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  1. I too could go without shampoo or conditioner, it pretty much has to smell amazing for me to put it in my hair. In my last box I got a bee Kind conditioner and it smelled nasty (like 409), I just tossed it in the trash right after opening it (who wants to smell like a nasty harsh chemical cleaner?) Yuk!
  2. I tries to reserve the cord tacos for my husband and they were gone in an hour. My husband got the socks proper soap and two other crappy products, he was so upset that he emailed them. It turns out the box he got didn't match his profile so he is getting another one with cord tacos.
  3. I got a not soap radio in lemon & 2 xeia packs of red flower illuminating rose serum. Pretty happy with those!
  4. I went back through my profile and removed glam and statement necklaces. I thought I had disliked statement necklaces already, but I guess not. Hopefully next month will be great all around.
  5. I got my accessories box today, see the spoiler below for pictures
  6. I decided to sign up for acessories on a whim, I am curious to see what I get!
  7. I got my January intimates box today and I am IN LOVE! I got a pair of black Daisy Fuentes lounge pants, they are super soft and I love, love, love that they have pockets.Next I got the Crystal Hefner pom pom socks and in gray with grips on the bottom and they are adorable! (I got the Mukluck slipper socks last month and wasn't sure how those could be topped, but these socks do). Finally I got a pajama drama racer-back cami and it's super comfy, the only part I don't like too much is that it was in the color cream. I put on my quiz that I love colors, but I got kind of all neutral items, but who can go wrong with black or gray. The only color worse than white is cream, but it will be fine for layering (it's certainly not a deal breaker). I have decided that I am going to drop Ipsy after April (it will be 2 years for me and the excitement is dying out, even the bags are getting boring for me) and I am strongly considering doing the Wantable makeup box instead, mostly because I can actually opt out of products that I don't want and that is worth the extra cost in my mind. I desperately want tools and blush and don't need another eyeliner,mascara, or red lipstick ever again! So, I LOVE Wantable and have been happy so far.
  8. After the Not Soap Radio was in my October box I bought the sample packs of the soap and lotion and the Cupid scent was the first to go. I am considering the curated box JUST for more cupid soap! My husband would always comment how great I smelled when I used that soap. It's a lovely blackberry scent with a touch of vanilla.
  9. I got my box today, I also thought the travel sizes were generous, I especially like the cream blush stick. I got the blue bottle, and the socks are super comfy!
  10. My box arrived today and here are my thoughts: Dr. Jart BB cream- This is ok, I haven't been impressed by Dr. Jart and it seems shiny, I like the matte super goop BB cream MUCH better. Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator- I have a billion scrubs a two huge tubs of dermaE, two huge tubs of Suki (which I adore) plus several others that were less impressive, so this is meh just due to the fact that I should not be purchasing another scrub for about 5 years due to my current supply. Whish Three Whishes Body Butter (in lavender)- I hate, hate, hate lavender, so I did not have my hopes set high for this product, but it does not smell like lavender at all. I actually think it smells like the skin so soft my grandmother made us wear when we were kids to ward off mosquitoes in the summer. So, I don't hate it, but it reminds me of a "bug repellent" Sumita Eyeliner in Jaipur Gold- I originally thought this was going to be lime green and I was upset, but this is a beautiful earthy-gold color, that I would actually wear on a regular day to work, so win! Harvey Prince Sincereley- Not excited for this since I never change my perfume, since 95% of perfumes give me a headache, and don't like the smell AND gave me a head ache. So besides the eyeliner, which I thought was going to be the worst product in the box, this month was lack-luster for me. On to February!
  11. My latest box from BB was strange. There was a plain brown box with the BB shipping label ripped off the BB logo box, taped onto the plain box and inside was the BB logo box almost crushed flat! I was positive my items were going to be destroyed, but whoever packed the box did a great job the items were bubble wrapped twice and tightly taped shut. In the past I received boxes with more fragile items thrown in the box w/o any wrapping. Ex nail polish that destroyed an entire boxes contents. So it looks like they are learning to pack things better.
  12. Ah yes, that's exactly what mine looked like. You would think they'd do a mock up before deciding to approve the design, but what do I know? I love watching nail art tutorials on instagram, but don't have the patience or talent to do it myself. So,now I have two of those. I got another pick two with my fresh start LE, hoping for no hairkop foils or nail art pens!
  13. The socks, the water bottle, the cute blush, the bath salts, those are the main reasons for the box, everything else is a bonus!

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