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    <p>Just another 20-something beauty lover.</p>
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    makeup, nails, fashion, celeb gossip, netflix, yoga, pilates, clothes, booties
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    Marketing for an amazing company!
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    All the blushes and indie polishes in the world!
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    Labyrinth, Empire Records, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Nightmare Before Christmas, Clueless
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    Tarte, Makeup Forever, Too Faced, Zoya, Deborah Lippman, Urban Decay, recently getting SO into indies it's a problem
  1. @@ohsailor LOVE YOU FOREVERRRR ELLA <3 We are always here for you and all the fake friends can eff off! On topic, halfling blushes are the bomb! They only have 3 little holes too so much less mess. I do wish all blushes would come in the little sparrow jars that have the twisty thing that covers holes. Better for travel!
  2. If I end up hating Hug of Death, I will take you up on your Ghost Puffs
  3. TBH, I have cancelled this and NM's VC. I have SOO many eyeshadows to get through but I love Visage (I adore Christine's formula and appreciate the "full face" aspect). I also find that it's very easy to sell unwanted Visage items vs things from VC. I quite liked the first month from this sub, but in the end, realized I didn't need to spend $50 a month on makeup subs when I already have such a massive collection!
  4. I ended up picking the sea salt spray. I am huge sucker for them.
  5. @@biancardi I am sooo excited for these to go live! And her new lipsticks. I think she switched from jars to tube (HOOORAY)
  6. Oh did they catch on in the past few months of people using their old link?? Good to know!
  7. @@jumpnshout5 they mentioned a few times in that Facebook group I posted that the mystery puella item would not be ready until the 15th and that's when totes would start to ship out. However, you should either call them (number on their site) and leave a message OR send a Facebook message. I wouldn't bother with emails.
  8. @ Apparently their VDay release isn't as much as a *bleep*show as Fall/Winter so maybe you'll luck out on the initial release??
  9. Welp, finally caved and resubbed. I gave up BB a few months ago and then realized I missed it. And thankfully had an aces account that hadn't used BBSTORE100 yet. Sea-Salt will be miiiine.
  10. @@Meggpi so sad I don't have a bath or I'd be all about them.
  11. I love how similar our tastes are <3 <3 makes you so easy to shop for!! I'll PM you in a sec, gotta check something first!
  12. I got my order yesterdayyyy!! I did submit my first order like 2 minutes into the sale. Here's all the things (I blacked out a few things so @@ohsailor doesn't get her present spoiled ) PLUS, here's a little look I did I used Audrey V2, Bubblegum Blush, Rose Champagne, Lumps (GWP), and Lust on da eyes

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