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  1. Definitely she should start with her PCP to try and narrow down causes, then see either a dermatologist or endocrinologist depending on the PCP's recommendation. I've been fighting hormonal hair loss more than half my life, and it sucks. Thinning hair and a receding hairline is all I see when I look in the mirror, and it's rotten for my self esteem (which is why my dog is my avatar here instead of a picture of me -- I don't allow anyone to take pictures of me if I can help it). I've found a couple of things that help. First, only wash hair every other or third day (dry shampoo on the off days will help styling and managing oily scalp). A supplement like Viviscal will help hair appear fuller. So will coloring hair (darker is better, as lighter will look even more thin and wispy). A lob or bob with long layers that can be combed or back-combed over the crown will help disguise the thin patches. Don't use heavy conditioners or oils, which will only weigh it down. I've started using Hairmax, which is a laser treatment that was recommended by my doctor. It's expensive, and I've only been using it a month, so I can't report on the results, but it's non invasive and hopefully will do something. If you buy it from QVC they have an extended return on it so you can see if it works and return it if it doesn't. Good luck!
  2. Irritation under the spoiler. TL;DR: grrr at this restock. Also, I'm laughing at the Waxing and nail polish boxes being on the list. Those are never going to be gone.
  3. No worries, I didn't take it personally. I think I misspoke -- I didn't mean it was a good value box, but rather than Memebox weren't inflating the prices of the products too much on their info card. This major restock promotion...I'm not holding my breath or staying up late for it. I'd love to get some of those boxes (Jeju, for example), but since I know what's in them I can just purchase the products I want directly on a site that has better shipping charges, especially if there's no value sets for faster shipping.
  4. Fun Ingredients value break down Looks like an appropriate price, but still not one I'm ready to pay. I don't think I'd risk it with one product from what looks like a spanking new brand, one that I can't find anywhere else on the internet, and one similar to a product I already have (the cream). Even if I know the two least expensive products are pretty great. I'd get it if it were $29 with free shipping.
  5. Wow, Memebox, it really doesn't qualify as free shipping if you raise the price of the box $7 to compensate.
  6. @ I've seen reviews of that product (the Purederm?) that also complain about that. I'm not sure what the ingredients are, but it seems that several people are experiencing the same reaction. Which variety did you get? Maybe it's in one type but not the other.
  7. I really like the intimates subscription, because I can get a variety of hosiery, comfy pj sets, and tank tops for relatively little money. I thought the accessories box jewelry was crap, though. Low quality pieces that lost their plating in a day. It really depends on what you choose in your preferences, though, because I've gotten some lovely scarves through the accessories box.
  8. @@bonita22 is the best Santee ever, guys! I came home on Friday to find a package waiting for me. I wouldn't even have expected a thank you card, let alone such a sweet gift. Thanks, @@bonita22!
  9. It's plated brass, so it's not really tarnish -- the plating wears off when it's in contact with your skin. I'm not sure what you could do about that, but it's because the chain is inexpensive. You could get a gold plating kit to restore it, or try cleaning it with gentle soap and water.
  10. I'd love to see Final Fantasy collections (XII, especially, but X/X-2 could have such pretty, dreamy colors). American Horror Story has such a distinct palette each season that someone could do really nice collections with that. Game of Thrones...as long as there's nothing purple, lol!
  11. My friend's cats do that too. They'll go into her trash and pull out the q-tips to play with. Gabranth will eat those, too, if he can get them. He's eaten a pencil, a lip balm, yards of tissues... When he was a puppy he just straight out ate paper. Now, it has to be paper products that have cosmetic smears on them for maximum yuck factor. He has the most moisturized intestinal tract of anyone around, after all his chewing on my products. (I usually catch him before he swallows anything, but a couple of cotton balls and a hydrogel mask have made it out the other side.)
  12. @@Jac13 OMG that's so crazy. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but so glad you got your snuggles back!
  13. Ugh, it's actually gotten worse now, but that's ok. I'm having so much fun with my nail goodies that I can ignore it for awhile. Gabs will eat anything paper-ish, including used sheet masks, packaging, student essays, acetone-soaked cotton balls, and his favorite: used tissues. The dog is nuts. I have to make sure those emery boards stay out of his reach.
  14. Ahaha, yeah, I have way too many polishes, but the ones you got me are all welcome additions! I did have the Autumn Spice already, but I love that color (and scent), so I'm happy to have a backup. The others are all new to me. I didn't even see that last little packet! Nail decals and emery boards! I have files stashed ALL OVER the place because my nails keep splitting, so more are always useful. And the decals have such nifty designs! I love the blue ones especially. I'm already thinking about how to use them with polish to create some nail art. (Sorry I didn't photograph today, but I had an emergency faculty meeting this morning and rushed out of the house after opening the packet.) Thank you so much!!!!
  15. Ok, my turn. I got my package yesterday from the lovely @! I was so wowed and took a bunch of pictures, but then had a major back spasm and had to go hunch in a corner and cry for awhile before I could post. But it's better now and I can show off all my amazing gifts! I love everything! Thank you so much, @!
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