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  1. tried a yellow corrector... while it did help with the blue, I still dont know how to get it to blend properly in with my skin/fine facial hair. tried that with normal skin colour on top and it was still just a caked up mess. i even buffed it out with a brush instead of wiping or dabbing after watching a few youtube videos that recommended it. still very caked on. but then with less its not covering it at all. I guess you really just cant win...
  2. Really, nobody knows what im talking about at all, let alone can help me with it?? I cant be the only fair skinned person with this problem....
  3. Can someone help me figure out how in the world I cover these up? Makeup doesnt seem to even work on it. Ive tried the garnier roll on stuff thats made for under your eyes, as well as I went out and splurged on a "vichy dermablend" cover stick from the expensive makeup area... both on their own, or used together dont cover it up. If I put it on thick enough so that it does cover, it is on there so thick that it just looks like a makeup mustache instead of a vein mustache. So, how can I cover up this colour (same as if you look at the underneath of your wrist, especially if you are pale/fair skinned like me, you will know what i mean), while being able to blend it with my normal skin/not having to coat up my whole face with 17 layers of makeup? any help is greatly appreciated, as this really, REALLY bothers me. And no, its not facial hair. Trust me ive tried that.
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