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    anime. films. horror movies. music. books. playing the guitar. video games. arts and crafts. writing. poetry. nature. beaches. swimming. healthy food. stargazing. science.


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    Kid at heart and friendly. I'm a pretty quiet and shy person at first until I get to know the person better. c: I'm pretty much an introvert. I love having deep conversations with people and learning new things. I prefer deep talks over small talk. Very accepting and I'll never try to change the person for who they are inside. In my spare time I love creating things and very big into arts and crafts, painting, drawing and coloring. Always try to be helpful and give advice to people who ask for it.
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    I enjoy watching horror movies, indie films and anime. Love listening to music, reading, creative writing, poetry, abstract art, arts and crafts, playing the guitar photography, swimming, nature, beaches, make up, beauty products and fashion. Also find myself daydreaming a lot of the time. c:
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    I'll update this list later! :)
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    I'm a movie buff and I enjoy different types of films. :) I'll name a few: Night Of The Living Dead, The Original Halloween, Donnie Darko, Heathers, Brick, Almost Famous, Lost In Translation, Submarine, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Silver Lining's Playbook & many more!
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    80's Music. Classic Rock. 90's Alternative Rock/Grunge. Indie Rock/Pop. Dream Pop. Shoegazing. Post Rock. Trip Hop. Ambient. Classical. New Age Music.
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    Edgar Allen Poe. Anything by Chuck Palahniuk. The Bell Jar. Fahrenheit 451. The Rules Of Attraction. Battle Royale. Let The Right One In. Ellen Hopkins Books. and many more!
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Urban Decay. Too Faced. Flower. E.L.F. Milani. 100% Pure. and I'm looking for others. I always come across new brands and I love trying out new things. I mostly use makeup that's either full Vegan or Cruelty Free. I hate makeup that's tested on animals. So if there's makeup that you'd like to share with me, please send me a pm! Thank you! :) And I'll make sure I'll do the same for you in the future.
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    I'm a poet and an artist. <3
  1. I really love these shades and it's starting to be one of my favorite colors as of right now. It started a month ago when I started to notice my love for these colors. Right now I'm looking for a lipgloss, eyeshadow and a nail polish. The one thing is I'm having a bit of trouble since I'm looking for brands that carry it that are cruelty free or vegan. Can someone help me out? I'm having a little bit of trouble finding them. ~Lipgloss ~Nail polish ~Eyeshadow Message me or respond to this thread if you know which ones are available currently.
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Forum.
  3. As of right now I'm using this tropical mini backpack. It's very colorful and I love the colors. There's a bunch of stuff inside, lol. My boyfriend constantly always asks me what's inside like it's some huge mystery. Once he opened it and told me that I needed to make it lighter. Didn't realize until today that I had a few cd's inside. Anytime I'm on long car rides I bring along CD's for my mother and I to listen too and Tears For Fears was inside. Those long car rides put me to sleep and I need music. Than of course I have a lip gloss inside and some lotion. I always have to have that inside.
  4. As of right now I'm using Raw Shea Butter Hydrating Mud Mask. It's very good on my skin since my skin is so dry and constantly needs moister. If I find anything else that works better, I'll try that next.
  5. Wow, I love what you did with your eyes. I love glitter. The second I saw this thread, I knew I had to check it out. It looks very natural and nice.
  6. Flowers make me happy and my family has been planting a lot of flowers lately. This one flower I can't seem to find and I'm hoping I can find it somewhere. It's called the bluebell flower. Does anyone know on where I can find the seeds for it at? What time of the year is best to plant them? I live in Florida and I hope it would be okay to plant it. It does get a bit chilly here sometimes. I've just always wanted to plant this flower and hopefully I can find it somewhere. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!! Here's some information on the flower. https://dengarden.com/gardening/BluebellFlowersBeautifulandWhimsicalPerennials
  7. I don't tell many people that I was in an abusive relationship. The people I have told though, they look at me as if I'm a weak person and then they look down on me as if something is wrong with me. Wake up everyday and I try to put myself back out there again which is a very good thing. Even started watching films and horror movies again. I've always been big on films ever since I was younger. Remember watching E.T. and The Goonies and wanting to go outside and pretend that I was in the movie. Sometimes I'd say randomly, Let's play E.T. and everyone would play different characters. When I was abused I was treated horribly and he'd make fun of me and put me down anytime when we were alone. The whole time I thought I wasn't good enough and I constantly blamed myself anytime he abused me. Many people think I'm weak and thought I could have left anytime I wanted too. Anytime I tried, he threatened to kill me or I took him back because he started crying and I felt so horrible. He was my first love and it crushed me to hear him cry because I'm such a compassionate person. I'm so tired of people thinking I'm weak. Many people keep telling me to stop worrying so much and as of right now I'm working with my therapist about this. Hope I didn't upset anyone.... I just needed to get this out of my mind because sometimes I cry when I'm alone and I really wish I had some more female friends in my life to be honest. I miss going out and shopping and giggling. I miss it so much. So many years of my life was wasted because of my abuser. I've come across many girls who obsess over Tate Langdon from AHS and anytime I tell them my boyfriend was exactly like him, they tell me I'm making it up and just jealous of them because their happy and I'm not. Remember when there was a time when my boyfriend yelled at me on top of his lungs and I cried in the bathroom thinking to myself, "How did I get here? I thought he loved me...." Than the next moment he apologized and said he was sorry and that he would change for me. He would be be fine for a week or two, than he'd go back to being mean to me. Sometimes I even blamed myself and thought I deserved it....
  8. I usually buy a lot of my clothing from different sites. I buy most of my clothing from Tilly's. I still fit into it because of my figure and I like some of the design t-shirts, I realized I'm sort of picky about them though and only buy maybe once a year if that. I also love designsbyhumans site. Those design I seems to like better because I'm a very artistic kind of person and I love old vintage shirts. However I love wearing dresses, rompers, a nice shirt that's sort of plain and makes myself look classy. I live in Florida and it's usually very hot most of the time so I'm always trying to wear nice clothing all year round. I'm 33 years old and I want to start looking other other type of clothing. I want to look nice, I'm a bit modest though. I don't mind wearing tank tops, I'm just not very showy with my body for some reason. Around the house I usually just longue around in comfy pj bottoms and just a t-shirt. However when I'm going out I tend to dress up and look elegant, than other days I switch and wear one of my artistic shirts. I want people to recommend me new sites to order from. Just don't want it to be overly expensive or anything. Could anyone please help me out here. I've been browsing all day. Tilly's has basically been my favorite store for the longest time now and I need other places to order from.
  9. Lately I've been switching all my make-up over to Vegan Name Brands and sometimes it's very hard to find them in stores. Can someone please direct me to some name brands that's used best for nails please?? Thank you very much!!
  10. Thank you for both of your thoughts and advice. @Reija I'll make sure I eat clean as possible and stay away from fatty foods. I do crave a lot of them though like cheeseburgers and pizza, haha! Another thing I'll do is make sure to look into Doterra cause I'm sure I'll need it. Hate taking OTC stuff all the time for headaches. @livelaughmakeup I noticed that I'm having a lot of make-up and facial cream flare up's as well. My face is extremely sensitive. Any little thing will create a pimple. So for right now I'm washing my face twice a day and using mud on my face. If it gets any worse I'll buy something OTC cream or something to put on my pimples. Thanks again for both of your inputs. I appreciate it a lot. <3
  11. I've been getting pimples a lot lately but it's only before I get my period. I know my period is coming up right now cause I'm a lot more emotional than normal. My anger and crying spells is out of control. My sleeping patterns is also messed up as well too. I'm sleeping a lot more during the day and I feel really lazy and I'm always hungry and crave a lot of chocolate and snack foods. Is there anything I can use to stop the pimples? My PMS is usually the problem to be honest. I'm washing my face and trying to keep my stress down as much as possible. Right now I have a cold pack on my head just to relax myself to simply chill myself and it's actually working. One thing I know I'll most likely do is probably eat more salads. I drink a lot of water and I stay away from caffeine cause my moods go completely crazy on caffeine. Is there anything to help me? This PMS is horrible. Please someone give me some tips and advice on this.
  12. My skin is very sensitive and dry right now. I'm looking for one that's fragrance free, made for sensitive skin and that won't be harsh on my skin. However I'm having a lot of trouble right now cause I'm looking for vegan products. Does anyone know a good affordable one that I can purchase online or buy at a store. Please let me know. Thank you.
  13. Hello Gingerneko, I'm looking for a slate medium blue. I don't know if should gray, I think not and definately not pure blue. I have a green blue's in my make-up bag so I wouldn't need anymore of them. As between saturated and flashy, I would say saturated. As for finish, that's kinda confuses me to be honest. Could you please explain the difference between Matte, Shimmery, Sparkly and Satiny? I know of Stila and Urban Decay that's what I had my eye on, I'll look at Stila's colors and see what their color's look like. Just please explain the difference between the finish cause that kinda confuses me a little bit. I never heard of Kat Von D, where would I find those eyeshadows at? Online? Just message me with the link to the web site please. Thank you. And I shall check it out.
  14. I'm ordering from Sephora and I want a medium blue eyeshadow and I'm having trouble looking for shades. All I have in my make-up bag is a light baby blue and I want a medium eyeshadow shade. I don't want a palatte or anything, I just want a single shade. What shade should I go with and what's the name brand?
  15. Thanks for those recommendations and I'll look at the brushes you suggested to me. I had my heart on some other type of brushes as well. I looked on Too Faced and really wanted to purchase these brushes. Can someone help me with how to use these brushes: Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set. https://www.toofaced.com/p/brushes/pro-essential-teddy-bear-hair-brush-set/

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