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  1. Last year, for the first time, Canadians could use the $15/$20 gift online, but as a promo code, not a gift card. I know it worked because I did that myself. I don't see why they would revert to not allowing it again this year. It doesn't work as a gift card because the Canadian checkout process isn't set up for gift cards to be used as a payment option, so there's nowhere to enter it in the payment process. ETA: Sephora.ca = Sephora.com. If you go to the .ca site, it'll redirect to www.sephora.com/?country_switch=ca, so the terms shouldn't technically be an issue
  2. I had quantity set as 25 on my Etude House order form and thought that was a typo or some weight indication. I sincerely hope I'm not getting 25 bottles! Meme-topic wise, I'm very happy with the Dessert box I received today, meh on the MCW 4 box since I also bought MCW 1 long ago and haven't used up the items in that one yet, and hope that Appletox doesn't show up in any more boxes. Reading (and lurking in) this thread and the spoilers thread is always interesting and helps me resist the urge of buying all the boxes
  3. I second this, after reading this thread I'm really interested in those 7 second masks, but they don't even sell them on Memebox (except for the sampling program they have going on). Memebox needs to make a box of all these items!
  4. I emailed them the breakdown of fees Paypal was deducting from the funds they sent me. It's not a lot of money but I don't get why they did it this way, it's silly to have Paypal eat up extra fees in refunds. The only reason I can think of is that sellers have 60 days to reverse transactions on Paypal. I wonder if starting a Paypal dispute would help? (or get me blacklisted by Memebox )
  5. I requested a refund for an unshipped box, and instead of reversing the original transaction through Paypal, they seem to have sent me money as a buyer (i.e. they selected the "I'm paying for goods or services" option when sending me money). Now I'm charged a "seller's fee" for the funds they've sent me, making the refund less than what I actually paid for the box. Has this happened to anyone before? They've stopped replying to my subsequent emails.
  6. Wait, they declared the box at under $1? How weird, maybe they meant $16 and had a typo making the label...
  7. I got charged fees with only the message about Customs releasing the package, not the other one about presenting to customs, so I guess whenever Customs is mentioned anywhere, we better expect to pay. And I'm kind of glad the last few boxes don't speak to me, my wallet needs a break! I have a bunch of boxes coming in for September and October already, and my Cute box in limbo...
  8. I get these messages with every single package I receive, Memebox or not. That alone doesn't indicate that any customs will be charged. I pulled up the tracking for a package I recently had to pay customs for, from the US (not Memeboxes), and 3 things happened on one day instead of the two up there: 10am - "Item has arrived in Canada and was sent for further processing." 2pm - "International item released from Customs for processing by Canada Post" - this is the indicator for custom fees 6pm - "Item processed" After all that the item went out for delivery on the following day, and my package had a yellow invoice slapped on it asking for some money. Canada Post's customs admin fee used to be around $5, then $8, and now it's about $10. Makes it almost pointless to dispute since the taxes are usually less than the admin portion of fees I'm not against paying the tax portion but the admin fees irk me, I rather have it be relative to the value of the package and capped at a certain amount.
  9. With standard shipping, boxes are taking usually 10 days to get to me in Canada. Longest so far has been 15 days, hopefully it won't take longer than that. My Cute box is still in limbo somewhere... And somewhat off-topic, but I don't know where else to ask this question... Awhile back, Memebox was including a trio of RE:CIPE Slowganic cleanser pods in some Naked boxes. Online pictures have them looking marshmellow-like in texture, but I remember there being comments in one of these threads that some of the ones Memebox sent out looked rather melted. Was it ever determined what the actual texture should be like? I got a set that looks goopy and I don't know if it's still safe to use!
  10. Yes these are the highlight of the box for me! I've been wanting them in the store but the shipping kills it. Don't mind the size since now I can try all of them...cute and mini things always get me excited.
  11. The cute box is awesome, and I'm bummed I only got this one and not the 2nd one too! The only thing that bothers me is that they're repeating something from the collaboration boxes so I now have two of the same item coming to me. Wouldn't have bought the collab box if I knew!
  12. Agreed, try the bank or the credit card company, whichever one is the actual source. I think both will have dispute periods that are longer than 45 days, especially since these were pre-orders and the shipping dates are much later. The problem with Paypal is that they won't cover beyond 45 days regardless of a pre-order or not. If you want protection you HAVE to open a dispute before the 45 days are up, even if the noted ship date might not be for another 2-3 weeks...I've heard of people doing this in a "just in case" measure before on ebay. The nature of Memebox is that some, if not most boxes, have ridiculously delayed ship dates per Paypal pre-selling polices, which is shipping within 20 days of purchase. It's not fair you don't get protection because of Paypal's policies and Memebox's business structure working against each other, but there isn't much recourse from Paypal because of that
  13. I second this, for any Paypal dispute in general. I'm assuming that all these messages are now through the Paypal dispute system? Note in the messages there that you'll close the dispute when the money or points are actually in your account...just in case Paypal ends up arbitrating the dispute, or if you need to go further back to a credit card company (should you have paid through Paypal with a card). It's not rude to do this, a paper trail is good for both parties where everyone is clear on what the resolution should be.
  14. I used my 15 points on the new collab box, since they were going to expire soon. I think these are the swatches for the eyeliners which look pretty nice: http://www.beautypeople.co/shop/goods/goods_view.php?&goodsno=82&category=004
  15. Just FYI - even though we're in Canada, the $25 USD limit also applies to us. As long as your order is over $25 USD in value it'll work, even if the promo code says it's $35 CAD and your order is under that. I always check the US prices of my cart before checking out to see if my order qualifies. This gets interesting when putting together orders because sometimes things are way more expensive in Canada than in the US, sometimes they're about the same price, and once, something was on sale in Canada but not the US! The only exception is when the perk is Canadian only (so there's no USD-equivalent threshold to meet) but those are rarely offered anyways.
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