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  1. I may have rambled quite a bit, it was very early the AM and I tend to do that...however my point was simply that you're more than welcome to voice your opinion on anything you want, I just ask that it stay off of my personal instagram as I'm not interested in being a part of making a bigger deal out of something than it actually is. I definitely didn't say anything about MuT, nor do I think anyone brought up being banned...idk where that is even coming from, but okay... So far we have had ONE person be affected by this. So to spend your days copy and pasting negative comments about a company and their fraudulent behavior due to one incident is just strange to me. I just feel confused as to why you continuously comment and talk about this company when you seem to despise them so much. I don't think I've ever put that much energy or effort into something I hated before. I also never said that customers shouldn't be aware of a security breach or an issue with the payment system...however as I've mentioned, there has only been one person here saying they had an issue with this particular situation. That's like one person dying from an illness and calling it an epidemic and freaking everyone out. IDK...maybe I've been out of the subscription box/beauty "inner circle" too long now but the reaction to all of this seems very dramatic for someone who wasn't even affected by it personally. But anyway, @biancardi I have been learning Korean for the past 2 months and it's much more difficult than I could ever anticipate, but it's so much fun and such a beautiful language! I felt like I needed to learn hangul so I could read all those Korean labels on my beauty products! But more importantly, I've been gearing up to move to Korea in a year so I can teach English. I've been super busy but it's been a blast!
  2. Hey Ladies! I know it's been forever and a day since I posted here (I've literally had a packed schedule and juggling 3 jobs, learning a new language and planning on going back to school etc etc etc) but I just wanted to jump in since something was posted in my instagram and I felt the need to say something. Many of us, myself included, have been customers of Beauteque since they started. Some of us bloggers have personally worked with them as well. I can confidently say that they are not purposefully or maliciously causing the issue here- which was implied by a comment on my instagram post today. I haven't read through all the details of the situation, and while I think what is going on is awful (it's happened to me years ago and it's a nightmare) I think we need to realize that some of the biggest companies in the entire world have had security breaches and customer information stolen. It's a risk we all take when we make purchases with cards, especially online. You're welcome to discuss whatever you want, wherever you want, but I would appreciate it if people didn't come onto my instagram and start spreading fear and negative statements about Beauteque. If you'd like to talk about it on your own blog or elsewhere, go for it, but I would appreciate it if you'd keep it there and not on my instagram. I think it's wrong to bash small companies when something like this happens and post it everywhere you possibly can. It seriously hurts businesses, and when you don't know the entirety of the situation it's probably not the best idea to start yelling about it from the rooftops before it has had a chance to resolve or we actually know all the details. Beauteque's customer service needs some serious, serious help. But most of us know they are a small company that employs many interns that most likely have no idea how to respond or what to do in a serious situation like this. This does not excuse anything about the situation, but I HIGHLY doubt that Beauteque wants to make this situation any worse than it has to be- I can only hope they take the high road and work through this issue as professionally as possible. I hope there is a solution, I feel terrible for the person that this affected, but so far it seems like it has only affected one person, thank goodness. Long story short, I'm simply asking nicely to refrain from using my instagram as a way to make a mountain out of a molehill before the situation has even had a chance to be resolved. Thanks And aside from that, I hope all of you ladies are doing well! I miss you guys! <3
  3. I have been MIA too, I'm so sorry! The KPop world is literally ruining my life LOL. All my favorite groups are releasing new albums and making all sorts of appearances and it's consuming my every minute hahaha On top of that I have a second job and have been insanely busy in my daily life- it sucks sometimes because I can't get on here and chat with you ladies and my blog as been on the back burner too- oye! I wanted to jump on here and ask though- for those of you who have been buying some of the recent Memeboxes here and there...do you think they're still worth it to buy? I haven't seen all of them unboxed yet, but I haven't really seen one that made me regret not buying it. I've been thinking about picking one up for my mom for her birthday but I'm wondering if I'd be better off just buying stuff she'll like directly rather than a box. Ahh do I ever miss the old Memebox days.
  4. Scentbird did the same thing to me this month. Luckily my billing address is my mom's house LOL so I got two vials of "meh" perfume this month. I love Scentbird but I still have yet to find a perfume I like more than Dior Addict. I think I want to fill up my queue with Addict and just get my monthly supply LMAO I am the same way about kloverbox LOL. I feel like out of all the natural/eco boxes, none can compare to them. And they're still relatively new as far as subscription boxes go. They've been consistently growing and progressing rather than getting worse like so many other boxes. Plus kelly is so helpful and interactive with the customers. I just get a really good vibe from Kloverbox and WANT to support them! You took the words out of my mouth with MSA. I think all the ladies that write there are just lovely, but I honestly only go there to see a quick picture spoiler of a box I might be curious about. I don't think they're "reviews" but more quick unboxings. They don't discuss the products or really give a lot of detail on the box itself so it's just not a style I'm fond of. I hope if Kloverbox is going to partner with other bloggers in the future, that they consider working with smaller blogs and possibly at smaller price point. $100 is wayyyyy out of my price range. Although considering Kloverbox's history, I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic box.
  5. Does anyone know WHY they're not providing tracking numbers, especially to International customers? I'm just wondering if someone has asked them or if they've responded as to why. I feel like when you're waiting for an international order having a tracking number eases some of the stress of wondering where it is. I bet they'd receive less complaints and messages wondering where things are if they just provided tracking.
  6. hahah girllll so happy it showed up!! I'm hoping almost everyone has theirs by now. I know international ones are going to take a little longer but I was all nervous about them not shipping out on time and stuff!
  7. I also review everything they send me although I've been heavily slacking on the Nylon Palette because Im just not that thrilled with it. They use to have Lauren send us an email with talking points and info about the product, now they just send stuff with absolutely no explanation which is kind of dumb IMO lol
  8. I agree- I've had a handful of issues in the past year or so. Nothing major, but I've noticed a big change in their CS reps recently. I am an Ace, chose my sample early (Jane Iredale) and received a box with the Jouer AND the Pop Beauty Shadows...but not Jane Iredale sample. I shot them a message about it and it took them quite a while to respond. When they finally did, I got a one sentence response about giving me 50 BB points and that they were out of the jane Iredale. No actual apology or explanation as to why they consistently mess up sample choices. They really need to hold back some of the sample choice items so that when things like this happen they can send the right sample to people.
  9. yea...honestly until a study comes out saying that horse oil will erase every skin concern i have...I won't be using it. I applaud Beauteque for thinking outside the box and keeping up with trends etc, but there are some things I don't think their Western customers are ready for. Plus, as we've discussed, the iffy explanations of how it's extracted make me want to steer clear, regardless of how it's done.
  10. Ladies, no need to hide your opinions on the products- there's a spoiler warning in the title of the post! I'm SO happy with this box, seriously! I love that we got a candle and a hand soap especially- I need more home stuff and less beauty stuff. having said that, I really, really like everything in this box that is beauty-related as well. I desperately needed a brush cleaner (even though that was a bonus it's still awesome) and the coffee scrub is heavenly!! My favorite thing is the lotion bar, though. I love the Lush lotion bars and this one smells divine and is sooo pretty! Very, very pleased with this one!
  11. I thought the smell was quite strong too, honestly. I loved the black sugar ones so I chose the honey ones for the bag, but they were a bit too much for my taste. I actually filled my washing machine with hot water and plopped one in there and let it fizz down a bit and then ran a cycle to freshen my machine haha
  12. Yayy! I'm so happy they're all finally arriving I thought they'd never show up! haha
  13. Nice haul and generous samples! I need to stock up on some LJH Tea Tree goodness for sure lol
  14. I've heard good things about this one- It's been on my wishlist forever! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DPF0LJW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=KG5A9NIV14HV&coliid=I1DVQ0LJIHJ108
  15. Give me ALL the snail and all the venom!! Seriously I'm still lusting after all the bird poop face masks- they're so gross I must have/review them! LOL
  16. hahah I'm the exact same way- I've been hunting down weird beauty tools and skincare ingredients so I can do some fun reviews- Once I discovered kbeauty and got over my weridness about snail mucin, I was all in lol
  17. I'm a fan of that cleanser! glad that it was in stock even though they said it wasn't LOL
  18. Yea I can imagine the green and yellow tints will still come out pink, if other brands lip tints are any indication. The lime mist sounds good- perfect for the warmer weather! I won't be using the rose essence mist, either, but it seems like it could be a nice product, I'm just pretty dang sure I won't like the scent.
  19. Looks like everyone is going to get the same things- I'm pretty happy with the things I got, honestly! I love hand/foot masks!
  20. Yay that's awesome!! How are they choosing them? If we get to vote, you have mine!! Edit: ohhh instagram etc I see! Missed your response. Ugh good luck I hope you win!!
  21. Hey guys! I got my Search Seoul Package today- I bought all of them except the Gangham one which was sold out. I'm not sure which of them were the $1 ones and which was the $2 ones but I took guesses here: ($1) 1. Leaders Coconut Gel Sheet Mask with Tomato ($2) 2. Leaders Baby Soft Hand Mask ($2) 3. Leaders Baby Soft Foot Mask ($6) 4. Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher in "01" $11 for these (before shipping) is actually really great. $1 for a Leaders Sheet Mask, $2 for the hand and foot masks and $6 for the Lioele blush? I'd totally pay that even without the mystery aspect! Pretty pleased with this one! Samples: Skin79 BB Cream Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Wash off Mask
  22. Welcome back lady!! You can always start lurking the Asian/KBeauty threads instead of the meh-meh box thead! http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/forum/384-korean-asian-beauty/ Yea I am not a fan of seeing the prices of their branded products creeping up and up. The Nylon palette was also the worst one I've tried from them. I haven't even gotten around to review it yet because of how mediocre it is.
  23. That won't matter! I don't think Beauteque has ever asked a blogger how many readers they have before they collaborate. You have a strong voice in the kbeauty/beauty blogger community so don't sell yourself short! I think you'd curate an absolutely fantastic bag!
  24. Ahh they have ALL different ones! You're going to have a hard time choosing just one! LOL

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