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  1. I was excited for this, but I already have Glisten, so I won't be tempted for this. There is also some other new spring stuff by tarte, I was surpised! I didn't remember them having a lot of stuff out last year, guess I just forgot!
  2. Hey good idea on using the tax refund! I can't do my taxes yet, I'm still waiting on a few W2 forms. Also, I'm not sure exactly how to work on them since I got divorced mid-year. I might have to get some help this year... hope not though, I don't want to spend money on doing taxes. My goals this segment of 10 days are going to be: 1. Manicure my nails 2 times 2. Use up at least 10 products 3. Make a beauty schedule to check off (still haven't done this, Edith, but I'll share it with you when I finish!) 4. Get 8 hours of sleep a night every night. (I feel this is important for both beauty and no-buy, because I'll have better willpower if I'm not stressed and tired.) 5. Medidate once a day every day for 5 minutes.
  3. I've been a part of the 100 empties in 100 days thread, and since today is the 30th of the year, I'm here to post everything I finished this month! Cumulative Count from Day 1: Days 1-10: 8 full size, 8 deluxe/foil size Days 11-20: 6 full size items, 12 deluxe/foil size Days 21-30: 7 full size, 7 deluxe size, 7 foil size Cumulative total: 21 full size, 34 deluxe/foil size: 55 total
  4. Ok great, two votes for a haircut, so haircut it will be! I just have to make an appointment! Not at all, I'm really glad you started it, considering it starts tomorrow and I've been wanting to be proactive with my goals for 31-40, considering I totally didn't have any this time. Also, love the idea of keeping it at or below 7. I'll do this too! Don't even think about it, sister! This is the last day of this 10-day section. You can't mess up your success! Also, you really don't need a new palette, no matter what's in it. I have only 3 and even then I hardly ever get use out of them. BE STRONG!!!! @@recklesslysober Good points about the non-dupeable colors!
  5. Very good point! Also, you guys should check out this list of food items you can freeze to save time and keep from wasting: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&sqi=2&ved=0CB4QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.onegoodthingbyjillee.com%2F2012%2F10%2F31-things-you-can-freeze-to-save-time-and-money.html&ei=_bTLVIOFJde3yATP94CIBA&usg=AFQjCNHj51CpBYfYVXdISEdm8wqKHe1JOA&sig2=AADmFdidfB9OB9rSykkDOA Sorry about the google link, but I couldn't open it at work, so I had to copy the link. I like that blog- I used her recipe for my DIY makeup remover. Everything you said I agree with 100% wholeheartedly!!! And hahaha at dill pickle moisturizer. Yuck!!! I have to say- if you aren't keeping up with the 100 products in 100 days, you should check it out. I didn't think there was any way I'd be able to do it, but here I am on Day 30 with 55 products used up!!!!!!!
  6. Ok, we're on Day 30!!! This is the final day of this stage of the 10-day periods. Technically, I still have many hours to finish up a few things, but I'll give this update in case I don't finish up anything else: I'll put my thoughts about all these products in the 'Used it Up Thread' for January later. Cumulative Count from Day 1: Days 1-10: 8 full size, 8 deluxe/foil size Days 11-20: 6 full size items, 12 deluxe/foil size Days 21-30: 7 full size, 7 deluxe size, 7 foil size Cumulative total: 21 full size, 34 deluxe/foil size: 55 total= 55% of the way to my goal of 100! Also, @@ZeeOmega was talking about cutting open tubes to get all the goods (I think it was her) and I just took a picture of my hand cream tube that I couldn't get more out of no matter how I squeezed and here's the leftover bits. See how there are about 10 more uses, if not more? Amazing!!! Awesome assessment and take-away message. I have kind of been figuring some things out for myself too. Like for instance, I really do not like fragranced things for my face. I have this foil packet of an herbal serum, and I'm FORCING myself to use it because I can't stand the smell, even though it's all natural essential oils. It should be easy to go through a foil packet, but it's still sitting in my cubboard. I used to be in awe of how fast some people would finish products in the 'used it up' thread, and still am, but I will say that once I started this challenge, I've been just so stoked about finishing products that I find myself using them whenever I get a chance and enjoying it too! I've been finishing things up so fast lately! It's such a good feeling when you have lots of backups waiting. Slow and steady wins the race!!! Good for you!!! You are making really great headway!! Good point!!! Wow, that photo is SERIOUSLY inspiring. I need to give my hair some TLC. For some reason I haven't been using my hair samples as much as my skincare ones. Time to work on that in the next 10 days. That's cool- I understand completely! I used to not save my empties, but I am now. I just toss them in a sephora giftbag which hangs on my closet door handle. It doesn't look messy and is strong enough to hold everything for a 10-day increment. I'm afraid I'd forget what I used up without tossing them all in one place, plus, I like photos, hahah! I'm weird!
  7. Oh yeahhhh, we're ready for another update!!!!!!!! Good job, everyone!!!!!!!!!! Note to those who slipped up during this 10-day period: Good for you for being honest with yourself and for scrutinizing your actions. Definitely feel the guilt, but don't let it defeat you. You have to feel it to move forward, but you also have to forgive yourself and try to work on your actions in the future. Take it from me, I slipped up in days 11-20. It wasn't a good feeling, and I can't take it back, but it will definitely keep me on the right track for a long time to come. :sunshine: :luv: :luv:
  8. Well, here we are on Day 30!!! WOW!!! I never got my goals ready for this section... but I'm working hard today to lay out my goals for days 31-40!!! I will have them up by tomorrow morning!!!! Wow, 4-out-1-in is so awesome! Good for you!!!! Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think I'll use my $20 gift card for a haircut. I don't know how much a haircut costs... I thihnk $30? So I'll be out $10 + tip, which will probably be $10 or $15. But that's not bad, and is better than buying something I didn't need. Well, I do need some more hand cream, but I could really just use other things instead.... we'll see! I have a nail biting habit too... actually, mine is kind of weird because I don't bite my nails, but I pick at the cuticles and the skin around them when it's dry it drives me crazy and I absent-mindedly just pick at it. Eugh. It really wrecks the look of my hands and is unsanitary. I have been trying to kick this habit for YEARS. Once I didn't do it for 30 days (this past July) and I thought I was cured, but I started up again. But I think we can both do it, it'll just take a lot of steps forward, with some steps back, but we'll get there! Also, I'm sorry about your slip-up. I know that doesn't feel good. It's good that some of that stuff was on your OK list, and it seems like for the most part you weren't mindlessly spending, so I hope you don't feel too terrible. If this slip-up works for you like it did for me, it'll be a good thing to happen so early because you feel how guilty it is to slip up that you don't want to do it again! Thanks Edith!!! That is so sweet and kind of you to say!!! Hehe, yeah, I hate how movie snacks are so expensive but SO tempting! By the way, I really like your name! A woman I once knew growing up was named Edith and she was so sweet, and you prove that all Ediths are AWESOME! Thanks, Jenn! I'll give that a try! I should really pay more attention to the financial tools at my fingertips! You're doing really good with your thoughts. I still have those daydreams about what I'd buy and how I'd time it, etc. Hahah, it *is* pretty fun. I am trying to not do that as much, but it kind of helps a little to curb my spending because I don't do it, I just think it. Hehehe. Wow, you're doing great! Sorry you have to go to the store a second time, but I'm pretty sure razors are on your 'ok to buy list', espeically in our society where we're expected to be all hairless. Eugh. Heheh. TMI alert! Sometimes I don't shave my legs during the winter for a really long time. But it was driving me nuts so last night I shaved. I'm sorry you've been feeling negative lately. You're usually so pumped and go-getter, so I hope nothing bad happened to make you feel that way. Sometimes I just wake up and feel really grumpy. Hahah. For no reason. And then sometimes I'm in a funk for a whole week. Right now I'm feeling alright but I am really not motivated in terms of exercise. The other day I had a really hard time pulling my pants up and thought, "It's too late, I'll never get rid of this- I should have been more proactive." But I'm thinking that's not the case and I need to get back on that horse and do my exercise- regardless of what size I want to fit. I just need to do it for my health and sanity! You are always such an inspiration in that respect! Yes, 30 days is amazing!!!! I can't believe us all... buys, I've never successfully done a no-buy month, so this is just making me feel so stoked! Good job on the spending front!!! I have also not worked out this past week. Awesome!!! That is great! Now someone else gets to enjoy that stuff! Go you!
  9. I slipped up in Days 11-20 and even though it was just $6.99, I still felt just awful, and I didn't even have a coupon or anything. It was also calling to me. I even tried returning it because I felt so bad, even though I really didn't want to return it. But TJMaxx won't take returns on beauty items, even if you didn't open it. Now I'm stuck with it and my mistake. But, I'm going to try to fix it by doing a few things to make up for it. I say you're doing pretty good for only spending $3, and now that you know what it feels like to slip up, like me, you may not make that mistake again. Enjoy your goodies for now! Agreed- big step! Good idea! I agree- I may not be comfortable sparing down to a 20- piece wardrobe, but I definitely want to do something about it, and I love the idea of minimalism in every sector of my life! I think what I'm going to do when I get a chance is: 1. Develop a 'uniform' for work and a 'uniform' for casual days and kind of... stick to that. 2. I'm going to use Into Mind's color palette samples to purge some colors of clothing I have that I don't wear because it clashes with most of what I have (Navy blue and grey). 3. I'm going to try to get rid of things I don't wear, and consider making a blanket of shirts that are just sentimental. Other capsule wardrobe articles if anyone else is interested: http://www.xojane.com/clothes/project-33-capsule-wardrobe http://www.xojane.com/clothes/personal-style-capsule-wardrobe http://into-mind.com/2012/12/20/building-a-capsule-wardrobe-101/ I'm sorry you're still feeling ill. I think it's awesome that you're still getting out to walk your dogs and get some exercise! Also, good for you for cancelling Birchbox, that is so AWESOME!!! That sounds like a huge step and you were strong enough to take it! Yes, it's so important to own up to yourself and others about your mistakes. I'm trying to really do a good job of that this year- being more honest to myself and others! Thanks, Jenn! I have Chase too, but I never saw a statement, so I guess it's electronic for me. I'll check into it!! I personally think that returning something and then buying something for less than or equal to that price isn't breaking the no-buy, but it depends on what rules you set out for yourself. At the beginning of this challenge I returned $50 worth of product I bought but didn't need to Sephora. But I told myself I wasn't going to turn around and spend that. But it's a different scenario because that's kind of the rule I gave myself. But technically you won't be spending money, and I'm assuming you'll be getting something you'll get more use out of, and that you've thought about it for a while and that it's not an impulse purchase, so I think it is ok and that you're not breaking it. But tell me if I'm being too enable-y. I don't want to be that way. I just want to be truthful but supportive! I'm not always good at being firm, but I'm trying! I just think it's good that you're asking yourself that question. Oh yes, if you are using your birthday money AND purging as a prereq, you are doing awesome and not breaking your no-buy, I don't think. I just got a giftcard to Ulta and I'm trying to tell myself I can use it after my no-buy. I think I'll use it for allowed repurchases unless I don't run out of anything and in that case I might try to wait and use it in April. I'm also thinking that maybe I can use it towards a haircut? I really need a trim and to kind of get my bangs back in order.
  10. Everything here is what I'm striving for. I'm glad all of you post such profound thoughts. I love how we are all viewing this as a lifestyle change, not just a no-buy for not buying's sake. It's multidimensional in what it's doing for us. I've definitely found it's already starting to be easier to resist GWP and coupons if I know I have to spend either way. And for the first time in a long time, my beauty wishlist only has 5 items on it. Heck, who knows, maybe by tomorrow it'll jump up again, but.... anyway, I love it!
  11. @ thank you! (HUGS) I think I have a few light purple eyeshadows- I have a Tarte one and a Lorac one. I'll give them a go! I have a dark purple in my Tarte palette, but I wonder if I could mix it with the cream to make it really light? @@lindzebra Wow you are so pretty! The colors you chose really suit your skintone! Also, I love how your eyeshadow matches your peach top! So cute! @@TooMuchElectric Ooh I love those eyeshadows on you. I guess I'll have to start getting into indie products. You are really, really pretty! Love your lip shape and your nose- they look kind of elvish to me! In a good way, of course! I have some FOTDs to catch up with!!!
  12. I totally agree. This project has really helped me stay on this no-buy as well. Not only am I looking forward to finishing products up, it's just plain satisfying, and I'm actually treating my body and skin better! It's a win-win! I can't wait to post my empties for days 21-30! I have a feeling during days 31-40 I'm going to be finishing up a LOT of full sized products because I'm like 96% done with a ton of stuff!
  13. No problem, Natasha! Glad you like it! Some other ladies here talked about it before too- I can't remember who, maybe Jaylilee? Love that website. I love that you offset those bad feelings by putting on dresses you look smoking in. Hehe, I love that! I've been feeling bad about my body lately since I gained a lot of weight this summer and over the holiday and it all went to my stomach, butt, and those things that are below your hips but stick out on the sides.... whatever they're called... EUGH!!!! But I'm trying to keep away from clothing that highlights them. Wow, good luck on your secondary job! Hope it brings you some good peace of mind having that extra money rolling in. You're so right about the box- if it's worth it, it'll be worth it to wait til April. Amlactin is really good for that, but you know what's even better? Paula's Choice Resist 10% AHA body lotion. That stuff has the max amount of AHA and is pH balanced so that it can do its exfoliation job. It is so good for KP, and is also moisturizing. Good for you. Good luck at the interview!!!! Yes, girl, SPF moisturizer is a MUST. You buy that and you don't feel guilty about it one iota! Sorry you were so sick! But good for you! I think window shopping, whether online or in real life, and resisting is stronger than ignoring and being ignorant about deals. I think it flexes your willpower muscles more! Oh nooooo, I'm so sorry to hear that. Do you... have to have surgery? Wow you're doing really good with using up stuff. Only having 1 body wash is unheard of, hahah! Hey, what credit card company issues you the summary document? That sounds awesome, and I want that!!! I'm doing pretty good. Like I said, I cannot return the rollerball perfume to TJMAxx because they don't accept returns of beauty items. But I'm turning this into a lesson for myself- you can't always return to make up for a stupid purchase. So instead, I'm using it and enjoying it, but I am also going to be selling on Ebay to offset the cost of it so I can remain successful in this no buy. I'm not getting my $10 reward for that 10 day period either. So I'm still on the stinking horse!!!!!! I haven't gotten my goals laid out for this section of the no-buy yet. We're on day 28, and we only have 2 days left after that of this 10-day period. How crazy is that?
  14. Thanks. I'm not sure what to do with my signature now, though. I was keeping my last beauty purchase listed there, and I'm not sure if I should list this one or not... What do you ladies think? I mean, on the one hand I want to list it, but then I also don't want to say I broke my 100-day no buy, I just want to make up for it... and that is in my rules as Ok to do. But... I don't know!!! I need advice! I agree with the replacement. Not only was it her favorite hand lotion, it was on sale and going out of stock, and she needed it. Body lotion could have cut it in a pinch, but it isn't the right formula, especially in the winter when it's really important to keep your hands moisturized. Personally, I think @@Suzaqu you should just take the $18 out of your birthday fund, use the hand cream, put one of the body lotions in the guest bathroom, and call it a close call, but still on top! The point is, you're scrutinizing your purchases, and I think you're doing really good here. In other news, I'm doing pretty good. Way too busy to be purchasing anything, much less thinking about it. This leg of the run is going fast for me, I don't know about you ladies. But I haven't exercised and I still haven't gotten up my goals for this leg. I really want to set out my goals and be good on this one.
  15. I'm so sorry you had to put your kitty down too. It's funny, I was so excited when I bought the palette I'm currently panning, but then I lost excitement for it fast because I never actually used it and now that I'm panning it, people are telling me how they'd like to have it and that it's pretty (similar to the fact that your BareMinerals palette is gorgeous to me) and it's making me more excited about it. Also, in using it I'm finding I like it way more than I thought when I lost interest. The thing about this project for me is, I don't know if I really can pan the palette- any of the shades, but I'm darn sure going to try because I don't wear eyeshadow very much, and this is, if nothing else, at least forcing me to use it, learn how to use it, how to be creative with it, and up my skills. Good idea! That's a great palette to pan. Do you really keep it on your phone? That would be so cute! Hmm, yeah, those blush pans are tiny. Doh! Ladies, my blush in my palette is starting to look kind of oily, like I transfered some oil from my face to my brush to my blush. That's upsetting to me and I want to clean it before it hardens like some powders do sometimes. Yuck, sorry for the gross visuals, but I guess I'm going to have to clean my palette regularly, along with my brushes which I clean weekly. It's just... I'm just too oily. Jeez !

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