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  1. Got my maven box and my secret store order today. I need to learn to not buy the Secret Surprises, the NY Secret Surprise was so disappointing--I got Bea (lemon yellow) and Dianna (mint green). Two colors I pretty much never wear. Everything else I'm happy with. I really like the Luxe Lip Treatment--sheer fig really works for me and I am really happy with Margit. For my top coat, I got Tyra (the white, pearly one). I haven't figured out what to wear under it.
  2. It would be kind of cool to have a "best of" box with favorites from the past.
  3. From this box, I have to trade: -right MELISSA gold shoe -Otterbox Code -Oribe texturizing spray -Ella earbuds I'm looking for -more Red Flower towelettes -Graphic Image notebooks (either from NGQ2 or from PopSugar). -turkish towels from either PSMH June or Resort
  4. I came home from a business trip to my box. I think it is growing on me. I am excited about the K-Pack, the shaving gel, the wipe (wish she sent more, I love Red Flower)the candle (Sicilian Tangerine), and more sunscreen is always nice. Undecided about the lipstick and the pouches (I got navy blue/shark). Definitely trading the shoe (gold) and the earbuds. Not even going there with the cap. Shocked that there was no Marie Claire!
  5. I came home from a business trip to my FFF and NGQ boxes. The pop chips and slimfast bar were both smushed in my box, and my water bottle has a crack in it. I'm generally pretty "eh, if I l 2 things I'm happy" about sub boxes, but this one prompted me to cancel.
  6. I love your username! I caved and ordered it. I missed the Resort Box.
  7. This happened to me recently--I was wearing the horseshoe necklace and a woman in my running group asked me if it was from PS. We both had a binding moment discussing the boxes we've gotten. I didn't think it was weird at all!
  8. I got my box today and I have mixed feelings about it. LOVED that things felt truly curated and special and I believe that they are things NG uses/likes. But there were so many things that weren't quite for me and having so many "not me" things kind of added to the disappointment, if that makes any sense at all. But it isn't enough to make me quit the next one! Variations--got the green notebook, the heart bracelet (on my trade list already), the clover frame ("quatrefoil").
  9. My FFF and Nina Garcia boxes both came today so it sort of felt like I was comparing them when I opened them. FFF thoughts--my two favorite things were the mitt and the shower bombs. I got cherry-patterned turband which is so not me, so I think that will go up for swap but overall, I'm feel satisfied with the FFF box. For the price point and the mix of stuff--both in terms of type and "newness" to me, I think it's very good value. On the other hand, I LOVED the first Nina Garcia box but wasn't wowed by this one even though it had 15 items.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by gingerjenny I just read your post. I might give it a try. I am really kicking myself for throwing away the code. Why did I do that? I am a weird size 16. I swear my waist is a 12 and my hips are a 16 so every pair of pants is gapped at the top. I can wear large size shirts for the most part. all my weight is in the damn thighs and hips. Not to go too far OT, but I am a size 16/18 in pants and for SF, I basically noted for them not to send me any pants (I also fudged by sizing/measurements a little bit so I would still be in their "size range"). The tops they've sent have all fit, and the one dress I've gotten so far I decided to keep even though it was a wee bit snug as a motivation to lose 10lbs (which I know is the worst thing to do when buying clothes....)
  11. My box won't be here till next Tuesday, the spoilers were very exciting! Quote: Originally Posted by Jodym Good to know I'm not the only one trying to sneak my sub boxes in the house!! It's especially bad right now at my house b/c even though FFF and Nina Garcia are quarterly, they are both arriving within days of each other (and my March PS was late, it just came yesterday) so it just SEEMS like I have a lot of "stuff" coming in....
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by LisaLeah Ok, now that we have established this is a seriously awesome sub... is there any other curator/sub from Quarterly Co that anyone reco's? Would love to know! Thanks I really liked the Book Riot box this quarter.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by emmzk25 Or just use what you would have spent to go on a mini-shopping spree Quote: Originally Posted by Jodym Tell me about it.. Ps limited edition sold out then the Nina Garcia......I guess I'll have to survive without them Seriously. I was so sad about missing out on the PS resort box that I went over to Sisco and Berluti and bought bracelets!
  14. They got me. I had cancelled before Feb but between the scarf spoiler and the code, I'm back in. It DOES make up for missing the resort box!

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