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  1. The box was mailed to @@LadyGordon this morning! I provided her with the tracking number.
  2. I was toward the end of the last round so I didn't expect the box to change that much, but boy did it! Here is what I took: And here is what I added
  3. I got home tonight and the box was here waiting for me, along with several sub boxes and a box from Sephora (It's a rough life) I'll go through the box this weekend and will be able to have it in the mail Monday. PMing next in line for an address
  4. @@jenny1973 Hello, PMing my address to you now. I'm out of town for work right now, but will be back Friday, so maybe it will be there when I get home!
  5. Makeup Geek has some great singles as well. They have a lot of dupes for MAC!https://www.makeupgeek.com/eye-products/eyeshadows/makeup-geek-eyeshadows.html
  6. I just added several subs including this one! Looking forward to it!
  7. I don't sub to ipsy anymore, but this bag is so cute!!
  8. @@Bizgirlva Agreed! When possible, let's keep the box moving! It makes following the thread more fun too!
  9. I'm all for speeding things up, if people are able to ship fast, great! A lot of people already do. I was able to get it out next day last round. But not all of us are able to always get to the post office that quickly. Requiring a three day turn around my mean some people can't participate... myself included.
  10. Hello! I have a ton of eyeliner pencils and I've been keeping them in a plastic pencil case, but I always end up digging around trying to find the one I want. I decided to try using this case for colored art pencils that I found on Amazon for $12! I love it! It fits 72 pencils, I sorted them by color. This will help me find what the one I want and it makes it easier to find treasures I forgot I have. Thought I'd share with my MUT friends, maybe this will work for you.
  11. Welcome @@ellafarlinger and @ We're glad you're here!
  12. @@cpl100 LOL. I travel a lot for work, I'm a master packer. It's the same skill set.
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