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  1. I received that email yesterday too, but then I just got my shipping notification this morning and I checked the tracking. FedEx already has the box in Sacremento, CA. 4.9lbs. I'm only in Phoenix so hopefully it won't take too long to get to me!
  2. Sadly I was traveling this time around. But hopefully that still means that next time is 3rd times the charm for me. Lol. If the train is been on from Chicago to Texas had wifi, that could have gone much differently, but oh well :-)
  3. I unsubscribed as soon as the site was back up. I was kind of sad about it, but did it because there's a lot going on that's taking up my hard-earned cash right now so I just couldn't justify the box. I'm not as upset about it now knowing the contents, although there are a few things in there that I would have absolutely LOVED!! (socks, frame, candle) It does seem a bit crazy though all the delays this site update seems to have caused - with billing/shipping and with their response time to people... I do a lot of customer service via email and we HAVE to send a response within 2 hours and then keep our customer updated at each half-day mark thereafter. Also, we manage multiple websites for our clients, and they would freak out if the sites were down longer than overnight during the week. We've always done major upgrades over the weekend if the site needed to be down longer, and they were back up by mid-Monday morning. As @@jebest pointed out, they are supposed to ship by the 15th... but if people still have not been billed, that seems really unlikely to me. Hopefully they'll get the backlog sorted out and be back on track for next month... and hopefully I'll still want to sign back up at that point :-)
  4. Oh, I forgot to note above that my lip color was also 'Always There'. Are there variations on color? I don't remember seeing anyone post a color other than that, but I could be wrong. I also feel like we got a LOT of coupon/discount codes, as @gorskigirl mentioned above, which is actually fantastic for anyone wanting to start holiday shopping. (I procrastinate this until at least black Friday usually, but maybe it'll give me a push - lol).
  5. Got my box today too! :-D My apron is white with black dots and a bow on the pocket - I love it! I may have to get my sister one for Christmas with the code,cuz she will be super jealous when she sees it. Got the soap in lavender and the body butter in superfruit. The tea is Jasmine green and I'm excited to taste it! This box was a complete win for me - I was already looking forward to the socks and cards, plus the sealing wax! I'll definitely try out the dermalogica and chi and the crackers; the only iffy item for me is the soap, and that's only because lavender sometimes gives a headache :-/ So happy with this!! LOVE!!!
  6. My shipping finally updated. I got the notice last week and it updated at the crack of dawn today to tell me that my box was in WI and is apparently on it's way to my PO now. Fingers crossed that means it'll show up at my place tomorrow :-) The estimated delivery was Thursday and now it moved to Friday... but I'd much prefer Wednesday. lol.
  7. Can I just say that I am all kinds of excited for the wax seal set?!?! Do you think it's usable with a rubber stamp? I have this adorable ornate 'S' that just sits on my desk and it would be super adorable if I could use that... but I guess we shall see :-) Also, excited for the socks and the apron! I got a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas last year and so far have used it twice (which is SUPER LAME, I know) but I want to bake pumpkin muffins and cookies this year, and even better if I can look cute while at it. Otherwise I'll just wear it as a painting smock when I paint and craft :-) I got my shipping notification and the estimated delivery is 10/2... I'm hoping it gets to me faster!
  8. Yeah, I'll agree that 2 months with no available samples is kind of a disappointment, especially after the debacle that was my first attempt when I had a bunch in my box but the site wouldn't take my address. I got that email too - I was hoping that the third try would be the charm, but apparently not.
  9. For those of you asking about their customer service, I had some crazy issues with my first box (the 'extra' box that I decided to get for $10 when I signed up a while back with a free first month code), and the CS was very helpful. It did take them a little while to get back to me, but they worked on resolving my issue right away. Unfortunately, the issue didn't get fixed the first time so I ended up emailing her again. The second time she was actually able to get the box out and moving and sent me a refund for half the cost for the time delay.
  10. Ugh I'm so impatient! My box that initiated on the 4th finally got picked up on the 10th and was still in CA as of the last update which was yesterday. No Friday update even. Once it got picked up the ETA said 9/19 but now that's moved to 9/22. I feel like it will practically be October before my box reaches IL. And it's perfect scarf weather!
  11. I got my shipping notification email on Friday 9/5 - and the tracking on FedEx says initiated 9/4 from Gilroy, CA, and literally nothing else. No updates since then. So PopSugar initiated my box on the 4th and it hasn't updated since. Even the "expected ship date" still says 9/4, which is clearly impossible at this point. I'm hoping it's just a glitch and that the box is traveling without giving me an update. I'll give it 'til Friday to start moving along I suppose before I try contacting... FedEx? I'm guessing we'd have a hard time reaching PS while their site is down until mid-next week.
  12. Hmm... I didn't end up getting this box and maybe that's a blessing in disguise for me even though I kind of want a few of the items? I have a crazy scarf obsession so I think that would have been a win for me regardless, and also apparently cobalt is a fab color on me, but I don't really wear hats all that much, even in the winter. My crazy curls are iffy about it so I tend to gravitate more towards earmuffs. The cleanser I'm not upset about not having - I'd love to try it but I really need to clean out what I have first. I am still super curious about the perfume and the lipstick. Scents are so hit-or-miss and also can smell totally different on so that has to be a tricky one - and I just started trying out rocking a red lip, and I think I can do it but, again, shades and skintones are hard to match. My sweet tooth would have loved some gummies too, lol! But maybe I'll actually get my act together and make a trades list this weekend so I can try out some of the stuff :-)
  13. My box is showing in FedEx (with backdoor tracking) as "shipment information sent" so I don't know where it's coming from or when it'll get here yet. 1.9lbs. I'm so excited for that scarf that I keep forgetting there are other things in the box!
  14. Well... I missed out on this one so it looks like I'll be living vicariously through you ladies! Sadness because I meant to buy it this week, but being gone from work for a week made this week catch-up hell! The number of hours I've worked is insanity - literally been so tired twice that I've put my stuff down getting home and passed out hardcore until the next morning without even eating dinner! LOL! Can't wait to see what you all end up with!!
  15. Hmmm... it's on the same email address as my account is, so maybe I don't need to do anything? I guess I'll shoot them an email to be sure. Thanks!
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