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  1. My goals for this time frame... 1. I'm in a gift exchange, and aside from adding a few finishing touches the gift is coming along nicely. I'd like to have it mailed out (within these 10 days), but I'm still waiting on a few items to arrive, so we'll see if this happens. 2. Start a new craft project (diy gifts from my daughter to my husband for Valentine's Day). 3. I received awesome nail art tools from this past SS Nails exchange, and I plan to master a cute look for Valentine's Day...even if it is just a heart! 4. Continue with healthy cooking for my family.
  2. BPAL has some awesome sounding scents, but the list is so overwhelming! LoL I don't even know where to start.
  3. So I'm loving February's theme as well. Looks like two awesome months in a row for me! I would actually love a Cillian Murphy shadow, I'm loving him in Peeky Blinders!
  4. So my goals were to organize my makeup completely (done!), prepare healthy meals for my family (done for the most part, we have eaten out twice, but that's it!), and start a craft project (I haven't started yet, but I have decided on what I'll be making, a tutu for my daughter). I did buy some detangler from a site earlier this week...the formula is changing and it was on sale, so she could quickly get rid of her inventory. Anyway, that purchase did technically break my no buy, but this stuff works like a dream on my daughters hair so I felt like it was at least an acceptable item to buy, even if it did break the no buy. I'll do better, and hopefully this'll be my only exception!!
  5. I forgot it was PinchME day...just checked, nothing available (which isn't surprising since I forgot)! Oops!
  6. I've been working on new (healthy) recipes for myself and the family, and I'll be deep cleaning our house. I will also take up a new crafting project (if I have time) too! I'm glad all of my little projects keep me occupied. Sticking to my no buy has been fairly easy (so far)...there's still a lot of days to go though!
  7. Thank you for the heads up! I had 510 points to use, and the other day when I looked they only had the BAB item (which I wasn't going to get). Yay!
  8. I'm also on the list of not being a Jim Carey fan, or really caring for the movie, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy the colors and products! I was blown away by this months products (especially the blush), so I can't wait to see what next month holds!
  9. The Twin Peaks collection contains six colors. I enjoy this collection, even though most of the colors are pretty neutral. Douglas Firs is my favorite color out of the bunch though, I love it's color changing properties. I think it's worth purchasing (especially if any of you ladies received an awesome discount code).
  10. I love start a rumor! It's one of my favorites! You picked out some great colors for your first haul!
  11. I'm still locked in with Ipsy until May (ugh!). I rarely use the bags, so I'll keep you in mind. Indie subscriptions are so much better!! I want all of the indie subscriptions!!
  12. The coffin kissers are pretty great! I hope they're worth the wait for you (which I'm sure they will be!)
  13. So my first 10 days will be focusing on looking at all of my beauty products and organizing them. I have two gift cards for Marshals and TJ Maxx that I'm hoping to use on storage containers. I'm also focusing on making healthier meals for the family, so I've been planning on my meals for the week, which has taken the focus off of wanting to shop!
  14. This is my favorite VC to date (since I've been subscribed), but I am a Jem fan...80's child here.

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