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  1. For example, I got the same Foreo stuff in my Dermstore box along with like 8 other items for I think $20.
  2. The problem with Popsugar (and the reason I unsubscribe) is that the value is just not there anymore. All the stuff is cheap stuff you would find on clearance at TJ Maxx. Even in the luxury boxes like this, there's no way the value is $100. All the items except the skincare are obviously pretty cheap.
  3. What were the add-ons? They still haven't gotten back to me so I'm sure all the good stuff is gone.
  4. Has anyone been able to see the add-ons? I am so frustrated, my account is not working AGAIN, same issue as before that they promised me was fixed, and I can't see the add ons or add any. Very frustrating. Do they not want to sell stuff to me?
  5. I'm excited for this box! I cancelled Popsugar and added this last season and think I made a good decision! Such better items!
  6. The EXACT same thing happened to me! There is some problem with my profile that never lets me make a choice. By the time their CS gets back to me, days and days later, the choice I want is sold out. Each time they promise it is fixed and then it happens again. In my experience bad CS is the first sign before a box goes downhill. It is really a shame bc this is my favorite box but if this happens a fourth time I may have to cancel. It's driving me crazy. I definitely won't pay for a yearly box again. You'd think they'd be at least a little bothered by the money they lost with my add-ins each time? But they don't seem to have any interest in customer service whatsoever. It's really frustrating! I wonder how many of us this is happening to...
  7. This box just blows the others out of the water. Good brands, stylish, great value. I feel like Popsugar is trying to copy her with the $250 box but you get such a better value here for much less. Wish we could get this box more often!
  8. I lovvvvve this box! Rachel Zoe raises the bar every time. Popsugar is trying to copy her with the limited edition boxes, but they never match her style or value. The only thing that won't work for me is the necklace, but that's just because I don't like chokers. It's darling.
  9. Is this box still going on? Any improvements?
  10. This article has more brand spoilers including DL & Co (love them!) and Sunday Riley http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/rachel-zoe-friends-celebrate-winter-box-style-952133
  11. I think it's pretty funny Popsugar included a hat very similar to one from the Rachel Zoe box a few months back, and now they've redesigned the resort box to look like the Zoe box as well. I guess they've taken note.
  12. I got my box today and ate the entire bag of *SPOILERS* already. Those were some really delicious *SPOILERS*
  13. This box is a total win for me. RZ is great at picking things of excellent quality and value. I love every single thing in this box. Lovely bag with very nice leather and the bracelet is delicate and beautiful. I love Klorane and am very happy with this box!
  14. Very happy with this box! Hope Popsugar is getting its groove back permanently
  15. I can't find the Instagram pic....can y'all share? I want to peek!
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