pick up some satin pjs, some of their supersoft pjs, a kimono robe, and a fluffy robe.
  13. I received the Fekkai box ages ago, but didn't get around to doing reviews until the deadline was over. With past boxes, I'd get a reminder email the week before it was over, but didn't this time. Since I didn't do any reviews, does that mean I'm no long eligible to receive any other boxes. If so, that sucks, since Influenster is the only site where I seem to qualify for samples to review.
  14. I feel like they haven't done enough to make the Aces program something useful. From what I can tell, the only perks I've received is free two day shipping and getting the PYS email a day early. @@IMDawnP had a great idea on the December BB thread about having one of the perks be to email us any specials that will be going on during a month. I've got some ideas for perks that might be nice. -Have Aces points either never expire or expire in two years instead of one. -Allow Aces to pre-order OOS products. When I was doing a points order a couple of months ago, I had planned to get the white Clarisonic and one of the Revealed palettes, both of which were OOS during the 3 weeks I was deciding what to order. I waited until the last minute before I was going to have some points expire, to see if they were going to be back in stock, but they weren't. It would have been nice if I could have ordered the Revealed palette and had it shipped when it came back in stock. -Let Aces have a completely customized anniversary box. So let's say my BB anniversary is in August, I could take the box that's coming to me that month or swap out some of the products with samples they have listed in a new "sample" section. Aces would get early access to their box that month and have a week to customize it if they wish. -Have something like a flash sale, where the discount codes are doubled. So let's say you've been with BB a year and get a 20% off code, Aces could have that code doubled one time, but it can only be done during a specific week.
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