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  1. Holy Toledo we made it through another 10 days! Go team! (Celebrating a little early over here because I definitely won't have time to buy anything for the rest of the day!) I can't believe I've gone a month without buying anything makeup or clothes related. I'm starting to feel the itch, but at the same time it is getting easier to resist. I know I have a nice reward coming up if I make it half way through, so that is helping me hold out. In the next 10 days, or maybe the one after, I will probably need to buy a true replacement. It is an overnight lip mask, and while I could probably try to make do with my normal chapstick, I consider this product a true holy grail (especially for winter!). I've been trying to stretch what's left by alternating every other night with chapstick because honestly, I feel weird about buying it, even though it is an allowed replacement! At the start of this, I also allowed myself to spend $50 on non-makeup non-replacement purchases (think bath/body stuff, candles, etc.). I haven't used any of that yet, and I'm starting to wonder if I will. I like having it there in case something comes up, but thus far, I've been content to not use it.
  2. Sorry for the zombie thread guys, but I just wanted to take a second to (belatedly) post the lovely thank you gift that @@jocedun sent me! It was totally unnecessary/unexpected, but also totally sweet! She did some great reverse stalking! Here's the pic: An adorable owl card (with a super sweet message!) to start! And then some awesome products! A new curl cream to try--perfect for my hair type! The L'Occitane shower oil, which is one of my favorite brands and I've been wanting to try this! Smells delicious! Caudalie hand cream, which is one of my favs and I can never get enough of in the winter. A foil of my favorite BB cream. And then TEA in lots of new-to-me varieties!! So sweet and made me feel very appreciated. Thanks so much Jocelyn!!
  3. Great closet pic!!! I'm envious! I've been doing a capsule wardrobe since summer 2014, changing every season, and I've been loving it. I've always been someone that is stunted by wardrobe indecision and often would end up falling back on the same outfits anyway. And then I'd just feel bad about neglecting what I didn't wear. Now my closet is significantly pared down (though not as much as yours!) and it makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Next step for me is to further streamline from the four season format. I can't decide whether to go with just two slightly larger ones (spring/summer and fall/winter) or to have one "core" capsule of 25 or so pieces and then rotate in a few seasonal items every season. I live in a seasonal climate so it can be tough! If only I could get myself to commit to a capsule makeup wardrobe!!
  4. Oops, sorry I know we moved over to the other thread, but above in red is how I did on my goals for the first 10 days!
  5. Thanks for the recs!! I did incorporate a $50 budget for bath products into my 100 days no-buy rules...haha. It is funny, because I first tried Lush last May--and I loved the bath bombs then! Through the summer and fall, they were perfect for a relaxing and fun-looking/smelling bath. But now in the dead of winter, with my skin so parched, I need the extra moisture! I just used a Lush bath melt tonight actually and really enjoyed how moisturizing it was, so I think I will stick to those in the winter months. Or try out those other companies!
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a tart burner...but maybe I should get one! Thanks!
  7. Has anyone on this thread had experience making diffuser scents from indie perfumes? I'm thinking of those liquids that you stick the sticks into (not sure if diffuser is the right term or not). I was thinking that that might be a nice use for my scents that I don't love on my skin but generally like! But I'm not sure what I would combine the perfume with and in what proportions!
  8. Oops forgot to do my December empties! Here we go--products I finished and thoughts on whether I'd repurchase: Full size: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie: Loved this for an easy swipe of color. Just wish it wasn't sparkly, but it isn't too noticeable. Will probably repurchase in the future! (Oops already did before my no-buy) Too Faced La Creme lipstick - Spice Spice Baby: Really liked this formula--very emollient.This color was nice but not amazing. But it went SO fast once I started using it consistently--I needed to reapply a lot. Given this, not sure it's worth the price. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: My HG morning serum! Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream: This was okay, but not my absolute favorite. Very hydrating, but slightly funky smell. Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleanser: I like this a lot, but it can be a bit drying in winter. Already repurchased and will open up once my skin is less dry (or starts acting up acne-wise) L'Occitane Shea hand cream (the HUGE full size): My HG! The huge full size is a much better value, so I buy that for my nightstand. AG Conditioner: I really liked the AG curly hair shampoo/conditioner combo! I still am using the shampoo with another (worse) conditioner, and I really am noticing the difference. I might buy again! Lush Twilight Bath Bomb: SUCH a pretty concept (goes from pink to blue to grey, like twilight!). And I love the slower fizz out--lasts a while. I think I'll save this one for not-winter though--I prefer the more moisturizing ones in winter. Lush Cinders Bath Bomb: Lovely scent, but not quite moisturizing enough for me. I might try combining bath bombs with part of a bath melt in the future, since I seem to keep having this problem! Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon: One of my favorite Lush treats! Will definitely buy again (and again!). B&BW Pumpkin Gingerbread three-wick candle: Loved this scent but wish this had better throw when lit. I like when the BBW candles fill up the whole floor with their scent! Buuut I already repurchased at the $8 sale...couldn't resist! B&BW Cinnamon Frosting three-wick candle: Oh mannnn I loved this scent. It had a ton of throw when lit too. I (might buy) it again even though I have a huge candle stash! (already did, again at $8 sale) Deluxe size: Bliss 24-Heaven Body Butter: Moisturizing, but kind of hard to rub in. Probably would not purchase on my own! Dr. Jart BB Dis-A-Pore BB Cream: Not my favorite Dr. Jart. Too grey maybe? Would buy others over this. Origins GinZing eye cream: A bit brightening for the morning, but didn't do anything for fine lines. John Freida Curl Mousse: Used to be my HG curl product, but now I'm not so sure. But need to get through backups first! Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter - Fancy Bread: Didn't like this scent as much as I thought I would. But I do love the HoG pumpkin butter formula! Foil: FAB Face Cleanser: Meh not my favorite. Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser: I was surprised by how much I liked this! I might buy as my gentle cleanser in the future. Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream: See above Carol's Daughter Monoi shampoo/conditioner: Not my favorite, but I'd get another sample for traveling. Macadamia shampoo: Love the Macadamia line for my curls! Caldrea Tea Olive Lime body lotion: Meh, didn't like the scent.
  9. Oops I was just revisiting this to put it into a spreadsheet for myself to track (I have the individual items listed in a spreadsheet already, but now I'm going to create a summary tab to track over time!) and I realized I totally wrote the wrong number for tinted lip balms...I have too many, but not that many!! And I can't edit it, so here we go, for full accountability.
  10. It feels like such a weird relief to have unsubscribed from the enabling threads (enablers, sephora, etc.). I realized that it was actually stressing me out (so dumb!!) to keep updated with all of them. Now there is no temptation, and less time trying to keep up with them all. All moving towards a bigger goal of spending less time and mental energy on makeup, and more on other more important pursuits!!
  11. Welp, I think I've made a decision--I'm not going to get a Birchbox this month. Originally it had been on my "allowed" list for this challenge, but I am going to skip it at least for this month and maybe for the duration of the challenge. There wasn't a 100 point code (so I couldn't convince myself it was "free" with points--even though it really isn't!) and I was just realizing--why would I bring in 5 new items when I am trying to pare down my stash?! Just dumb logic. So I'm on a break with Birchbox!
  12. Love the idea to set some mini goals for this first set of 10 days! Here are mine: Set up my monthly budget. I used to be really good about this, but I fell off the bandwagon during the holiday season, basically saying oh whatever we spend on gifts will work out. Well, lucky for us we have enough cushion that things were fine, but I certainly feel more secure having set limits! And since one of my goals for this whole thing is to start to reel back all of my spending, not just makeup, I think this will help. Start tracking my spending again. Again, something I used to have a really good habit of doing, but definitely went by the wayside in the last 3 months of the year. Put the holiday decorations away. Admittedly this is more of a personal goal than anything related to makeup, but I think it will actually be helpful to get out of the holiday mindset and into the fresh "new year" mindset! Do an at-home "spa" night. I'm going to actually slate it on my calendar for Sunday! Nails, bath, and face mask! And of course, don't buy any makeup! I guess this one could probably go unsaid. And my reward for getting through the first 10 days will be getting one month of Hulu plus. I know that is spending money ($8), but I don't mind it so much since it is a "consumable" and not more STUFF that accumulates in my house. I have a few shows that I want to catch up on (and that my primetime on demand no longer has) that I can catch up on with one month of Hulu Plus (and then cancel!).
  13. Quoting my own rules to remind myself! I took some time today to get organized. No major cleaning out for me (since I did that last summer), but I made sure my inventory was up to date and...dun dun dun, posted it over on the inventory forum! It was embarrassing and eye-opening. I also got my Project Pan items set up as well and photographed for the start date. I'm loving the idea to do a small reward every 10 days. I haven't decided what mine will be yet, but I'm thinking things like a yoga class, frozen yogurt, renting a movie, etc. I want to try hard to make sure the rewards are "consumables" (i.e. food or experiences) vs. things (even non-makeup things like house products or fashion stuff) because I am trying to make this period a low-buy in ALL of my life, not just makeup. I need to stop accumulating stuff lest I be buried by my things over time!
  14. Okay, here we go, a Project 10 Pan to kick of 2015! Clockwise from top center: Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Pressed Finishing Powder: This already has a decent amount of pan showing, but the chunks at the side are fairly big. Not my favorite powder ever, but I need to get through it! Tarte Lipsurgence in Enamored (deluxe size): I got this in a set last Christmas, and I've just been ignoring it in my collection. A bit bolder than what I normally wear on my lips, so this might be tough for me! Tarte Lipsurgence in Grateful (deluxe size): Another one from that set (trying to work that set out of my collection obviously!). Fairly easy nude to wear, so hopefully it isn't too hard. NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie: I love these, but have way too many. This one will be annoying to track my progress on since most of the tube is opaque. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Petal: I used to really like these (and thus hoarded them) and have way too many. I'll try to move this one out of my collection. Makeup Forever Eyeliner in Black (deluxe): Oops this one went on the roll as I took the picture. I have soo many eyeliners but don't wear them on a daily basis. I'm going to try to start tight-lining every day so I can start to use them up. Bite Beauty Lipstick Duo in Lychee/Musk: Lychee is almost completely gone, but I need to work on Musk. I find this pulls a little brown on me, but hopefully I can wear it with a lipstick over it. The Balm Time Balm Concealer in Lighter than Light: Meh, I just don't like this product that much. Too dry, and the lid is broken. But I bought it and would like to get my money's worth. I might be okay with calling this one "done" once I hit pan and not make myself finish the whole thing. Lorac Mint Edition Palette: I have no intentions of doing a full pan-that-palette and trying to finish it. I like this palette but have ignored it to use others. I figure focusing on it for a few months will help me make progress at least. Also, I'm not going to use the blush in here too much (just not my favorite), but I will try to use the highlighter! Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory: This is just slightly too light for me, but not so wrong that I feel like I should throw my money down the drain! And this is the time of year that I'm palest. So I'm going to try to use this a few times a week for the duration of the project to see where I get So as I said, I know realistically I won't finish some of these items any time soon. But I want to focus on these items until the end of March - 3 months (pretty much the duration of the 100 days no buy). I'm going to let myself rotate in other items in every-other-week Monday club, and if I find I really hate a product (ahem, the concealer), I don't need to use it every day. Just give it my best effort. Palette close up for progress reference! Here we go!

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