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  1. Yep! So sorry it took me so long to get over here to post about it, I've been so insanely busy lately working my regular job, and recently started a second job...ugh I need to hire an assistant that will work for cookies or something lol Elina let me know that they recieved the products for the oh honey bag and have already shipped out most of the bags. The US buyers will be getting them within a week and international within a couple of weeks!
  2. I spot a Holika Holika cat face!!
  3. You share the exact same sentiments as I do on this box, lol- especially the cookie part
  4. Using AHA/BHA products along with a Clarisonic has completely eliminated my sebaceous filaments, and my nose and chin were loaded with them! I use the Paula's Choice 2% BHA, the Mizon 8% AHA Serum as well as the Mizon AHA/BHA Toner.
  5. I wasn't thrilled with the easter egg products but uhm...most of these are either $1 or $2..how can I resist? LOL Also, anyone that hasn't purchased yet, there are some 15% off coupons floating around in case you haven't used them. I think WELCOME still works for 15% off
  6. Ok so I've found: Hongdae Cheondamdong Itaewon Myeondong and Gangham which is sold out. Are there any others i'm missing?
  7. I'm seeing some of them come up as $1 and $2...are these legit? LOL How many of them are there?
  8. LOVE the pencils! I'm really interested in hearing about the zero sebum matte gel when you have a chance to try it out!
  9. AHH Ive been eyeing those FOREVER LOL. They're just sooo cute!
  10. Yay! I bought one for myself and for my mom since she doesn't have a debit card lol Am I the only one who has been using that Tresemme hairspray since childhood? LOL I'm obsessed with it and have yet to find a better hairspray- I've got my roommate and my fiance addicted to it too lol It's one of those classic must-haves for me! I'm actually pretty excited about this box, although I'm hoping that the lipgloss is a wearable shade- it might come in different shades, but I'm praying for no browns! It's a Spring Box, after all!
  11. That's so weird! I've seen similar reviews of the shaving cream but I am in love with it! I have repurchased the Lotion/Shaving Cream set in the Almond scent 3 different times because I love it so much. The body butter is my favorite of the two, admittedly, but the shaving cream doesn't clog my shower or my razor, really. I do rinse my razor repeatedly anyway when I'm shaving though, so maybe that's why. I just can't get enough of the almond scent LOL I think that's it's biggest draw for me!
  12. I read that book a couple of months ago and I was super excited about it and went nuts in my house getting rid of stuff. You really have to stay mentally focused the entire time though because it's so, so easy to fall back into the habit of thinking, "I might need this someday" or "I can't really donate this so I guess i'll just keep it." I did get rid of 3 huge contractor-sized trash bags of stuff, they're were about 3-4 ft tall lol. The only places in my apartment I managed to REALLY focus on were my closet (all my purses, scarves, clothes and shoes) as well as my DVD's and Books. Those places are seriously paired down and have stayed almost perfect since I used the Konmari method. Other places (*cough makeup and skincare hoard) haven't gotten much better because I continuously used the "no one else will use this/it's already been used I might as well keep it/I might need a backup" excuses the entire time. I'm thinking of re-reading it soon and trying again! I did cancel a few of my subscriptions after reading the book, although PopSugar wasn't one of them. Getting the box itself brings me joy- but if there is anything in the box that doesn't, I pass it on to my mom or my sisters. Little progress here and there! haha
  13. Still no news on my box. I'm wondering if I should contact CS to see what's going on. I suppose if it doesn't show up on Monday I'll at least ask if it's even coming! lol I think the only subscription I will keep if I ever ended up canceling all of them would be PopSugar. Unless they spiral downhill severely, I still think they have the best variety of products and brands and consistently feel like they're the best value for the money. I'm in the same boat of having way too much stuff, but PopSugar sends me things I never knew I wanted LOL
  14. Ahh yes now that you mention it, I do remember that who Electric palette situation!
  15. BOGO free all sale items on the Forever21 website using code BOGOFREE They're doing the sale in-store as well until the 15th in case there's nothing you like on the site!
  16. Yea I definitely think whoever is making choice for these bags needs to be schooled in kbeauty, in what the kbeauty customer is looking for, and the wide variety of inexpensive products that could be put into a bag like this that aren't a $1 store razor, perm kit, and cellulite patch. Weirdly enough, the patch is something they spoiled and I'm not even sure why. I just think maybe it's a lack of knowledge on their part regarding the types of products people would like to see in their bags. idk. All I can say is, While I wasn't totally furious with the bags like some people, I agree that they've lost their luster a bit. Memebox had these moments with their boxes too, so I'm hoping they can pull it together and start curating bags like the Head to Toe Milk Bag, which in my opinion, was almost perfectly curated.
  17. My sub ends next month too since I got the 6 month subscription during the black friday deals. I have NO info on my box right now. No label, no shipping notification...nothing. Normally it magically shows up on my doorstep but it's usually while everyone else is getting their boxes. So far I have nothing. I don't know whether or not to contact them due to how randomly they show up every other month, but I kind of wish I would get shipping confirmation each month like everyone else. Sigh.
  18. WOW seriously??? This is so annoying, because I normally hoard package for months and this time I forced myself to toss out all the boxes for my palettes and just threw them out on Thursday... That's absolutely RIDICULOUS considering they used the blush as an eye shadow in many of the advertisements! I honestly wouldn't have thought to use it on my eyes since it's so bright, but their photos are what made me even consider it....Unreal.
  19. Is the blush actually dangerous to put on the eye area? I haven't started my review yet so I haven't looked into it, but I assumed it would be formulated similarly to the shadows since they used it on the models!
  20. hmm... So before the 10th, my box was showing a bunch of stuff I didn't want other than my sample choice. Now..my box is completely different, and has 2 of the 3 sample choices in it...but not the one that I reserved. So confused.
  21. I know this sounds crazy to do, but e-mail them! One of my fancy boxes from awhile ago came damaged like that and I told them how bummed out I was about it since I save the pretty boxes and reuse them. They gave me points as an apology, but they did send a friend of mine another box LOL- their customer service can be really nice if you get the right people
  22. Mine usually shows up a few days after the west coasters get theirs. It's a bummer waiting but at least I can get the spoilers until it shows up lol

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