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  1. I think the past couple of months we haven't really gotten any spoilers until an affiliated blogger receives their box- Although it's only April 3rd, so it's still early yet, it feels like we've been waiting FOREVER to me! lol
  2. I think they add so many cleansers because they're relatively inexpensive and are large in size, so they take up room in the boxes without costing them a lot. I'm really picky about my cleansers, so that's always a deal breaker for me when I see one in a box, because I need to research it before I get it- so may korean cleansers have insanely high pH. I do think the box is a good one though- even if it's a lot of Skinfood- I happen to loooove Skinfood so I'd be pleased with the boxes I think!
  3. hahah I actually gave it to my roommate to sell on ebay since he's always looking for more inventory! I kept it at first because I was planning on using it on my body, but I have a TON of sugar scrubs I haven't gotten through yet...I'm always in such a rush when I shower in the morning before work and never have time for fancy stuff- I only end up doing that stuff on the weekends so maybe i'll use one of the scrubs I have around tomorrow! My skin is terrrrible right now. My face looks amazing...my body on the other hand...not so much lol
  4. If I remember correctly, mine were wet on the outside too when I used them I just threw some old socks over the bags so I could walk around, but I wonder why they're like that- it's super inconvenient!
  5. Welcome to makeuptalk! I agree that I loooove PopSugar, although it is $40 a month, I gladly gave up 2 of my other subscriptions in order to get it- it has such a wide variety of products and I'm almost never disappointed! If you're set on the $20 or less per month, I would definitely recommend Allure Sample Society if you want a similar vibe to Birchbox/Boxycharm etc. Also if you want to try more natural products as well as beauty products from smaller businesses, Kloverbox is amazing at $25 a month Looking forward to seeing you around the site!
  6. I cannot believe the May "inspiration" is already out and it's only April 3rd! LOL I miss the days when they couldn't get rid of the boxes and were enticing people with lots of spoilers! haha
  7. They did a spoiler ONCE on their facebook page with teh second bag I believe, but I think that was the only time they did one!
  8. I'm interested to see what else they're going to put in the bags. I chose the lip scrub because I can ALWAYS use them. My lips are always getting flaky My scaly winter skin is going to love that black sugar scrub. my arms and legs look terribl ebecause I've been to lazy to exfoliate!
  9. That's fantastic!! They've always been really great when I've had issues. My fiance recieved boxers two months in a row (this was before sample choice started) and while they were from different brands, I told them that we signed up for it to be a discovery service for him, and he doesn't want to get the same lifestyle product 2 months in a row. They were so nice about it and gave up 200 points to apologize for the issue and assured me they would do their best to make sure it didn't happen again. Speaking of Birchbox issues- I used the Aces coupon code that they sent out for the Aces anniversary and got that pretty makeup pouch- however they messaged me and told me it was backordered and refunded the points I used. The coupon code is still invalid though, so they told me I could make another order from the Aces shop, and then send them the order number so they could refund me the amount of the coupon code. Kind of a pain in the butt, however it was nice of them to take care of the issue for me. They also credited me 100 points as an apology for the product I originally chose being out of stock. I am super bummed about not getting that pouch though- I didn't get it back when it was a BB Plus item in November and regretted it- now it's backordered!
  10. LOL agreed. I gave it to my coworker's 10 year old daughter and she LOVED it, which is nice. I'm really hoping for a great box. I saw the May spoilers and they have me thinking sunless tanner and a lot of stuff I'm not interested in, so my fingers are crossed for April to be as fabulous as it was last year!
  11. Omg GREAT Deal on Rose Rose Shop right now guys!!! They have the new Missha Long Name Ampoule (the "Borabit" Ampoule") as well as the First Treatment Essence "Intensive" on sale for 50% off!! I got both of them for $38 shipped, which is super awesome! http://www.roseroseshop.com/en/super-sale-zone/1205-missha.html http://www.roseroseshop.com/en/super-sale-zone/1368-missha.html
  12. I'm really happy with the pastel polishes as well! I got the set of 5 when they were first released, and so far I've used the beige shade and purple on my nails. The beige I put two coats on with no base or top coast and it lasted 3-4 days before it started to chip. The second time, I used the purple shade with a base and top coat and it's been about 7 days now and I just noticed a very small chip. I used the mint green on my toes with a top coat a week ago and that is still going strong! I love the shades, and the application. I do find that certain ones are on the thin side while others are a bit thick, but none of them are unworkable for me- I'm incredibly happy considering I got all 5 of them for just $12!
  13. Seriously I couldn't agree more- they really have done their homework when they partner with companies. I've had great experiences with everyone I've purchased from- especially Renaissance Beauty! Really pleased with the products and fast shipping- she's definitely got a repeat customer in me! I ran out of my expensive hair thickening shampoo/conditioner and the ones we got from RB are an amazing alternative!
  14. That's so strange because I was going to say how well they stuck on my face! LOL I did notice that the lower I got into the jar and the more saturated with essence they were, the more they started to slide, however if you kind of just squeegee them between your fingers and get the excess essence off they will stick really well! My major issue with them is that they are shaped very awkwardly- I usually wear the thinner part of an eye gel on the inner part of my eye and the wider side goes on the outside, with these, they're shaped more like half of a yin-yang lol, so I have to wear the thicker side on the inside. Not a fan of the shape of them, but definitely a fan of how great they're making my eyes look!
  15. I think it's kind of a lot to raise the price by $4. And for them to say that there are companies that "don't make sample sizes" is just kind of shady to me...most of the worthwhile brands have dozens of samples available...so that made me side-eye them a little bit. Having said that, as a blogger, I'll be buying the first box and possible the second if it's worth it. I do want to compare them to some of the other boxes and bags that feature kbeauty and see if they meet the mark!
  16. Oh and has anyone else had GREAT results from the "MyPu" (LOL) Black and Gold eye gels that we got in the Night Care box? I was waiting to finish up some other eye gels I had laying around before I used these ones, but I put them on every morning when I wake up and take them off before I get in the shower, and I'm telling you, these things take away puffiness like nothing else! Seriously loving them and I'm going to be so sad when I run out!
  17. hahahah this is exactly how I "patch test" stuff. If I had super sensitive skin I might go about things differently, but basically, when I run out of a product (essence, toner etc) I dig into my stash and pull out one that I want to use next and just start using it. If I notice my skin is unhappy with it, I toss it aside and grab something new, although that rarely seems to happen with my kbeauty stuff. Speaking of which, I decided to give the Mizon Mojito Pore Punch Toner a try that we got in a past Memebox. It has lots of great ingredients, but also has alcohol in it, so I was a bit worried, however i think it's been doing amazing things for my skin as it's the only thing I've changed in my lineup recently, and my pores are visibly smaller, and my breakout that I had is shriveled up LOL I know the Mizon AHA/BHA Toner also has alcohol in it, and it's one of my favorite toners, so I'm wondering if my skin just isn't bothered by it!
  18. There's a specific link you need to use and choose from a selection of products- that might be the reason? Men's Link: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/promo/ace-anniversary/men?limit=all&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=033015_M_A_Anniv&utm_campaign=033015_M_A_AceAnniv Women's Link: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/promo/ace-anniversary/women?limit=all&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=033015_M_A_Anniv&utm_campaign=033015_M_A_AceAnniv Weirdly enough, I only got it on my Birchbox Man account, I had to switch the link to "women" in order to use it for my regular bb account haha Edit: ohh I noticed biancardi already posted the link? I would message Birchbox and ask them for your coupon code/link and tell them you've been an ace for a year already!
  19. Ahhh thank you for reminding me of this!! I always forget and end up missing out!
  20. Sometimes I sort of wish I could do that LOL- I feel like it would be so freeing! Since I run a blog it's a bit hard to be able to do that I think even if I did cut back I would probably keep 2 of them or something, though. I don't think I could let go of PopSugar...that's the only one I would really truly miss getting every month!
  21. If you have Kitties, the subscription box PurrPacks is offering some great coupon codes for their boxes! Use "SOCIAL50" to get 50% off the Mega Pack- (which is normally $40, I believe!) I've gotten this box before and it's loaded with treats, cat toys and a huge cardboard scratcher etc- Definitely a really great deal for $20! https://purrpacks.com/
  22. I have two Ace accounts and have unsubbed/resubbed on both of them many times and it has never removed my Ace status. As long as your March box has already shipped, you can unsub/resub. So in the future (for example in April) If you get a 100 point code on April 1st, it's best to wait until after your April box has shipped. Once you have a tracking number for the April box, you can safely cancel and resubscribe with the 100 point code.
  23. And interestingly enough, I'm seeing a few products listed on the site as "love & beauty" however they're actually Purederm products... For example, there is a Purederm "Botanical Choice" Hand Mask that is listed as "love & beauty hand mask" so you all might be on to something here! haha

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