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  1. I orderedrhe home box. I'm crossing mu fingers for a Behr bin.
  2. Hey All. Check out the Popsugar site today. They have an awesome black friday deal. I added a bunch of months to my sub. I'm so excited for. December's box! I'm loving all the home items they've been doing.
  3. This and Fab Fit Fun both keep sending sooo much make up. I think I'm going to have to cancel one of them because I don't wear makeup and I'm havig bad luck swapping.
  4. Darn . I got two of box number 4. The option I least wanted. I don't wear makeup. I have all of these items already and I haven't used them. Except for the Bridgeo. That stuff is awesome. But all the other stuff is junk.
  5. Mine will be the same too, I believe since they weigh the same. I hope I get the Bridgeo in mine. I have purchased that for full price ($36) because it is so amazing and really makes my hair silky and healthy feeling. So, two of those and I would actually be saving money from the $50 I spent on the boxes. I'm dissappointed to see no Behr bins, I guess I hoped they still had those. The post it notes are cool, I'd like more of those... nothing awesome in these boxes, but not horrific for the money spent. Considering I spent $50 on a subpar dinner out with my husband last week.
  6. Oh no! I just checked my shiping notifications and both weight 3.5lbs. I think it may be two of the same.
  7. I ordered two... Haven't loved the last 3 boxes, but I couldn't resist.
  8. I feel like the last 3 boxes, including this one, have been a total bore. My PS love is fading after 3 years. Today I opened my box looked at the stuff, put it in my closet on top of last month's unused box. Until now, I've always had atleast one item i would need/use. I honestly can't even remember what was in the box other than the umbrella. Oh yeah, the book. Not happy. I ordered two mystery boxes and I probably should not have.
  9. This looks like a few a good box. I won't use the blush, but everything else is usable.
  10. Thanks . I was heading to Marshalls anyway looking for some gifts. I will likely gift the throw and the honey. and the bluetooth headphones will be an extra bonus for my husband on Father's day. I always have fun shopping there, this was just an extra bit of fun.
  11. Thanks for creating this thread. I took up the challenge and ended up curating a great "box" for myself. i posted pictures in the new thread. So much fun. I can't wait to see what others come up with.
  12. I went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls today and had fun with this challenge. Here's what I got: -Full size Honest Company mouthwash $3 -manicure kit $6 -Montreal Fudge maple (soooo good) $3 -Faux fur throw $10 -open box bluetooth headphones $10 (they had all pieces and they work.) closed box is $16 -Happy Socks $3 -full sized Lavensder infused Honey. Very nice packaging, glass jar. $7 -small note pad in a faux leather case that says "Thoughts" $4 -large Reusable TJ Maxx bag $1 I came in a little over budget at $47 But I think I got awesome stuff. I guess if I removed the honey, I would still have a food item and come in exactly at $40 Better than any box I've ever gotten from PS.
  13. That's kind of what I do every once in awhile at Marshalls or TJMaxx. Either for myself, or as a gift, I will pick a budget and just curate my own fun "Popsugar" box. It is really interesting to see what you can get for $40. However, I am still holding on to my PS sub. I almost cancelled after 3 years, but was drawn in by the 6 month deal and I'm glad I was. The sarong as a scarf is a winner. In the past subscribers have always been delighted by scarves, so I don't get why they are so unhappy this time. The thick gray scarf from Nov a few years ago is still my most used scarf, maybe this will be my hotter weather version.
  14. I think this looks like a fun box. I almost canceled in May, after being a non-stop subscriber for 3 years, because the last several boxes didn't seem like a good value. However, I got drawn in by the 6 month deal and I'm glad I did. I would have been sad to not get my monthly ps delivery.
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