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  1. I have brand new in box Be a Bombshell in Bora Bora. Open to most of the April items,make an offer!
  2. Glad I didn't reorder... I'm not loving most of the items. I guess it's not my style anymore? I feel like they used to have more neutral stuff and now it's pretty out-there. I was kind of disappointed by the fact that there are multiple repeat items from the March tote. I actually asked if I could switch out one of my picks to the edgy lace top and they told me that they were (1) out and (2) would not reorder. If I had just waited 2 weeks, I could have gotten picks that I liked much better Oh well.
  3. Conflicted--should I renew a 6 mo sub or finish when my last box runs out in May? I'm trying to figure it out! I loved the last box. This one I mostly like--love the eyeshadow, but I have soooo muchhh eyeshadow. Do you guys think there might be a code for current subscribers? I hate that they only give really good codes to new subs.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Vikki120306 Hey there, fyi, you may want to edit your post to take out your referral link. They'll flag you for it. I only know because I did it once without realizing it wasn't allowed and was given a warning. Yeah, didn't know. Already edited. Thanks! Can you please edit it out of your post, too?
  5. Thanks @LindaD and @Dashery for the tips. I wish I had a sewing machine! It does sound like quite a task by hand. I'm thinking about investing in one--I'm short enough that I have to hem things pretty often. If it turns out that it's actually in the $10-20 range for hemming, I might just spring for a professional job! I'm just hoping it's not more. Here are pics of my dresses: edit: no referral links, please -kawaiimeows
  6. Does anyone have any experience hemming chiffon-type fabrics? (I think it's called chiffon, maybe not. It's like a sheer breezy summer fabric that a lot of Maxi dresses are made of!). I don't own a proper sewing machine so it would have to be done by hand. I ended up getting a floral dress that I LOVE but is about 4 inches too long--it touches the ground even when I'm wearing heels, haha. I also got a super cute houndstooth dress that zips up okay but is really tight across my chest. Anyone looking for small items to trade? I'd love to trade for another dress, PM me! I can take pics of both items this weekend (ugh haven't slept in like a week haha.)
  7. Hey girls, Any thoughts on how to style the lace back shirt? This one: http://www.makeuptalk.com/t/130785/lightbox/post/2313574/id/239549 (not my pic) I think it's super cute but I'm having trouble coming up with what to wear underneath. I initially tried it on with a hot pink knee length nightie, which actually was super cute, but obv isn't outside appropriate
  8. Hi everyone! My turband is still up for trade. I have the cream + black polka dots + cherries one. I'm interested in swapping for a diff pattern turband, the dry shampoo, or the kai. I'm also willing to sell! Lmk! Pic below from mysubscriptionaddiction:
  9. Thanks for helping my preferences, everyone! I ended up with: Hot pink betsey johnson sleep set (shorts & cami with black ribbon) Pink lace nightie that's been posted a lot Purple leggings from LOOK Definitely love all 3!! Super excited. I was hoping to get more soft bras like last time, but not bad
  10. Hi guys, Still have the BAB eyeshadow for swap! I was originally just looking for one thing but I had time to look at the rest of the stuff from this month. Would trade for: -Pacifica body butter (any scent!) -Roughles polish -Try me on other makeup items!
  11. Hi, I have the white w/ cherries turband for trade. I'm interested in anything OTHER than white (solid is preferred, floral is good, cherries are okay but the black/navy version).
  12. Yay! They still had my size even though I missed the beginning of this! No shoes though. Boo
  13. Want: chella liner Have: bab quad, moxie lipstick, buxom gloss, and some other stuff in my sig.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by zadidoll Would it possible for you to checks yours at the lab with a chemical analysis? Unfortunately, I don't work in a lab where we have access to things that can check the chemical breakdown.

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