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    I have a massive collection of Vintage Costume Jewelry, well over 2000 pieces. And two rooms just for makeup, jewelry, cosmetics and purses.
  1. I have had mixed results with customer service. I placed a fairly expensive order back in Dec when they had a promo and they said they would send the promo item out and I haven't gotten it yet. Nor have I gotten month two in the three month kaleidoscope program (it's now in it's third month, I think I'm going to go ahead and email them today, now that I'm thinking about it). I'm a bit concerned about that. So while I love the makeup (though I haven't used the April's Kaleidoscope, it's just not my colors) I will do the year long beauty box but not this sub again.
  2. Wow, I popped on here to see what was going on and this GORGEOUS box is still available online. Enablers all of you! (but I love you all anyway!!). I really, super hope to get the blue mirror, if I don't I will definitely contact them, it's one of the main reasons I purchased the box. Well that and the mascara sealer, if it works it sounds amazing. I so shouldn't be blowing my budget, but this looks to be well worth it. And I ditto on the super adorable gold sandals, the polish looks awesome with them. I so hope this lives up to the hype!
  3. I'm trying to keep an eye out for this subscription, I'm interested enough to pretty much drop any and all subs I have going right now for this one. I don't like the kaleidoscope one very much, I'm in it now and I have only received one Month so far (April came in may, and nothing has arrived since!!). It's frustrating. However, having watched everyone get kick butt stuff in their subs I really want to be part of it. If anyone hears anything please let me know, here or PM. Thanks!!
  4. Oh, and having looked at your pics, you're gorgeous. If I were doing your makeup I would play up your eyes in a smokey smoldering way, you have the complexion, and also consider an orchid pink (very now, and again, flattering with your skin) or red (blue red probably) mouth. You are a stunner He will not know what hit him. And then you walk away.....
  5. Absolutely!! He is a wanker. End of subject. And you shouldn't have to change anything about yourself to impress him. However, if you feel you need a new look I would go to the store and find someone who's makeup you like and ask them to do yours. Then go out and completely ignore him after maybe, just maybe saying hello. It's all he deserves.
  6. I agree with the advice above with the added caveat, look good for yourself. Not because you want to date, or impress others -thought they do say living and looking well is the best revenge. And while he may have wanted to divorce that does not mean you failed. It just means you are going into a new chapter in your life, and it's without him. That might be a mixed blessing right now, but being with someone who doesn't want to be with you is not a good place to be. Better you move on and ultimately find the one who really does want to be with YOU- whoever you find yourself to be when this divorce is over. You'll be surprised at the changes that will come with the ending of the relationship. Though you may feel icky right now, I can relate, I divorced my first husband after over 10 yrs and I am absolutely not the same person i was at that time. I found I grew and developed tremendously after I was alone. One thing that helped, and I know it sounds cliche, is to put on makeup in the morning, for yourself. No one else. You're here on a makeup site because you love makeup, right? So don't deprive yourself. You can make yourself look and wear whatever looks you want. Wild child/ Sophisticated Lady/ Hot Nightclub Chick, you name it. You can be it and wear it with pride. And you'll find that when you put on makeup you feel better about yourself and it may very well help you control some of the other stuff. Don't get me wrong, makeup is not a cure all, but it is a start. And maybe right now you need a fresh one. Feel good because you deserve to feel good about you. Not to impress anyone but yourself. As for talking to co-workers, it's not their business. And what you choose to discuss with whom is up to you. If you feel safer talking to us here, by all means, do so. We are here collectively to support and encourage each other. And ultimately it is a safe shelter. So let it come out. As for never having what you had with your ex, maybe you won't, hopefully it will be BETTER!! Think of it that way. That while you were with him you were keeping yourself from being with someone who will be a much better match and treat you with the love and adoration you deserve. I know it's easy for people to just say this stuff, but I promise you, it's sincere. I know when I split from my ex my SIL told me no one would want to marry me because I had three children, and my youngest was so young I was out of shape. I was married within six months of my divorce to an amazing guy I'm still married to 14 yrs later. I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. And I felt like something the dog puked up when I separated. My ex would tell me I was overweight (dear G-d, what I wouldn't do for that body again) and that I wasn't attractive and I believed him. Until I was back in the world again and taking care of myself. Which happened gradually. Even now I'm not great at exercise etc, I could use a kick in the butt (big butt), but most of us could. Speaking of which, you deserve to mourn. Let yourself. It sounds like you've been mourning to some extent but not entirely. I totally agree with the post that said to give yourself a time frame. 30 days, or 60 days, then let go. Use a ritual if you need to. Putting your rings away, or, throwing them in the ocean like I did (there's a lucky fisherman out there somewhere!!). Something to mark that day and move forward. It will be like a weight lifted when you let go of blaming yourself for not being.....(fill in the blank) and your ex leaving. It was not your fault. It is never one person's fault. Ok, sometimes it is, but unless you were beating him and abusing him, it was not your fault. So forgive yourself most of all. And while you're doing this, keep doing what you did and keep reaching out. I know I'm here to support my fellow MUTzzzz, as much as I am for the spoilers and the like. You will look back on this time and realize you're so much better off then you were, and it won't be long before you start feeling that way. Truly.
  7. Ugg, I was not that impressed. I have been disappointed with Glossybox lately, I'm considering just cancelling already. I keep hoping for better and getting things I can't use. The NP BB cream smelled so strongly it gave me a migraine. I have tons of beauty stuff and love most of it, but that was one of the ug, what were they thinking?
  8. Ok, this is the stuff that I can find right away, anything else might take time Makeup- Be a Bombshell in Fetish Urban Decay Primer Potion- Deluxe Sample with all four types Lancôme- Absolu Voyage Palette- Used very briefly, cleaned and never used mascara, liners or applicators ID Bare Minerals IQUAD- Climbing ivy, camp, citrus twist, chenille Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow in Gotham- Full Size Cynthia Rowley Liquid Eyeliner- Full Size Urban Decay Purple Haze Cream Eyeshadow- Full Size Bare Minerals Foundation in Light Bare Minerals Nice Rock Bare Minerals Emphasize it Lorac Small Caffitini Martini Lip Gloss Lorac Full Size Gloss- East Rock Elizabeth Arden Eye Pencil in Expresso Sample Jane Irdale Mascara- Black Ice Lorac Full Size On Screen Duo- Champagne and Caviar Full Size Ulta Extreme Wear Foundation- Swatched Bare Minerals Halo Primer Perfecting Primer in Light Bare Minerals The Gift Estee Lauder Sugar Honey Shimmer Lipstick Urban Decay Full Size Eyeshadow in Strip Bare Minerals Cruisin Teddi Bare Minerals Shangri La Bare Minerals Emphasize it (there are two total) Stila Lip Gloss in Apricot Tarte Lock and Roll Shadow- Turqouise Ofra Lipgloss- Sultry Lancome Juicy Tube Smoothie- Large Deluxe Size in a Nude Shimmer color Hard candy lipgloss circle, with two colors, both neuturals Bare Minerals Present Benefit Deluxe Sample- Cha Cha Tint Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow- Sun Balance Me Super Soft Beige Lipgloss Urban Decay in Electric Eyeshadow- Full size Eight Hour Elizabeth Arden Lip Protection Urban Decay Sparkle Pen Bare Minerals in Aglow JCat’s in HoneyCrisp Lipgloss Stila Limited Edition Center Stage Eyeshadow- Full Size Lancome Deluxe Samples of Hypno Star Mascara (2) Starlooks Lengthing Mascara Black Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Autumn The Honest Company Lip Balm Starlooks Lipstick in Tory Benefit Deluxe Sample of Sunbeam Urban Decay Lube in a Tube Lipgloss in Chicago NYX Eyeshadow in Moracco Deluxe Sample Pixi Mascara Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Compact Quad (Climbing Ivy/Camp/Citrus Twist/Chenille) Ulta Glitter Eyeliner in Purple facial- Glytone- Hydrate Eye Cream Airelle- Intense Repair Complex-DS Murad- Resurgance-DS Sephora- Age Defy Moisture Cream-DS Ulta- Hydra Quench Full Size Clarins- One Step Exfoliating Cleanser-DS Julep- Luxe Repair Full Size Air Repair- Rescue Balm-DS DCL- Clear Skin Duo-DS Skin Transformer-DS Origins- A Perfect World Age Defying Moisturizer-DS Bare Minerals- Multi-Wrinkle Repair-DS Two Each of those almost a deluxe sample but not quite Benefit- Two The PoreFessional and two Total MoistureFace Cream Super Deluxe Size Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser- 1.5 oz DDF Brightening Cleanser-DS Deluxe Sample Borgese Body Cream St Tropaz Instant Body Glow Very Large Sample Size Aromatherapy Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Lotion-DS Prime Time Eyelid Primer-Sample Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes-DS Skin Transformer Spf 20-DS One and only Argan Oil Moroccan Argan Trees-DS Ole Henricksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster-DS Eminence Stone Crop Body Lotion-DS Clarins Facial Sunscreen-DS Naobay Oxygenating Moisturizing-DS Murad Line Tamer-DS Yube Moisturizing Skin Cream-Sample Dr Brant Flexitone BB Cream-DS (2) Ahava 3-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser-DS Nude Pro Genius Face Oil-DS Sephora Foundation Primer-DS Sephora Age Defy Moisturizer -DS Bodyography Foundation Primer-DS Supergoop CC Cream-Sample Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Nails and Hands Instant Nail Fashion by NLCA- Spider Webs Nailtini- Champagne Sally Hansen- Magnetic Polish- Silver Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish in Red-y Response (Purple/silver) Julep- Gayle Julep- Angela Cult- Belmont Shore China Glaze- Red Satin L'Occtitane- Brightening Hand Cream-DS Med Size- Julep- Rock Star L'Occitane-Dry Skin Hand Cream-DS Matrix- Biolage Moisturing Hand Cream-DS L’ Occtaine Hand cream- Deluxe Sample China Glaze in Tree Hugger Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish in Silver Elements Hair Madison Reed- Nourishing Color-Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner- Very Large Deluxe Sample Purecology Spray Juara- Can't read it, smells like perfume and is a yellow colored liquid in the bottle Fragrance Fresh .25oz Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum- Deluxe Boxed Sample Pacifica Roll-on Tahitian Gardenia Perfume-Full size Parc de 59 Solid Absolute Perfume- Full size Boxed Dolce& Gabanna Desire Deluxe Sample Boxed Jean paul Gaultlier “le male” Regular Samples of Escada Cherry in the Air Downtown by Calvin Klein Viva la Juicy Tocca Lilianna Flora by Gucci
  9. Please answer here and let us know how you are doing and what kind of help we can provide. It might be possible for someone like myself, who is on the outside, to report the behaviour. It's criminal. The post above that said it has gone past bullying to a hate crime is 100% correct and the school has a huge amount of liability here. And perhaps if someone outside gets involved it will take the onus off of your parents because it's someone else 'rocking' the boat. I find that phrase to be too mild to describe what could happen if this escalates. The school is legally bound to create a safe place for you. You cannot be in a situation or a school that is unsafe mentally or physically. I promise there is something that can be done. It is a matter of being assertive in making sure that this is not swept under the rug. Again, please PM me if you need to or want more assistance. What you are going thru is absolutely unacceptable.
  10. I was the executive director of an equal rights organization that was primarily geared toward the GLBT community. I was also on a hate crimes committee in our capital. So what I would do if you were my child is document EVERYTHING. I mean, seriously everything. Verbatim at times. Whatever someone says that justifies the behavior, make sure you write down who and when. That way when you make a formal complaint you will have documentation which gives you credibility. Get your school handbook. It should have very specific information about what to do if you're bullied. And the fact that it is GLBT makes it more sensitive. I don't know exactly where you are, but look up local organizations and ask if they have advocates who can help you and your family. Definitely go above the principal to the Intermediate School District. At this point it would not be inappropriate to speak to the superintendent. Again, document it all. So that if nothing is done at that point you can show that you were damaged by what has been happening. And that the school took no action to stop it. If you want to talk further about the stuff going on you can PM me and I'd be happy to chat/email with you. I have a child who is autistic, he has Aspergers so he is high functioning, but he also has some pretty severe mental health issues along with suicide attempts- and we are dealing with it right now, he's in a psychiatric hospital as I type. So I can relate to what is going on with you. Even more so then I'm writing here. Please hold your head up high and know you're a great teen who absolutely does not deserve to be treated the way you're being treated. You are far above that. As hard as it is, try not to take it personally, because frankly bullying isn't. It is someone who doesn't really know you seeing you as an easy target. You don't have to be. And I feel so bad that you are hiding in restrooms etc in order to avoid the people that are in your school. You are not in a safe environment and every child and teen deserves that. Perseverance will win this in the end. That and adults stepping in to create a space that you are comfortable in. There are organizations that will help you. If you feel overwhelmed PM or Post and I know I will respond.
  11. Kids can be challenges, but it sounds like what he's doing is pretty normal. It's just important for you to set limits. Teens push your limits because they want them set, they don't know how to stop themselves so we have to step in and give them the correct boundaries. And then they are angry. And as parents we can't take it personally, yes, much easier said then done, but if we take it personally then we get caught up in their drama, and our job is to lessen the drama instead of escalate it. They will try to get you involved and on the defensive, but don't let them. It's not easy, but it is something we signed up for when we decided to have children. I am going thru unspeakable issues with my son right now, ones that are determining his life onward from this time into his adult life and even still, I have hope and know that I will always be his biggest advocate and protector. We have to be.
  12. Cheat Sheet: I love, love, love shiny flavored lip glosses, shimmer eye shadow, shimmer blush, ok, just shimmer! I don't really like matte, I find myself ignoring them. I wear all sorts of colors and love skin care too. Absolutely Please Don't Send!! Anything with a floral or musk scent, and/or any perfume or cologne samples. I have hellacious Asthma and Allergies and will get sick from them. Otherwise I'm super easy going and happy with anything. I love new things and deluxe samples. So just have fun!
  13. Hi Welcome! I hope you love it here as much as I do, this is a wonderful site with awesome people. You'll enjoy yourself, don't be shy!
  14. Hi, I can relate to the subscription hole! I can't see the top from how far I've fallen. Welcome back to the US and especially to Makeup Talk. Enjoy yourself and share, everyone loves to know what others are thinking and doing. It's an amazing site with amazing people.
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