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  1. Hmmm...I have the new formula and haven't found it sticky at all...but I will check out the Bobbi Brown now too I missed the word BRUSH lol - I'm loving the hourglass #2!
  2. I have a new HG....the tarte cheek stains...thanks to Tweakabell!! I'm in with exposed - but I never would have chosen it for myself - it looks super natural on me - like me but way better lol! Now I want to collect them all!
  3. HI - I have the luna - and my daughter has the mini - TBH - I probably should have bought myself the mini as I only use the cleaning function regularly. I found that it helped clear up my congestion & I prefer it to the clarisonic - which seemed too harsh for me and never did seem to help in my t zone but it did "buff" and exfoliate nicely - the foreo has made my skin the best version it has been in ages but it did it slowly. I'm happy with it and love how long it holds a charge and that it doesn't need constantly being taken apart to get cleaned like the clarisonic did!
  4. @@angienharry I am so sorry for your loss...
  5. So for the Jan box - my daughter took the hat (looked cuter on her), the tattoos, the cup (I like really big mugs of tea so this was more her size) and the eye gel things! She also tried to pinch the granola - but I said we had to share! So all I ended up with is the towel & the cream. She says its the best sub box - I keep telling her I wouldn't know as she ends up with more goodies than I do!
  6. @@FormosaHoney I have to do pain management and anit inflammatory stuff for my family (my youngest has had a few hip surgeries) - cherries are awesome but we also use - turmeric and omega 3 supplements to work on pain reduction. PM me if you have any interest and I can tell you more!
  7. Foreo - well - at first i didn't think it was doing very much...but I've had mine for a few months now. And to be honest I only seem to remember to use it for cleaning. I have always had decent skin but its pretty dry and would get congested in the tzone. Since I've switched from clarisonic to luna - the congestion is 80% better and I don't seem to get new blackheads anymore. The gentle exfoliation has gotten rid of my flaky dry spots too. I keep thinking that I should try using for applying my serums as I think the gentle message will help my with any overnight puffiness as it will help circulate blood better and hopefully make me depuff a little - but I never seem to bother drying it off after I shower to use it by the mirror. I do love the fact that I don't have to charge it all the time and I'm happy that its the easiest thing to keep clean.
  8. Happy Birthday @meaganola @@Dashery - I wonder if the sleek thing is new - I had not issues when I ordered!
  9. @@roohound - congrats & best wishes on the adoption - I too share my goodies with my teen and she loves it!
  10. @@JENNYJENNY - don't know if you will find this useful or not - but I'm not in the USA anymore but still get this sub - I use a forwarding service as I can't get lots of things I want/need where I am or IF I can get them they cost way more than I'm used to paying... pm me if you want more info!
  11. @@SaraP - ouch! hope that it goes away fast.
  12. Happy new year everyone! @@LadyK - congrats and welcome to the world Molly @ - do you guys have the peanut butter kitkats? I've had them in London - and they were sooooo good. I won't eat hersheys or most american chocolate bars as I can't find the chocolate taste...but I'm a dark chocolate person and have become more of a chocolate snob in an effort to cut the amount I will eat nowadays lol Finally back to normal internet but sad to be home - real life starts tomorrow and I will miss chilling with hubby & the kids - I love holiday time with family - but its time to start working to pay for the next one.
  13. @ - my girl is about to be 17 so similar in age....we put together from my sample stash lots of little goodie bags for her friends to to be totally honest (most of them are 18) - just about ANYTHING beauty related is awesome - the girls at this age want to experiment anyway so I tend to throw in a selection of fragrance as well as make up, skin care, hair care and even nail things. I often end with GWP that aren't age appropriate for me (I'm well past the age that I can put glitter on my face without highlighting my wrinkles) and I just save them all for the kids birthdays and xmas gifts.
  14. I'm slightly OCD...my snowflake collection is getting out of hand lol - I used to collect crystal snowflakes but they don't seem to last and I've spent far too much money on them to have my heart broken if there is breakage...so I switched to metal ones....but OMG I need to stop finding things to collect...so this year and last year are the ONLY years I didn't bother buying anything (since I've been married) ...but I just got a surprise gift in the mail from a great friend that lives in WA - I now have this years crystal snowflake!!

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