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  1. Wasn't there an issue like this with the Julep eyeshadow a (I remember seeing you on the Julep threads )??
  2. I had to show you guys this hahahaha So sad too because the ones on their site look so pretty and nice
  3. Not to be a Debbie downer but I suspect the replacements of the clutch will have similar issues, it seems to be a widespread issue not just a few damaged clutches. I got the all blue one and same issues, I don't think I will even bother....sigh
  4. Did you guys click where it says credit? Mine didn't show up until I clicked on it a few times.
  5. Ya I just checked and have them too!! Yeesssssss
  6. I'm honestly not excited about this box anymore either. The first delay was no biggie to me (although I understand why it was with people who had plans to use the items on a vaca) but after being given another promised ship date that has now passed I'm getting pretty irritated. I feel like there is no point in emailing them either. I understand it wasn't PS's "fault" (at least that's what they say) but they are the ones that need to suck it up and deal with it, maybe they had no control over the situation but when customers are affected they have to choice to try and make things better because we didn't purchase from whatever company it was that had the issue we purchased from PS.
  7. Ugh not digging the towels, but I love the rest so I guess it's a win!! Ha
  8. I agree. They replaced damaged items in my NM box but I wouldn't say that is excellent just standard. I have seen them tell others who have issues with items "sorry hope you enjoy the rest of the box." The main issue for me with their CS is that they don't have a phone number only email. Since there is no confirmation page on their site it's easy to accidentally make a purchase I accidentally ordered a new sub once when I went to upgrade and I didn't hear back from them for a few days. When it comes to money and billing I want to be able to talk to an actual person, it can be difficult to communicate thru email.
  9. Just found this on LC's FB page!! Eta: so I'm guessing we will all be getting the nautical one??
  10. Omggggg this box is so amazing, most def my favorite special ed box evveerrrr!!!!!! ETA: high fives all around guys!!
  11. Does anyone have some blush or bronzed swatches???
  12. Seems odd that the fresh pastry stand girl can sell items using the word Pyrex in the title, isn't it trademarked? Or does it not matter when used like that?
  13. I just checked my email and I didn't get this email, did you get it??

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