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  1. I have no idea why people can't simply accept other people as they are. I see nothing wrong with anyone (male, female, straight, gay or otherwise) taking pride in themselves. I have to say, your nails are gorgeous. I'm jealous! I can't grow my nails that long. They either get in the way of daily life, or they break off (again, daily life). I keep them rather short, but I do like to polish them. Like you, it brings me a lot of pleasure to shape and polish my nails (and its always nice to get compliments on them). Just be who you are, and keep painting those lovely nails of yours. And, for what its worth, men polishing their nails is becoming more of a trend. I've noticed a lot more nail polish made specifically for men. They're usually nudes, navys and olives, but its a start, right? I also notice a lot more guys at the nail salon these days too
  2. Here's my last mani, Gargle Blaster by Painted Sabotage. I wore this polish for well over a week AND cut my nails. This pic was after all of that, all I had before I cut my nails was a tiny bit of tip wear. I probably could have gotten a few more days out of it! And I'm super hard on my hands, as you can tell by the shape of my poor, dry cuticles I did this last night, it's WNW Gray's Anatomy with a couple of Kiss nail tattoos on the ring fingers. I couldn't capture the pinky-purple awesomeness of Gray's Anatomy with the camera on my phone, so I snagged a photo off of Google images from someone who could (the last pic). The nail tattoos were super easy to apply, and I think they're so stinking cute!
  3. Even though the epilator wasn't all that fun to use, I'm happy to report that where I used it is still hair free. I've already had to shave the tops of my legs again...twice. I think I'll stick with it and muster up the courage to use it on places other than my calves and knees
  4. Can I ask why? I've had it for about a year now, so I really doubt returning it is an option at this point. And I take that back, I think I paid like $70 for it, but add in the creams and everything, meh. Anyway, just curious to know why you think I should return it?
  5. Its an Emjoi, and I paid like $100 for it, so I definitely want to get some use out of it. I've gotten waxed before, and never thought it was that bad. I guess I was expecting the epilator to be similar, but it was s-l-o-w going, not a fast rip like getting waxed. I went ahead and stole one of my husbands razor blades and shaved everything I didn't get with the epilator. My plan is to wait a day or so and attempt the rest, when the hair isn't so long. I did notice that it was grabbing some hairs, but not pulling them out, just pulling. So I'm thinking shorter hair might help some. I'll for sure try a ibuprofen or Advil and maybe a hot shower before I go at it the next time, hopefully it won't be as bad! Thanks for the reply
  6. I'm not sure if this is the best place for this, but it seemed appropriate. I have had my epilator for over a year, and admittedly, I'd never used it...until tonight. I ran out of disposable razors, so... I got set up in the bathroom and got to work. And, oh. my. god. Was it ever an unpleasant experience. I don't consider myself an overly sensitive person, but I didn't enjoy epilating a single bit. I didn't shave beforehand and let the hair grow back a little before trying it out, I mean, I was sporting a couple of days worth of hair growth. I must've been making some pretty awful noises, because about 10 minutes into this whole business my husband tentatively knocked at the door to see if I was okay. And when he came into the bathroom, he literally laughed out loud and asked me what in the world I was doing. And after touching it to the hair on his arm, he declared me insane and slunk back to his Youtube video on how to rebuild a motor (or whatever manly thing he was watching). SO, I'm sure someone out there epilates. Any advice? Does it get easier, or will I just have to grin and bear it? My goal was to at least do the bottoms of my legs and knees, which I did, but I was literally sweating by the time I'd finally made my way to that second knee. And the thought of using that thing on my thighs, or more sensitive areas like my bikini zone, actually made me shudder. I have a pre-cleansing lotion, numbing spray (my round rear end) and a lotion for after, which I used, I also stretched the skin I was epilating like the instructions said, and my legs are looking pretty rough and not feeling so great after all of the plucking. I really want to like my epilator, and all the promises of not shaving for a few weeks and lighter hair growth, but I'm not sure I can sit down and do that to myself on a regular basis. I'd really appreciate any tips or tricks a seasoned user could offer!
  7. I've been using a matte topcoat by Revlon, it wears pretty well (though I'm pretty hard on my nails, I'm happy if I can get a couple days out of a mani). I like it
  8. I want to share my new discovery, in case it might help someone. When I was a teenager, I didn't really have a problem with acne. I would maybe get a zit in my hairline around that time of the month, but nothing terrible. Fast forward a few years, I'm pregnant with my daughter and develop terrible cystic acne. Like, really terrible. I was happy if I'd wake up with only one new pimple. That was everyday, at least one. I've tried every cleanser available in stores and quite a few medications proscribed by my dermatologist. They would make my skin dry and my acne worse. During my last visit, she suggested I start Accutane. I didn't want to, so I declined and decided I'd just have to suffer through my acne. We recently started our own apiary (bee hive) so we could get our own honey (yum). While researching my bees, I ran across a blog about a girl who used raw honey to help with her acne. I keep raw honey in my cabinets all the time, so I figured why not? I mixed the raw honey with enough cinnamon to make a paste and have been using it on my face for the past 2 weeks (along with diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner and unrefined coconut oil as a moisturizer). You know what? Its working! I've had one tiny pimple pop up near my hairline since I've started, that's it! And using the honey/cinnamon as a spot treatment sent that pimple running for the hills. I can't believe it! My pores are smaller, my acne scars are starting to disappear and my skin is silky smooth. AMAZING! I just had to share. If this help just one person, the time I had to take to make this post will be so worth it!
  9. Your nail beds will catch up eventually. It takes them much longer to heal than the rest of the nail. I bit my nails for 20 years or so (I'm 27). I quit because I was tired of being embarrassed about the way my hands looked and how much my fingers hurt. What helped me quit was keeping them polished. After I quit, much like you, the white part was really long and my nail bed was short, which made them look odd. I haven't bitten them for almost 6 months and my nail beds have finally reached the tips of my fingers. Polishing them hides that until they heal up and grow out Hang in there, they'll be so beautiful soon that you'll never want to bite them again
  10. This is DL Lost In Space. I guess I've been feeling dark and glittery lately. I had to cut all of my nails down due to breaking one (it was a real ouchie too, I limped it along for a week or so with nail glue so it could hopefully grow out without being ripped off), so dark fit my mood this time. This one was much easier to apply than Twilight Zone and the navy base and glitters really pop in the sun, though my photo doesn't show it off that well.
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