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  1. I get a strange satisfaction from getting past the "crime scene" sink phase if I haven't flossed for a while.
  2. My goals for the next ten days: Complete my capsule wardrobe. Nail polish! My nails have gone undone for a few weeks and I want to pay closer attention to them. Also, use a mask at least twice. Likely one of those nifty sheet masks or something hydrating. My allowed purchases:
  3. @@EggyBread I'm very sorry to hear that and my thoughts will be with you.
  4. Here's my Day 30 update: Did not buy anything other than an allowed restock of my special hand soap (eczema means most soaps are irritants so I have to be picky). Canceled my PSMH subscription. This is just crazy (for me) and not something I would have seen myself doing under any circumstances up until two weeks ago. I took a look at my finances though and decided a gym membership would be healthier and overall better for me and I couldn't have both. As such, I am down to only a few subs that are all prepaid through 6 months or a year. The only monthly I'm still getting is Petit Vour. Used up so many sample packets, little tubes, and even full sized products! (I didn't count but I loved the sound of each empty container hitting the trash.) Started on my capsule wardrobe! I still need to sort out the last of the pieces and make sure all of the clothes truly mesh and are of a similar color scheme. I also need to choose my shoes. And finally even though there was no limit on the number of loungewear items we could keep I feel that I have way too many tanks/tees for sleeping/lounging and I should do some purging there. Sorted out my makeup and only kept my "love and would purchase again" items in my primary drawer. Everything else is tucked into a box in my closet. In the next 10 days I need to: Complete my capsule wardrobe. Make a necessary purchase of a new nude bra as I just had to trash my old one thanks to the dreaded underwire issue. (In my initial commitment to this I had already decided clothing was a low buy category so I'm okay with this.) That said, this will come out of my monthly budget! It won't go on a credit card! Nail polish! My nails have gone undone for a few weeks and I want to pay closer attention to them. Also, use a mask at least twice this week. Likely one of those nifty sheet masks or something hydrating.
  5. I'm game for a capsule wardrobe too. It's a clever idea and emphasizes that I should only be wearing clothes I love. Falls in line with my idea that I should only wear makeup I love as well!
  6. It's Day 20! Congrats to everyone who's sticking with their plan and to everyone who slipped but caught themselves!
  7. Excellent! I'm already getting some of that sensation. It's the reverse of how it used to be. Now I look at the stash and get overwhelmed that I have so many products to use up and I'm really pleased when I have empties.
  8. Just a quick update: Still holding strong on the no purchases other than required restocks. (Also, kind of handy to use coupons to pick up other restocks like eye cream where I'm less loyal to a particular product!) I think eradicating all of the promotional emails helped me a lot but I also have little interest now that I'm in this mindset. If only I can transfer this to other areas of my life that need improvement! I still haven't decided on a specific reward for this; I think cleaning out my stash may be a reward in itself? It feels so nice to toss the empties. I admit once I finish a preferred product I'll delve into the samples/deluxe sizes so I can clear them out more quickly. And to everyone who's thinking of joining this group - it is never to late! I think we're all keeping track for ourselves so you can start whenever you like! @@eastofthesun do you mind if I borrow your signature?
  9. I get the impression we're just doing a single thread for everything.
  10. Quick update on my low-buy status: Still no makeup purchases and although my tinted moisturizer is running low so I'll need to replace it I'm not worried it will trigger me to add anything more to the order. (Of course it's convenient that I rouged so I don't have to meet any minimum for free shipping.) It's odd but I've become pretty disinterested in acquiring new things since starting this and have even become really discriminating when it comes to swaps. Unless it's an item I need and am planning to use then I have no interest. I did order a book from Amazon but I realized I didn't include books (or entertainment) in my no-buy list. Since buying too many books/films was never a real problem I'm not going to worry about it. I'm also relieved when I get home each day and there aren't a bunch of boxes to sort through.
  11. Warby Parker is great; I ended up getting my last two pairs of glasses from them because I didn't have vision coverage and there was a Gilt City deal. I'm a strong believer in wearing sunglasses as well.
  12. Although Memebox is amazing those products are usually ENORMOUS (even the full sized products seem to be 4 times the size of a product you'd buy here) so they're also the bane of my existence. Too much product!!
  13. TBH I think I might just have two. Or three. (Which is not many for me since I have loads of books in general.) It's still a good idea and also reminds me to look up tips online!

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