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  1. Thank you for posting this @@ohsailor ! I've been following you on the enablers column just waiting for you to post your vitamin c regimen ----- *side note, after all the drama yesterday and my favorite posters leaving the boards... it seems weird to see some posts popping up around the board like random hi-5s. which normally is cool, but in this case it's weirding me out and i'm less inclined to visit. I think i'll bookmark this. ----- Thank you so much for the information! i love vitamin c serums and they really are so expensive
  2. I also received small/medium. Which wont work because my feet are huge. This is getting resolved though, i recommend contact
  3. I actually love this box, just a little disappointed as i had expected a little something more. (probably lucy pulled out because there's only a coupon?). I bought 2 extra boxes to gift because i knew that the fitbooks would be in there and i know my recipients will love it because they won't be expecting more to be in the box that what's in there that spoiler vid pretty much had the whole box then. my box will show up on monday, and i'm getting over not expecting anything more to be in the box, and i'm re-getting excited over the box if that makes sense. it's just bad timing about Q updating their return policy for those that don't find their value in the box as-is
  4. tenoff. but you need non-secret-store items in your cart
  5. thank you for posting this! Which fitbook did you get? Was it the 3 month book? Do you have box pics?
  6. Were there variations? I got the same as everyone i've seen (night mask, 3 polishes, lip primer, aurora crayon)
  7. I just got my box today (ordered during half off promo). Overall i really like the box, just minor preference downsides... Keepcup is nice, but i have small hands. It's hard for me to wrap my hands around with a strong grip. Towel, i guess i missed the memo on the microfiber chamois gym towel trend (we got a similar concept towel in bespoke sweat box). I dont know if i will take it to the gym though, just something about natural fibers is more comforting to me and feels less weird on my fingers. Temp tattoos look like a fun gift and the granola, beanie, and cream are definitely welcome and well received :-) Overall another very nicely curated well rounded box
  8. Are we supposed to get charged today? Any updates? I am very much looking forward to this box!
  9. Thanks everyone for responding about oui please and for posting the awesome code. I was finally able to look up the site when i got home from work (MUT and MSA are pretty much it for me at work). Seems awesome and pretty new? I hope all of the future shipments are as nice as the first! Looks beautiful. 2 days to decide to use the code, thats nice :-) --- Another thing that frustrates me about quarterly is the random shipping and no updates. Mizzfit will be my first because i ended up cancelling all the holiday boxes i ordered (what was up with the delays???). For future boxes i really hope for transparency because i like to know when money is going to get taken from my account.
  10. Oh ok, but if you were to go in on the box now it will be more expensive than nina? so people looking to sub now as a replacement for nina cannot get in for less than nina? I am hoping the change in return policy will be better spoilers. I don't like best of quarterly because of paying for shipping
  11. $225-.2($225) = $225-$45 = $180 Am i missing something here? Oh i don't know what the annual price is, but it brings it down to less than Nina's box?
  12. I'm in. And i guess completely off my no buy. I like their blush, bronzer and brushes so going to try the highlighter (hoping its not just a pasty version of the blush which also is the diamond dust finish) and fan brush (using 800 jules for brush in lieu of add on price). So Boho glam (since i am not customizable) and added on brush, metamorphic top coats trio (hoping they are pearlescent finish), and becky. I think after this i'm out and will cancel. Dont need to be tempted to spend more money on products i already have plenty of.
  13. This makes sense. I had ordered an extra box last year that came with the raw brownie, and it arrived expired.
  14. I signed up for my annual sub in Oct 2013 and my first box didn't start until Dec 2013. I think the Nov/Dec 2013 price increase was the start of current month box availability. I wasn't even interested in the february box (trying to resume my no-buy) except that now it is sold out i am curious.

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