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  1. Hello girls, could anyone tell me of a blush that is similar to this? I love it!! I think it looks like a bronzer at first glance, but then it wouldn't be pinkish if it was a simple bronzer... Thanks in advance
  2. No. Simple reason: I truly hate to do my makeup in places that is not home, I'm very fussy about that, I need to sit down in my living room, with my mirror, my whole makeup collection and enough time to do my makeup with no rush. I always make sure that my alarm is set and I've learnt to leave the bed quite instantly when it goes off so I mastered a routine with very little chance to end up late.
  3. Mmmm I'll say look A, as the one where you used high end products.
  4. Am I the only one who didn't?! I mean, when I was younger my only interest was for lipglosses, mascaras and black eye pencil, that was it, and I used to buy those myself with my pocket money, didn't really feel the need to draw from my mum's beauty case. When my interest for makeup grew and involved more items I might have borrowed something sometimes just for the daily application, but then the next day I would have gone to the shop to buy mine. So no, I can't really call myself a "raider"
  5. I usually touch up my lipstick in public, if I'm wearing one, cos I am obsessed with keeping it in full intensity, seeing it patchy or really faded drives me crazy ahaha. From time to time I might take the mirror out of my bag if I'm wearing a dark eye makeup, looking for smudges and stuff, because my eyes tend to water if I laugh a lot, but only if there's no toilet near me, cos I don't think it looks nice to check yourself in front of people.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Ladymvb2 Foundation. Ni matter what, my foundation never looks right to me I know very well that feeling..
  7. First of all I've got terrible lashes... short, flat and really sparse, whenever I'm not wearing any makeup you can barely see them, I just look like I don't have any!!! Having said that, it's not easy for a mascara to make my lashes stand out, it has to do miracles, so commonly I might like 3 mascaras out of 10! The one I keep buying for years is Telescopic by L'Oreal, I hate this brand but this mascara really gets the best out of my lashes! Immensely longer, volumised and somewhat even curlier! One downside only: it makes the lashes a bit hard so you need an extra couple of minutes to remove it. Lastly there's been a very pleasant new entry: Shocking by YSL! Donated by my sister cos she had an allergy with it, I tried with very low expectations and surprise, surprise: GORGEOUS! It enhances EVERY single lash and doesn't clump them together so it's a bless if you have sparse eyelashes! And this one is very very easy to remove instead.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MIKAGlam Wait, is that too much time? lol I could speed it up, but I get easily distracted and I like to take my time. I really do need to spend less time though, It's not like I do really intricate looks. I typically do the normal 4-5 colors. What?! Too much time?!?! No!! I'd pay to be that quick!! If I am gonna do a detailed eye makeup I need at least 25 mins!! Well, I never clocked myself, but I can tell you for sure that if I'm doing a full face nice makeup I'll take 40 mins. Yes, I am THAT slow!!!
  9. Nope. Skills count too much to be able to say if a person is wearing low or high end makeup. On the other hand, we shouldn't forget that high end doesn't necessarily mean quality (like Chanel's eyeshadows? Jesus, everytime I swatch them they just look so sheer and cheap!! You just need to go to a L'Oreal counter and there you go, same identical eyeshadow for much less money) However, I might guess sometimes if a product worn by a person is low or high end by the finish of it. Last time I was looking at my colleague's lipgloss and wondering what it was, it was so shiny, too shiny to be a low end lipgloss. I ended up asking her and it was MAC.
  10. Definitely eyeshadows, if I'm gonna wear any. And if I am, it's probably going to be a full eye makeup with (at least) 3/4 colours (if not more) to place, blend accurately, and then maybe put some more, and then blend again, etc etc.... yes, it takes ages.
  11. I usually never get commented on my makeup... However, a male acquaintance of mine once told me: "Hey, went for a gothic style today?" just because I was wearing Revlon's Black cherry lipstick, that as the name says, is a deep vampy colour, and I was wearing it to its full intensity. He didn't mean to say that in an offensive way, but I was like "Really? Is a dark lipstick that shocking?" Hate this kind of men that get all-amazed as soon as you're wearing something particularly noticeable... Thankfully my boyfriend is always happy with my makeup and never critizes... And secondly, I always feel pressure when I have to get ready to go somewhere where I'll meet my relatives...Most of them are kinda "old-school" and like minimal makeup... They never said anything to me, but I can tell by their looks that they don't appreciate any "detailed" makeups.. So annoying!
  12. It's probably gonna be lipsticks, since it's the product I use the least (especially because I can wear few colors and because I usually prefer to draw the attention to my eyes), but can't stop buying them, even if I know I just use a couple!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by coffeecardigan I only purchase MAC from my local CCO, however... they just repromoted the satin blush in "Modern Mandarin," which I will absolutely repurchase forever and ever amen. If you want some glowy, peachy, delicious, slight-sunburned cheeks, I highly recommend this one! Wow, that's a lovely blush, thanks!! I was actually looking for a colour like that, but in a cream version... thought about Chanel's "Presage" but this Modern Mandarin looks a lot nicer!!
  14. My biggest weakness would definitely be eyeshadows... If I couldn't control myself I would swim among eyeshadows ahahah The second one is hair products: I look after my hair more than anything else, so I am always on the look for the best products out there (shampoo, conditioners, serums, oils, masks, treatments, you name it) Oh, foundations always particularly get my attention, especially new ones, cos I am still looking for MY perfect foundation.

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