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  1. Did anyone get a email about Natures Box and Popsugar joining together to make 4 different snacks? I sure hope they aren't included in the boxes in the future. If they had better mixture that what they currently have that would be one thing, but I've had literally all their snacks and I like very few. What do you think?
  2. Though you don't need any help I say Boadicea why don't we get together make bracelet of quality gemstones and let Popsugar know and sell them to PS for a decent price and hopefully everyone would be happy! It would be great to see some smiles here!!!!
  3. I agree!!!!!! I have already written Memebox and told them so. I got 2 items in that box and one was a set we already got! Ouy!!! I am mad! I have bought a lot with Memebox and been happy but this box was a sham! Memebox will pay as I won't buy another single item from them until they make this right! $39 for 2 items and one a sample we got before !!!! Shame on them!
  4. You did a nice job! I make jewelry and I was also very upset with the lack of real ness in the beads. They could have used real for what they charged and or used a better material to paint the "turquoise" with! There are more permanent paints and sealants. I guess I will have to redo my beads or put a sealant on them before they loose the paint they do have. I take that back. I am going to sand the howlite, repaint, and seal them. A new paint will not hold up unless the old is taken off first! Ouy!!!
  5. Good job my friend! I'd definitely go for this! Send it to POPsugar and tell them the girls at MUT sent this for inspiration! I guess you could say demand list, but I don't think that would go over!!! LOL
  6. I got an email too and they said they would be all Navy.
  7. Awesome Rachel! That makes it all worth while, doesn't it? Yippee!
  8. You know something do what you want, but my husband bought me a annual sub in Nov. And now I wish he had waited and just got it monthly with all the special codes. It would have been a lot cheaper even though we did get a special at the time, it still would have been a lot cheaper to get it month by month even though I would have had to worry about it each month, etc. my savings definitely would have been better. I plan on continuing in Nov. When mine runs out, but it will depend on the savings I get when purchasing month by month or if they really offer a great deal to get an annual sub. : )
  9. You are such an awesome person and you know that June Birthday people are awesomely creative and good people! I hope you will enjoy your Birthday when it comes around and I hope a super good code comes along for you in June!! It will I. Know!! Nancy
  10. Liz at Addicted to subscriptions boxes has an awesome site and she does a great job at reviewing too!!!
  11. I don't have the credit everyone has so I'll pass on this special! I still have a box coming just not for $4.95. : )
  12. My 2 Channel 7's have initiated! Will probably make it by next week sometime as they are coming from CA'
  13. Me too! I have a 5lb. Yorkie and she just goes nuts and shakes when it storms and guess what's going on today??? LOL if I make through today, I will be a happy camper!!!
  14. My Fairy Name is "Gossamer Beamtree". I am a beacon of shimmery light that flows from the beaming tree!!! Yippe!!! I can't wait!!!
  15. Thank you so much! I look forward to doing it! Nancy : ). Have to find my Fairy name too! Woohoo!!!!
  16. Hi! How do I sign up for this? I am so excited to do the Secret Santa and wondered how to go about doing it??? If someone would let me know I would be appreciative.
  17. I love all three pieces especially the more delicate flower and gold one. I can see it as the most wearable piece they have had in awhile in necklaces. Love it!
  18. Their CS has been absolutely the best! I have NEVER and I have email them several times had any problems with it!!! They have been always more than gracious and their attitude has always been that too. I have heard so many negatives here on this and the LE Resort thread that it makes me not ever want to come back sometimes due to how down it makes me feel! I thought this forum was suppose to be for ideas, sharing what we got, how-tos and information but lately it seems it has become one big gripe session. I think Popsugar Could send people diamonds and somebody would have something negative to say about it!!!
  19. I continue to love Popsugar. Popsugar does multiple things from Fashion, living, TV, Fitness! They do so much more than the boxes. I also think the Subscriber Box portion is dining fine. I think they had a fall back in nov-Dec when the price went up, but I think they are regaining their strength and I know their curation has gotten so much better the past few months. I look forward to the coming months in seeing what Popsugar will bring to us. I think we need to give then the chance and not hold the first few months of the year against them forever. They will never recover unless we are gracious enough to allow it. Yes, something held them back, but unstead of sending us out a crappy product, they waited till they got product in that they could send out that we wouldn't complain about. Remember, how everyone reacted when they sent out the jewelry rolls? Well, I am sure they didn't want that to happen again. I sure don't and I'm willing to give them he time to make it right. Quickly about CS, I have NEVER personally had a problem with them. They yes, take a day or two to get back, but hey always do, and they are always more than gracious with me and have replaced or sent me product replacement without so much as a blink of the eye or a bit of rudeness. I can't say enough good about this company.
  20. Thank you for sharing all your positiveness! It's a bright light on such gloomy pages! I haven't got my boxes yet and I have tried to remain positive. I feel Popsugar is trying their best to get out all the boxes. They have probably made some mistakes with their customer service not being up to par and not answering with wisdom, but it seems they are putting out some awesome boxes this month in both the monthly box and the LE Resort box and we should be glad they are starting to curate the boxes better. Yes, there was a problem with the supplier and they didn't give out the name which I respect, but it seems they held the boxes up so they could give us a better quality product. And a fine product it is at around $180.00. I can't wait to get mine. And all the other products from both boxes sound just as awesome down to the Sweet Water Taffy! Nothing I like better that a piece of taffy!!! I guess the longer I wait the more I appreciate these boxes and the more I will treasure some of the items in them. But, I think I will try and stay away from reading this forum at least till they arrive sometime later this week. Nothing against you all, I have enough heartache lately and pain with my health, I just want to stay more positive and uplifted and reading everyone's sadness just makes me sadder and not happy. Nancy
  21. Thanks! I have a lot of chain but would prefer theirs! So, I emailed them thanks to you. I appreciate your help so much. Nancy
  22. Yes, I have and I have bought it too through HSN. They have good deals on multi-tubes of butters, lotions, etc and I use a lot. So, I do try and find it when I get a good deal. I don't like a lot of perfumery stuff as it too makes me itch etc. so I try mostly to stick with unscented stuff as much as I can. I use a lot of AHAVA and like it, but it can be expensive to buy. I also get it through HSN.
  23. If your like me your skin has been dry and soaking up butters and lotions like crazy! I too have use up quite a bit of every moisturizer I have in the house. Can't get enough of the stuff!

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