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  1. Hi, all! I signed up for Julep Maven last month and got my first box free. I'm a huge fan of their products and love their colors, but I was really upset this month when I was charged for my next Maven box and it shipped by default. Yes, I do believe that's pretty clear when you sign up, and is the whole point of the Maven subscription, but here's where I think they get confusing and kind of sneaky: I tried changing my default style (which is such a good idea, I love their style profiles, it's a really clever way to get you hooked), but couldn't authorize to change it without entering my credit card information. Why would I need my credit card information to change my style profile, especially if they have it on file already, and are planning on charging it to send my next box? Because of that, I ultimately figured you had to place an order again to get your next monthly box, since they were asking for credit card information to change my style profile. I could not afford my box this month, and wasn't planning on taking it, but didn't see any clear indicator on Julep.com that offered an option NOT to take the box, despite the fact that they were asking me for credit card information just to change my style profile. (Also, as a girly caveat, I totally would have taken an It Girl box instead of a Classic With a Twist box this month if I knew I was going to get one anyway). On the 27th I did receive an e-mail with a shipping notice, and investigated it right away. There was no note of my October Maven order history on my Maven account, AND I wasn't charged for it on my bank's part until AFTER I already received the box that I didn't think I was getting (not their fault, but I had no way of knowing whether I was charged or not without any record in my order history). When I received my box yesterday, I checked my Maven account online, and still saw no order in my order history. I was also NOT given a receipt. I called customer service today wanting to return my Maven box and, of course, since it's a promo deal they have it written in the fine print that there are no refunds or returns. After complaining a little about how I felt misled, the customer service representative that I spoke to (who did nothing but read me their protocol and tell me what my style is set to and when to expect my box... which I had already told her I received and wanted to return) offered to send me a return label in exchange for store credit. I love Julep. Their products are great and vibrant, and their marketing is spot on. If I could afford it, I would buy their full rebel line this month (it's amazing, girls everywhere must be ogling and coveting), but I feel misled, and really just need my money back. I think that's a reasonable thing to ask since there was and still is no order for my October box in my order history (which the customer service rep also told me wouldn't appear if I was receiving a Maven box by default), and since I was not given a receipt, which I think is unacceptable. They charged my credit card, not sending a receipt does not warrant their keeping my money. Has anyone had any issues with their Maven subscriptions or also sort of feel a confused by how it's set up? I'd love your insight! Thanks everyone!

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